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Step 15. Now you can draw in the very wide open eyeball which seems to be piercing at you. All the small spiked hairs around the top part of the eye should be drawn in as well. Detail under the eye and along the cheek too. Take your time so it all comes together nicely.

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Here it is, my favorite lesson of the day is on “how to draw Alien vs Predator”, step by step. I can’t even decide which alien I like best because they both came out looking absolutely ridiculous and I mean that in a good way. I made this entire lesson while I was drawing live on and I have to say that it was probably one of the best live sessions I have ever done. From start to finish the entire lesson took me seven long hours and that’s not including steps. The longest part was probably the detailing and coloring aspect for both Alien and Predator. I know I have drawn these two species before in the past, but this time I can honestly say that I have outdone myself. I did not anticipate for this drawing to come out so good. I keep looking at it saying to myself “wow, I can’t believe I drew that”. Every now and again an artist should be saying that about their work because that is when you realize that your drawing technique is improving for the better. Anyways, let me shut up because I know a lot of you read these descriptions. I want to let you all get started with drawing Alien vs Predator in a split view style concept. I will return so don’t go anywhere.

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Step 16. Sketch out the shape of Predator’s sharp angled jawline like so, then sketch in all the detailing which ends up looking like stretched skin.

Step 7. Almost done guys, here is where it starts to get complicated. Start this step by drawing the bone like spines on the back like so, and then begin sketching out the arm and hand. Don’t worry about adding the detailing yet, you will tackle that task once you have drawn the spine bones and arm properly. When you feel confident that you can proceed on, begin drawing the definition and detailing. As you can see the body appears to have exposed muscle tissue. Sketch in all the detailing on the spine, arm, and hand like so.

Step 1. For the first step you will need to take your time because we will be making some shapes and guidelines that will form the frame for your alien species. Start by making an oblong shape for the head and then draw a sort of oval shape for the body like so. When that is done you can make the guidelines for the arms, and torso.

Step 11. Take your time as you detail the entire inside of Predator’s mouth. It almost looks like a hole inside, but that is all an illusion. Add texture definition as well not only on the teeth and around the mouth, but on the chin too.

Step 10. Draw in more of Predator’s mouth which also has two more fangs inside. The fangs are more like pods inside the mouth. Draw in the jaw line or structure like so, then add some definition to the right side of the stretched skin inside the mouth cheek.

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Step 18. Draw lines across each of those neck muscles to create an electrical cable type of appearance. Follow that by drawing the front and back neck muscles. Note the thick-to-thin lines being used here. We want to add some shadow where we can, to show that these shapes rest on a different layer than the surface below.

Step 12. Up next draw the shape of Predator’s skull design which is serrated or spiked.

Step 3. We will now start working on getting the particulars drawn out like the elongated jawline and chin. Sketch in the surface texture on the side of the head which is what I think is the temple. Next, sketch in the stretched skin tissue that forms the mouth of this alien as well as the teeth which should be sharp and rather stubby.

Step 4. Continue to work on the alien’s upper body by sketching out the neck. The exposed muscle tissue is what adds complications when it comes to getting the definition right. Add some shading around the neck like so to make the back look hollow. Once that is done draw the collar bone which is disc shaped and then add some detailing to texture and definition on your AVP alien.

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Step 19. Here we’ll start to really detail the areas between the neck muscles. We’ll again use thick-to-thin lines to add shadow and flesh out the neck a bit. We can also draw in the top of the actual shoulder now.

Step 6. Here we’ll fill in the eye lens, and add a slope to the front of the mouth area. We can also add some more details around the laser site area.

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Step 18. Now that you are finally done, your drawing of Alien vs Predator comes out looking like the image you see here. Once you’ve tweaked the sketch to your liking, you can add some vibrant color.

Step 25. And here is your final line art. I had to crop things a bit to get them to fit. This is a pretty ferocious pairing. I hope you guys enjoyed drawing along with me. I’d like to tackle some different types of Predator and Alien designs in the future, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks for viewing!

Step 2. We will tackle the Alien first since it is the one on the left side and I like to work from left to right usually. Begin by drawing the wide open mouth which is in a rounded square shape.

