Divide the class into groups and give each group an index card with an emotion written on it. Instruct each group to come up with several “hints” that would describe a person who is feeling that emotion. For example, the group that has the emotion “angry” might list “red-faced” and “fists clenched” as two of the hints.

Your child will learn all about inference, or drawing conclusions based on what she’s read.

Then have groups pair up and trade hints to see whether they can draw conclusions about how the person feels based on the given hints. This is a great drawing conclusion activity to teach students how to draw conclusions about characters in texts they are reading.

With this drawing worksheet, your child will have fun learning about the identifying features of polygons.

She’ll get practice drawing diagonal lines with a pair of leaning palm trees.

Apply those counting skills to real life with a fun drawing activity.

Help your beginning reader boost her reading comprehension by figuring out what happened next in three different story lines.

This Finish the Drawing wizard worksheet tasks your child with drawing the wizard within the robe.

Reading comprehension involves many different elements. One very important aspect to comprehension is figuring out the end of the story, or drawing conclusions. Practice this skill with your child by printing out our conclusion worksheets, and she’ll be inferring and making conclusions in no time! For a well-rounded take on comprehension, check out the rest of our comprehension worksheets today.

They might draw conclusions about the relationships of the people in the pictures, the emotions that each person in the picture feels, or the setting in which the picture takes place.

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Practice drawing cubes with this fun tutorial about drawing in 3-D.

For students who are having trouble drawing conclusions from texts, it can be helpful to give them a different medium with which to practice this skill.

Reading Strategy Lesson Plans: Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions

Try this Finish the Drawing car worksheet with your little artist.

Encourage your preschooler to think about basic shapes and how they make up everyday items with this simple drawing worksheet.

Explain that it will be their job to draw conclusions about the person based on what you say is in the person’s bag. You might describe a tiny pink purse lined with sequins and feathers with a tube of lipstick and a hand mirror, a bulky gym bag with a sweatband and a set of hand weights, or a knapsack filled with library books about Abraham Lincoln.

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Have your child take the lead on drawing and identifying shapes, and learning art skills as well.

Drawing prepositions gives kids a boost with vocabulary, reading and grammar skills.

Try this drawing conclusions worksheet with your third grader.

Help your preschooler practice drawing zig-zag and rounded lines with this printable worksheet.

Find some interesting pictures, either online or in some old photo albums, and ask students to draw conclusions based on what is happening in the pictures.

These drawing conclusions activities are the perfect way to engage your students and help them to practice this important reading strategy.

Encourage them to trade their descriptions with other groups and see whether the second group draws the same conclusions that the first group had in mind. Then discuss whether any of their conclusions lacked enough support to be probable.

Inference Games and Activities Lesson Plans on Reading Strategies: Drawing Conclusions Activities for Drawing Conclusions Teaching Students to Make Inferences

Start celebrating Independence Day with this fun fireworks drawing and coloring page!

After you’ve given them several examples, let them break into groups and come up with bags of their own.

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Wondering how to teach your students about making inferences and drawing conclusions? The strategies are related but different, and they can be taught in similar ways. This series of articles explains how to teach the strategies and includes activities that can help your students learn them.

Your 1st grader work on her artistic skills and gets to decide how these people are feeling in this fun “Finish the Drawing” worksheet.

Show off your drawing chops in the Turkey Drawing Race, a printable Thanksgiving board game.

Finish this picture by drawing whatever you imagine to be living near the ocean floor.

…drawing conclusions, making inferences, comprehension, who what where when why how…

Teaching students to draw conclusions is essential in helping them understand how to read critically. These drawing conclusions activities will work for children at almost any grade level.

What better way for your student to dive into homophones than with a little drawing exercise?

Then explain that reading a story is like seeing a snapshot in time, and that drawing conclusions about the picture the author presents us in the story can help us to better understand the story, just like drawing conclusions about the picture helped us better understand what was happening in the picture.

Tell the class that you will be describing the contents of someone’s bag, as well as what the bag looks like.

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