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Most snapping turtles have spiked shells; draw three series of spikes on the shell.

Here is something simple once again and I know some of you guys think that a lot of the lessons here are too easy to tackle or not exciting enough. I do want to say that I have to fill everybody’s requests, and I also have to make sure that there are lessons for artists of all artistic levels to tackle. That is why I will be teaching you guys “how to draw a turtle for kids”, step by step. Turtles are amazing animals to take on as a fun projects to make drawings out of because there is so many different types of them in existence. Even though they can be tricky to create, once you get the job done you have a fantastic new picture of a turtle. Some famous turtle characters you may know can be drawn as well because Dragoart has tutorials on them too like Franklin, and all four of the Ninja Turtles. I can almost bet that you have fun following this lesson on “how to draw a turtle for kids”, because it will be the easiest reptile you have ever drawn. I have to go for now but as you know I will be back. Stick around mates because there is more fun in store…..

Lastly, draw out the back legs and then draw in the toe nails too. When that is done all you have to do is draw the tail, and you are all done. Clean up the drawing but remember that there was no guides used in this lesson.

Draw a pattern for the turtle’s shell using squares and curves.

Draw the head and the eyes. For the eyes, draw a small circle. Inside it, add two curved lines and a smaller circle for the pupils.

Add details to your turtle such as stripes and shell pattern.

Now you will very easily draw the front legs and feet like so as well as the toe nails. Notice how the turtle’s other leg is shorter and hidden from it’s full view.

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Four Methods:A Cartoon TurtleA Sea TurtleA Green TurtleA Snapping TurtleCommunity Q&A

Add a small circle on the left side of the drawing for the head and sketch the neck using curved lines that connect to the body.

Draw an oblong for the body. Add a small circle for the head.

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Draw a series of hexagon shapes as part of the shell’s pattern.

Español: dibujar una tortuga, Português: Desenhar uma Tartaruga, Deutsch: Eine Schildkröte zeichnen, Italiano: Disegnare una Tartaruga, Français: dessiner une tortue, Nederlands: Een schildpad tekenen, Русский: нарисовать черепаху, 中文: 画乌龟, Čeština: Jak nakreslit želvu, Bahasa Indonesia: Menggambar Kura Kura

They are not mistakes. Those are just guide lines for the drawing.

Start with a very simple half circle like you see here and then draw in some round patterned shapes.

Here is your super cute turtle when you are all done, now you can color it in. Thanks for joining me with another lesson on how to draw a turtle for kids.

Draw a semi-trapezoid shape beside the big oval for the head.

Draw out the turtles head like so, and then make the lip which over laps the mouth, and then draw small circle for the eye as well as color it in.

There’s no one way to draw a turtle. If you draw something, and you say it’s a turtle, it’s a turtle! If you want to copy any of the turtle, tortoises or terrapin drawings in this article, feel free to follow the steps.

Based on the outline, darken the necessary lines and add the eyes and mouth of the turtle.

Yes, you can draw any other animal you can think of! wikiHow has tons of articles that can help you. I would suggest starting out by drawing a sea turtle, a fox, or an elephant.

Draw the turtle’s shell from the circle you have drawn earlier.

To draw a cartoon turtle, draw an oval, with a flatter oval slightly underneath of it. To the left of the oval, draw a circle, and used curved lines to connect the circle to the oval for the neck. Them draw the feet from the bottom oval using rectangles, and add eyes and a mouth to the face. Sketch the top oval into a shell shape with curved edges, and darken the outline of the body. You can add a pattern to the shell before erasing the extra lines and coloring the turtle!

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Based on the outline, draw the whole body of the turtle. Add the eyes and mouth; add some wrinkles in completing the body of the turtle.

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Draw the eyes using a small circle and curved lines for the eyebrows. Add a curved line for the mouth.

Finish the pattern of the shell by adding a series of lines.

this is a very east turtle drawing I think this is a bit too easy if u want something easy I recommend something harder than this coz this is really really really easy

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