Pollution in the world has become a big problem. It is affecting our environment a lot. We need to take immediate steps to get rid of this problem. We need to create awareness among people to control pollution. Here we are sharing some pictures and drawings on pollution.

earth sinking in pollution Stock Illustrationby smithore38/6,196Crying Earth Due to Pollution Stock Illustrationby lenm11/14,376Pollution Clip Artby lenm6/8,464Air Pollution Stock Illustrationsby lenm6/10,016Factory air and water pollution Stock Illustrationby Pitr12/8,265Global Warming Pollution Green Icon Stock Illustrationby leremy23/9,520pollution Drawingby prawny2/1,136Smiley Clip Artby dejanj016/1,650environmental pollution Stock Illustrationby konurk3/1,994Pollution design Stock Illustrationby grgroup2/429pollution Drawingby BOOJOO4/1,073Three element recyclIng symbol Clipartby grafikeray169/12,977earth and environment icon,green ba Stock Illustrationsby hoperan95/9,131Pollution Stock Illustrationby johnnorth4/287Environment pollution concept Stock Illustrationby AlexLMX1/168flat design for green energy and pollution Stock Illustrationby kchungtw3/247Pollution word cloud Drawingsby nasir11645/630car pollution icon Drawingby Ika4/1,304Flat design nature pollution concept Stock Illustrationby vectorcreator2/133Factory Drawingsby rolffimages16/952Full bin Stock Illustrationby CommercialCartoons27/4,669Pollution design Drawingby grgroup1/139Logging Deforestation Cliparts Clipartby leremy7/808Rubbish Trash Waste Dump Site Stock Illustrationsby leremy6/747pollution Stock Illustrationsby james20001/374Air pollution.

Stock Illustrationby Neokryuger1/969Factory Stock Illustrationby dedMazay6/1,002Air Pollution Clipartby Oceloti1/114Toxic barrels. Stock Illustrationby timurock9/2,075green plant on earth Clipartby SergeyNivens3/201Recycle symbol Stock Illustrationby dvarg22/980Clean and pollution on earth Stock Illustrationsby Seamartini1/179Urban Earth Pollution Stock Illustrationby lenm1/227Illustration of earth pollution Clip Artby krabata2/439World Gasoline Gauge Stock Illustrationby ginosphotos24/2,108Pollution design, vector illustration.

Stock Illustrationsby grgroup1/38Recycling symbol Stock Illustrationsby AlexMax4/443Simple Garbage Icons Clipartby davooda1/38Petrol and oil industry icons Stock Illustrationsby stoyanh28/1,275environment and recycle icons Drawingby vadimone10/2,839car parts and service Stock Illustrationby Ika29/1,496Pollution Stock Illustrationby rolffimages2/392recycling green team Stock Illustrationsby cienpies6/980Green grassy footprints symbolizing environmental protection Drawingsby Artida9/921symbol of the environment Stock Illustrationsby zven027/2,684eco icon Stock Illustrationby leafsomen23/759Toxic Waste Drums Clip Artby paulfleet7/451Growing plants Drawingsby lindwa5/1,069Green conservation.

Gas pump nozzle and leaf Clip Artby maxxyustas8/426Fuel drum over white background Clipartby Blotty1/149Oil barrels with arrow Drawingby Creator763/268apple Clipartby get4net4/304wind energy Drawingby froxx1/148Green car blending Drawingby alila1/366trees Drawingby williammpark5/1,447Industrial Waste Water Pollution Stock Illustrationby lenm6/12,221Recycle Earths Water Stock Illustrationby rolffimages7/1,181environmental pollution Stock Illustrationby izakowski6/5,662Air pollution doodle Stock Illustrationby kytalpa2/3,141Air pollution Stock Illustrationby hofred2/782Indoor air pollution background concept Stock Illustrationby kgtoh5/81Toxic Pollution Inside The Human Body Stock Illustrationby focalpoint3/50pollution in the city Stock Illustrationby davisales5/5,482Pollution Background Stock Illustrationsby focalpoint1/12Pollution Pipes Drawingsby blamb2/67Factory pollution vector Stock Illustrationsby lhfgraphics1/3,627Air Pollution Stock Illustrationby lenm1/4,331pollution Stock Illustrationsby da_photos1/938Nature Pollution City Plant Pipe Dirty Waste Water Polluted Environment Clip Artby mast3r2/74Environment pollution concept Stock Illustrationby scanrail2/706Air pollution sign with globe and factories Clipartby Tasia121/19water pollution Stock Illustrationby tintin751/358SOUND POLLUTION Stock Illustrationsby chrisdorney3/81Environmental Pollution Concept Stock Illustrationby macrovector1/1Air pollution Stock Illustrationsby radiantskies2/1,346

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Air Pollution Stock Illustrationsby lenm6/10,016Air pollution Stock Illustrationby MCADE2/3,187Pollution word cloud Drawingsby nasir11645/630Air pollution cloud from factory Stock Illustrationby krabata2/707Factory air and water pollution Stock Illustrationby Pitr12/8,265Air pollution Stock Illustrationsby radiantskies2/1,346Atmospheric pollution concept Stock Illustrationby scanrail4/519Air pollution doodle Stock Illustrationby kytalpa2/3,141Evil Ash Cloud Laughing Drawingsby HitToon9/1,252Air Pollution Stock Illustrationby lenm1/4,331Air pollution.

