#4574122 – Cartoon airplane on white backgroud – vector illustration.

#52465857 – Various airplane passengers on the flight vector

#45971055 – illustration of Cartoon little kids riding airplane isolated..

#37723882 – A vector illustration of pilot and copilot inside the cockpit

Draw the engines to the other side. Only one engine is visible behind the body of the plane.

#54343467 – Family Happy on Airplane, Vacations, Holiday, Travel Destination,..

#45454090 – Passengers in airplane. Vector cartoon illustration

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Draw a rectangular shape for the cockpit window. The top and bottom of the rectangle curve slightly following the curve of the fuselage.

#41049900 – journey. sightseeings countries around planet earth. vector illustration

#43815705 – Businessman and airplane routes on world map, VECTOR, EPS10

We begin the airplane drawing with a curvy line for the stubby nose of the plane.

​In the guide below, each step is highlighted in a light blue color.

#40365042 – The plane flies with long banners for your text on a background..

#11101457 – Funny cartoon. Teddy bear aviator in love. Pilot by the red plane..

Today we’re going create an airplane drawing. Real airplanes are very complex machines with countless details. But drawing a cartoon airplane is much, much easier. There are still quite a few steps in the drawing tutorial but all the lines and shapes are very simple and, as it is a cartoon plane, so they don’t need to be super-precise.

#9244066 – Multicolor Hot Air Balloon in blue sky. Vector illustration eps..

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#45622165 – Vector illustration of Cartoon little kids riding airplane isolated..

#42585484 – Cartoon boy pilot on the airplane flying over green hill

#2578021 – A scarecrow pilot flies a falling-apart aeroplane

#41821414 – Happy cartoon airplane. Vector clip art illustration with simple..

#39137010 – A cartoon illustration of a happy boy flying a aeroplane with..

Draw a straight, tilted line for the front of the vertical stabilizer.

Add a line on the side of the fuselage to make it look a little more interesting.

The airplane is quite long. Remember to leave enough space for the whole plane to fit on your paper.

Add small squares for the passenger windows. Make the windows on the right side smaller to add some perspective to the airplane drawing.

#40167425 – Vector modern flat design illustration of traditional summer..

#7094919 – Vector illustration of Transport Cartoon. Little funky airplane

Add a few straight lines to sketch the wing. The wing is slightly narrower at its tip than at the base.

In the underside, draw another long line. This line is curving slightly. Also note that the back of the plane is narrower than the front.

#10674677 – Cartoon red plane with pilot and advertising banner in the sky…

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#41658040 – Funny airplane, vector cartoon isolated on white background

Complete the vertical stabilizer by drawing straight lines that connect its top with the underside of the fuselage.

#4002721 – Vector illustration of airplane shape made up a lot of multicolored..

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#33366862 – School Children cartoon Enjoying airplane pencil

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#35224470 – Vector illustration of a cute cartoon airplane for design element

You don’t need any special pens or tools. A regular pencil, eraser, and paper are all you need. If you want, you can also color the drawing with colored pencils or pens.

Draw another wing to the other side. This wing is partially hidden by the plane fuselage.

Draw another circle for the other landing gear. Make it smaller as it’s further away.

Sketch lightly so that you can tweak your lines later. At the end, you can use heavier lines to trace your sketch and complete the drawing.

#47559480 – Aircraft Windows Cartoon Business People Man Woman, Airplane..

#34229920 – sportsplane airplane cartoon vector illustration

#15250165 – illustration of various air planes on a white background

#40343776 – Brightly Colored Fun Cartoon Animals Happy Birthday Greeting..

#3286326 – Aeroplane A – smiling cartoon illustration as vector

Draw a tilted straight line in the middle where the wing is placed.

#50323592 – seamless vector background blimp above the hills

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