Ace Of Spades Drawing

April 5, 2018 5:29 am by theundertown
Ace of spades by grotesquedarling13
Ace of spades csp25366696
Ace Of Spades Drawing

Here’s a more complex version, drawn with a black colored pencil. I looked at a few different card designs after coming up with my own ornamental spade shape for the middle.

Digital artist LeoCamacho made this splattery ace of spades with some interesting inverted color.

In this little tutorial, youtuber drawstuffrealeasy shows you how to sketch the spade symbol found on an ace of spades. It’s a quick, simple video using just a sharpie, and it’s good for beginners.

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Draw a little rectangle with slightly curved edges, slightly taller than it is wide. In the top left corner, draw an A. Flip the drawing upside down and draw an A in the corner diagonal to the other A.

Draw a simple heart in the middle of the rectangle. Flip it back over, and draw a little triangle at the base of the now upside-down heart.

Here’s an example drawing of an ace of spades by the artist Mila Losenko on DeviantArt. The drawing is quite ornate, and uses a combination of pencil and photoshop.

Here are a few other places where you can find ideas for stuff to draw:

Here are some tips from other artists and teachers across the web that can help you draw an ace of spades.

As you can see in the example sketches above, drawing an ace of spades can be as simple or as complex as you make it. In the top tiny drawing, it was as basic as these steps:

Here’s a super tiny drawing I made of a little ace of spades (.7mm mechanical pencil shown for size reference). I describe the process I used for drawing it below if you want step-by-step instructions—though it’s straightforward enough that it should be pretty easy to copy just like that.

Artist Tess Garman has made a fantastical raven-themed ace of spades.

Below, I’ve made a few example sketches to get you started: one tiny and simple, one larger and a little more complex.

An ace of spades is on the list I put together of 1,000 easy things to draw.

I just launched a new artist site where I’ll be posting my work from here on out.

Artist Lily A. Seidel has made a vividly colored ace of spade design, seen below.

You’ll notice that in the second drawing, I added a spade below each “A,” and added a more ornamented spade in the middle of the card.

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