A Drawing Of Minnie Mouse

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How to draw minnie mouse face from mickey mouse clubhouse
How to draw minnie mouse
A Drawing Of Minnie Mouse

Step 4: Draw two long curves on top of the horizontal construction line. Draw one on each side of the vertical construction line. These will be Minnie Mouse’s eyes. Draw the eye on the left a tiny bit smaller because of perspective, and it should graze the vertical construction line.

Repeat on the opposite side, allowing the line to pass behind the bow.

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Detail the bow’s knot using short, curved lines. Extend the bow’s ribbon around the head using curved lines.

To draw Minnie’s ear, use a curved line to enclose a circular shape from the bow to the head.

Gambar hidungnya. Bentuk oval, terletak di bawah garis horizontal. Lalu gambar garis yang mengikuti lengkungannya.

Draw Minnie’s famous bow. Begin by drawing a circular shape for the knot, and extending curved lines from each side to enclose a large, irregular shape.

Gambar dua lingkaran kecil yang diposisikan di setiap sisi kepala untuk kedua telinga.

Step 1: To draw Minnie Mouse, start with a circle on the page that will be Minnie Mouse’s head. Draw the circle near the bottom of the page, and don’t draw it too big because you need room to draw Minnie Mouse’s big round ears and bow.

Gambar garis lengkung di sekitar daerah pipinya. Tambahkan garis hilang pada pitanya.

Would you like to be able to draw Minnie Mouse? Now you can, with the help of this easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial. All you will need is a pencil and a piece of paper. You may also want to have an eraser to correct mistakes and erase guide lines, and something with which to color your finished drawing – colored pencils, crayons, markers, or paints.

Gambar senyuman senang. Lalu gambar dagunya. Ini mengikuti lengkungan yang sama ketika dia membuka mulutnya.

The beloved character Minnie Mouse first appeared in the cartoon Steamboat Willie, along with Mickey Mouse, on November 8, 1928. Originally voiced by Walt Disney himself, Minnie soon appeared in comic strips and other short cartoons, often as Mickey’s love interest and a damsel in distress.

Tambahkan garis lengkung di sekitar daerah mata. Gambar sebuah oval di kepalanya. Gambar pitanya. Jika anda tidak tahu caranya, bayangkan ini seekor kupu-kupu.

Gambar sebuah lingkaran di lembaran kertas anda. Tambahkan garis horizontal dan vertikal.

Draw a curved line extending from the lower jaw to the inside of the circle. Repeat on the opposite side. These curves will form Minnie’s cheeks.

Step 5: Below Minnie Mouse’s nose, draw a wide curved line. Directly below that line, draw another less wide curved line that resembles the letter U. The bottom of this curve should graze the bottom of the main circle. This will be Minnie Mouse’s mouth.

Draw a curved line below the lower jaw line. Within the jaw, draw a short curved line from the circle to the egg shape.

Gambar tangan dan kaki Minnie. Catat bahwa Minnie memakai sarung tangan.

Sketsa garis lengkung panjang untuk mulutnya, dan lengkungan lain untuk membuat Minnie seperti tersenyum. Gambar lidahnya menggunakan bentuk M.

English: Draw Minnie Mouse, Español: dibujar a Minnie Mouse, Deutsch: Minnie Maus zeichnen, Italiano: Disegnare Minnie, Português: Desenhar a Minnie Mouse, Français: dessiner Minnie Mouse, Русский: нарисовать Минни Маус, 中文: 画米老鼠, 日本語: ミニーマウスを描く

Next, draw an egg shape overlapping the bottom of the circle. This will help you to sketch Minnie’s nose.

By the late 1930s, Minnie’s popularity had begun to wane. She appeared less often in cartoons, replaced by characters such as Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto. Minnie made her comeback, however, in the 1980s, when she first starred in her own feature length film. She has since been seen in a leading or supporting role in many Disney cartoons.

Step 2: Next draw two intersecting lines across the circle. When drawing the lines, bend them a bit so that they follow the contour shape of a sphere. These are construction lines that will help you place Minnie Mouse’s features later on.

Draw Minnie’s eyes using two long, curved lines atop the nose. Each eye will take the shape of a long, narrow oval.

Gambar sebuah lingkaran. Tambahkan garis bersilangan di tengah-tengah.

Intro: Start drawing Minnie Mouse with a pencil sketch. In the beginning stages, don’t press down too hard. Use light, smooth strokes for sketching.

Tambahkan telinganya menggunakan dua lingkaran di kedua sisi. Gambar garis bersilangan melintasi wajahnya untuk membantu anda menggambar detil-detil nanti.

Gambar detail-detail gaun dan sepatunya. Jangan lupa untuk menambahkan pita di atas kepalanya.

Step 3: Slightly below where the construction lines intersect, draw a small oval. This will be Minnie Mouse’s nose.

Sketsa wajahnya, dia punya mata oval dengan bulu mata panjang. Hidungnya menonjol dan mempunyai ujung bulat.

Draw a long, curved line from the top of the head to the cheek. Within the circle, draw a curved line up from the cheek. Connect this line to the other side of the head using a set of “M” shaped lines. This will outline the eyes.

Sketsa dua oval kecil untuk mata di atas garis lengkung. Tambahkan lingkaran kecil untuk pupilnya. Sketsa tiga garis lengkung di atas setiap mata untuk bulu matanya.

Minnie Mouse makes appearances in other media as well. She can be found in abundance on Disney merchandise, in video games such as Kingdom Hearts, and in person at Disney theme parks.

Gambar mulutnya. Karena dia menghadap ke samping, sketsa mulutnya di ujung kiri hidung dengan menggunakan garis lengkung.

Gambar sebuah lingkaran untuk kepalanya. Tambahkan lingkaran kecil lain di bawahnya dan hubungkan kedua lingkaran dengan garis lengkung yang terbentang.

Use the video and step-by-step drawing instructions below to learn how to draw Disney’s Minnie Mouse. A new cartoon drawing tutorial is uploaded every week, so stay tooned!

Enclose a circular shape within each eye, and draw a small circle within the shape. Shade between the shapes to form the pupils.

Jangan menggambar mulutnya terlalu besar. Ketika membuat bentuk oval di atas, pastikan mengarah ke dalam dan melengkung di sekitar mata. Jangan menggambar bulu matanya terlalu panjang. Jika demikian dia akan kelihatan jahat.

Jarak yang sempurna di antara kedua mata adalah selebar satu matanya. Ada bagian kecil di matanya yang tidak bisa anda lihat karena hidungnya.

Color Minnie Mouse. She is typically drawn with black ears, a cream colored face, and a pink or red bow.

Minnie Mouse adalah kekasih Mickey. Anda akan melihat cara menggambar dia dengan hanya beberapa langkah mudah.

Draw an irregular shape within the mouth to form the tongue, and shade the mouth.

Draw a large oval on the tip of the nose, and a smaller oval within the first. Shade between the two ovals to form Minnie’s shiny nose. Draw a curved line on each side of the mouth.

Notice that each step in this simple drawing guide includes both text and illustrations. In each illustration, new lines added in the current step are highlighted in blue. Lines drawn in previous steps are shown in black.

Draw Minnie’s eyelashes by extending curved lines from the top of each eye.

Gambar hidungnya menggunakan sebuah oval. Tambahkan garis lengkung horizontal di atas hidung.

Draw a curved line from the bottom of the circle to the egg shape. This will form Minnie’s lower jaw.

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