A Drawing Of A Snake

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Snake drawings for kids king cobra coloring pages
How to draw snake step 4
A Drawing Of A Snake

Finish drawing the snake’s head. Here add finishing touches to the snake’s head and mouth for the full effect. Remember about the forked tongue, I think that snake sticks out it right before the attack. You can not draw it here if you think differently. You can to draw a snake with open mouth and also four fangs sticking out from the mouth. But drawing the snake’s open mouth might be the most challenging step of this drawing, so take your time do it at this lesson.

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Here you have the finished drawing on how to draw a snake for kids. Enjoy guys and great work. Don’t forget to color it in to your liking.

Draw in one snake eye which is very easy, and then make the slits for the nose holes and a draw a bold lining for the tongue and be sure to add that fork split at the tip.

Final stage of snake drawing. Snake’s skin often has a pattern that resembles fish scales. If you look closely, it looks like pieces of a mosaic varied in size and color. Remember that a snake’s belly is always lighter than the rest of its body. At this point, add shadows in select places of your drawing. You can forgo this step if you’re planning on coloring in your drawing with color pencils or markers. Most snakes including cobras tend to have bright and colorful skin, which leaves # 2 pencil as a non-option.

Now you can start drawing out the very hearty body of the snake starting at the top of the head, and work your way down to the mid section of the body. Connect the two lines half way by drawing out the other side of the snakes body starting under the jaw.

The outline of a snake ready to pounce. In order to properly convey the snake’s body, you need to draw two parallel lines on each side of the thread-like line. One line will be enough for the narrow tail part. Proceed with the first step you need extend a thread-like line from the head, which will serve as a basis for the snake’s head.

The subject of this lesson is how to draw a snake, more specifically a cobra. Many people panic at the sight of a snake because many varieties of snakes are poisonous. This reptile uses poison to defend itself from predators, but some snakes such as pythons are not venomous. Snake’s minimal skeleton allows it its great flexibility, which you must convey in your drawing. It is relatively easy to draw a snake because there aren’t many complex parts. However, in order to captivate audience with your drawing, you might want to give the snake a threatening look, with open mouth and fangs sticking out.

Begin by making a small or medium sized circle for the snakes head like so, and then draw out a guideline for the slithering body.

Here add few touches to the snake’s head. Draw an eye and two vertical lines on top of snake’s body.

Finish drawing out the body by tapering off to form a tail. Erase the one shape you drew for the head and the middle guideline that is visible inside of the body.

Add two parallel lines to the snake’s skeleton. Let’s choose the most recognizable snake for our drawing – the King Cobra. This type of snake pounces upon its prey by significantly lifting up the first part of its body. Following the step-by-step method, first sketch the shape of your cobra’s body. Look, it is similar to the digit eight.

Draw the head and mouth of the snake. Erase all the previous extra lines of your snake’s “skeleton” and double check the proportions. Now draw the head, for which you need to first draw a triangle and then give it the streamline shape, as shown in my drawing.

Here something simple for all you animal lovers that are still struggling to sketch out your favorite wild kingdom species. I said I was going to fill a request on “how to draw a snake for kids”, step by step so here it is. This is a very simple snake concept that can be drawn in a matter of minutes. The tutorial is pretty basic and the steps are wicked easy to follow and understand. Sometimes drawing snakes isn’t all that easy because of their long coiling bodies and their highly detailed faces. The scales on a snake alone are like drawing scales on a dragon. Both species of animal fall in the reptile category, but a snake is a whole lot simpler to draw. Anyways there isn’t too much to say for this description except I think artists of all skill levels will like this tutorial on “how to draw a snake for kids”. You can color in your snake any shade you like, and you can even draw more than one as well. The best part about this lesson is how darn easy its going to be. Well that’s it folks have an awesome drawing day, and be sure to try out something else when you are done with this tutorial. Peace people and have fun!….

Here all you have to do is draw out the structure or shape of the snakes head like so and don’t forget to add the lump for the side of the snakes cheek.

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drawing for me is a good time why? because the first time that i want to draw i did have time because i have to go visit my grandma so i went home and than i finally get to draw tis is may story

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