Stock Illustrationby Neokryuger1/969Do not fart red sign Stock Illustrationsby pockygallery2/132Pollution Clip Artby lenm6/8,464Crying Earth Due to Pollution Stock Illustrationby lenm11/14,376Recycle ecology Clip Artby gibsonff2/448Factory silhouette air pollution Stock Illustrationsby mrhighsky1/329Air pollution Stock Illustrationby hofred2/782air pollution Drawingsby paprikaa0/140Air pollution sign with globe and factories Clipartby Tasia121/19Earth Mascot Mask Air Pollution Stock Illustrationby lenm1/309Air Pollution Rubber Stamp Drawingby GetDesign1/17Indoor air pollution background concept Stock Illustrationby kgtoh5/81air pollution Stock Illustrationsby tartaro0/173air pollution Stock Illustrationsby tartaro0/132Air Pollution Clipartby Oceloti1/114environmental pollution Stock Illustrationby konurk3/1,994Stop air pollution sign.

Vector illustration Clip Artby Kannaa1/176air pollution Stock Illustrationby arkela0/224Air pollution of factory Clip Artby bond800/674Smiley Clip Artby dejanj016/1,650Air pollution line icon Stock Illustrationby motorama7770/0Air Pollution Concept Clipartby macrovector0/1Air pollution Stock Illustrationsby Kamaga1/1,129Stop air pollution Clip Artby Olena19830/32Air pollution from vehicle exhaust.

Clip Artby RaStudio1/1Air Pollution Cityscape Stock Illustrationby NinaMunha0/56Air Pollution and Green Energy icon Stock Illustrationby borat4/1,882Air pollution from vehicle exhaust. Drawingsby RaStudio1/27pollution Drawingby BOOJOO4/1,073Green Air Pollution concept Clipartby SergeyVasutin0/3Global Warming Pollution Green Icon Stock Illustrationby leremy23/9,520lung with air pollution Drawingby estherqueen9990/10Three element recyclIng symbol Clipartby grafikeray169/12,977Air Pollution Cityscape Stock Illustrationby NinaMunha0/11Air Pollution Contrails Landscapes Stock Illustrationby PeterHermesFurian0/0Air pollution from cars Clip Artby alexskopje0/68Air pollution from factories on Earth Clip Artby bluering0/200Air pollution word cloud Stock Illustrationby Boris150/32flat design for green energy and pollution Stock Illustrationby kchungtw3/247Recycle symbol Stock Illustrationby dvarg22/980Air pollution.

Factory chimney Stock Illustrationby prettyvectors0/27air pollution Stock Illustrationsby cscst0/1,173Air pollution background concept Stock Illustrationsby kgtoh0/65old couple with air pollution Stock Illustrationsby etoileark0/29Air pollution of factories with chimneys Stock Illustrationby hofred0/203lung with air pollution Clip Artby estherqueen9990/6Air pollution from factories on earth Clipartby bluering0/91cartoon family with air pollution Stock Illustrationsby etoileark0/27air filter effect symbol Stock Illustrationsby happyroman3/36wearing mouth mask against air pollution.

vector icons for infographic Drawingby kittichai0/22Contrails Air Pollution City Skyline Stock Illustrationsby PeterHermesFurian0/0lung with air pollution Drawingsby estherqueen9990/4Air pollution from cars Drawingsby alexskopje0/49Air pollution of factory Drawingby bond800/646Air Pollution Concept Stock Illustrationsby robuart0/21Air Pollution Cityscape Stock Illustrationby NinaMunha0/27Air pollution word cloud – horizon Stock Illustrationby Boris150/27cartoon family with air pollution Stock Illustrationby etoileark0/43volcano mountain air pollution.

Clipartby Panacea0/71Air Pollution Concept Drawingby robuart0/44Air pollution cloud from factory Clip Artby krabata0/618Toxic Pollution Inside The Human Body Stock Illustrationby focalpoint3/50lung with air pollution Clipartby estherqueen9990/4environment and air pollution and land infographic Clip Artby Panacea0/6Factory Drawingsby rolffimages16/952

Pic: Shutterstock Pic: snt91 – DeviantArt Pic: Pic: UdaipurTimes.com Pic: Pic: Ohio Citizen Action Pic: ohiocitizen.org Pic: Pic: Pic: TreeHugger

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