Alien Cartoon Drawings

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Alien Cartoon Drawings

How to draw a cartoon alien step 4
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How to draw cartoon aliens
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How to draw an alien
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How to draw an alien
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Have fun and please, if you really see an alien one day, take a good picture! The images on this page are cool but nothing compares to the real thing!

Are you ready to learn how to draw an alien? OK! Let’s start! First draw an oval for the head and one for the body. Don’t forget to draw the bottom of the head and the top of the body a little narrower. 

Drawing cartoon aliens: some fun facts before starting sketching!

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Then draw two small legs and feet. Next, sketch some arms using rectangles. Draw the outline and then erase those shapes. Finish your work by adding the eyes and the mouth. Voila!

Important note: For each step available below, the first image represents the operation you must perform for this particular step. All changes are surrounded by a red outline.

Area 51, in Nevada, is a legendary military base that is considered a haven for aliens.In Canada only, 736 UFO sightings have been reported in 2007.Probably the most popular icon in Sci-fi movies! Step 1

Therefore, this tutorial is a nice introduction if you are not familiar with this series. Other characters are very colorful and sometimes filled with many details. It might be confusing, especially if you are not 100% familiar with your vector application!

On the second image, you will have the opportunity to see the result of this particular step. 

Create a few shapes on the head, below the eyes and below the neck. Each shape must be darker. Then, use the transparency tool to hide a small portion of your shape (usually the top right part of your shape). For the neck, the top must be darker.

Before learning how to draw aliens, let’s see what we should expect from this lovely creature. Aliens usually have big black eyes (1). They also have long arms (2) and fingers (4) and a tiny waist. The feet are thin and long (6). Even if in this example we have a female alien, all of the above will apply to men too. Finally, notice the strange color of the skin: gray!

It’s now time to use the gradient tool to add a few basic effects. The goal for this step is to create a simple shadow. To do this, simple make the bottom of each shape darker. Be careful not to make your drawing hard to read. Subtle effects are always better.

On the body of your alien cartoon, create another shape to illustrate another dark shadow. Then, duplicate the head, scale your new shape to make is slightly smaller and color it in white. Finally, use the transparency tool to hide the bottom of this new shape. Use the same process to create reflections on the feet. Good job! I think we are good now! 🙂

First, draw the character using thin outlines. As you can see, this is a very easy illustration to reproduce. Create only a few basic shapes and you are done! When you are ready, apply plain colors on the head, the body, the legs and the arms.

This funny alien cartoon might not be from outer space, but it’s still an intriguing character that deserves to spend some time with! Fortunately, this drawing lesson is probably the easiest one from this section. The character is very basic and colors are… well, mostly grey and black!

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Since no one has ever seen an alien (really?… I don’t know!), you’re only limited by your imagination! You can go for the classic look (3) (4) or something more funny (2). Whatever you do, be creative and try anything… anything that you can think of! 

The shape of the alien is a little bit similar to the one of the zombie. Long arms and legs, small waist… the only major difference is the head. While in this example our little alien friend looks more like a human in gray, those creatures usually have a disproportionate head. The eyes are big, black and scary.

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Alien Cartoon Drawings