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Step 6. You will now draw in the little teeth inside the mini alien’s mouth like so. It is almost identical to the alien it lives in.

Step 10. Draw small curves across the dreadlocks to create “beads” that serve as proof of successful hunts. The Predator’s armored plates are styled after trilobites somewhat, so use that sort of crustacean shape for the shoulder pad.

Step 13. Add another layer of spiked inside the outer layer you just made in step twelve. Add detailing to the spikes as well as prepare the face for Predator’s eye by sketching the brow.

Step 21. For the top of the head, we’re mainly repeating the shape on the back of the face shell. As we get toward the back of the head, the shapes become stretched out. They also become more smooth, to give us a round bulb at the very end. Armor plates line the bottom of the elongated head.

If you’re a big time fan of H.R. Giger’s works, you will be pleasantly pleased that I made this updated version of the Alien from Alien, and Alien vs Predator series. I was watching the movie the other day and thought to myself “why not make another version of the Alien that so many of us are big fans of”? I worked for about two and a half hours on the new and improved alien species and to my surprise I really like the way it came out. Another great thing about this tutorial is how much easier it’s going to be to follow and replicate because of the totally different, and more efficient way I break down the drawing into pieces, oppose to the old way I used to do things. I was going to do a realistic version but my main goal for this Alien redo was to make sure that others would be able to tackle the concept in a different way. I am however pleased with the overall outcome as I mentioned, and I think that you guys will love drawing Alien too. AVP is one of my all-time favorite movies so I had a blast drawing one of the best characters ever made by H.R. Giger. I hope you enjoy this lesson guys, make sure to leave a comment and rating to let others know what you think. I have to bounce out of here because there is some cool video game characters that I will be uploading next that I think folks will love. Peace peeps!

Step 16. Outline the lower jaw and draw the remaining teeth. The tricky part is drawing between the strands of jaw muscle.

Step 4. The next thing we will do is draw in the razor sharp teeth to fill Alien’s mouth. Make sure the teeth are lined evenly but not too perfectly.

Step 24. Add some finer details across the head. There’s a lot of texture to add to the jaw area. Thick-to-thin. Deep wrinkles from the base of the jaw bone, becoming shallower toward the chin. We can finish this up by drawing the secondary mouth, with heavy shadow on the upper part.

Step 6. The alien has an exoskeleton body which means some parts will appear to be bone like. Draw the rest of the tail in and notice how it looks spiny. Take your time with this step to ensure that you end up with an accurate tail for this alien species.

Ok, this is a cool one. We’re going to draw a Predator vs Alien faceoff in a simple style. Well, as simple as we can get with something as detailed as a Xenomorph alien. Ok, let’s get to it.

Step 5. Fill in the back line of the jaw. Then add some dashes to shape the front of that jawbone. Above the eye, we can use a thinner line to add some detail and outline the laser site. That’s the little round shape. It points directly at whatever he’s looking at.

Step 3. Draw in a square shape for the eye. It’s like a sunglasses lens. Then draw the contours of the forehead.

Step 8. It is now time to draw out the torso of the alien. As you can see the torso looks like that of a human body. Draw in the midsection like so, and then begin to sketch out each rib bone until you have a completed upper body of this creature. Drawing the torso is very similar to drawing a human skeleton. Add some detailing and definition as well as darken the lines when you feel comfortable that the ribs are drawn in properly.

Step 15. Draw the diagonal lines of the jaw muscle, and detail them with some curves. Next draw in the upper teeth and gums. On the forehead area, we’ll draw irregular curves to indicate sloped areas that sink inward. Note the thickness of the lines. The thicker sections of line indicate shadow. Together, these curves give the face shell a bony appearance.

Step 17. For this step, begin by drawing the center line running along the side of the head. Then draw the round shape of the shoulder “girdle.” After that we can draw the lumpy organ on the side of the head, and the large neck muscles below. Use tiny, alternating curves to create the ridged texture here.

Step 5. Inside of Alien’s mouth you will draw the small head or face for the alien that is attached inside of the body. This is what bursts out of the mouth, and into the skulls of Alien’s victims. Add the skin texture detailing around the formation of the head inside the mouth as well.

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Step 22. We can now draw in the opposite shoulder “girdle.” I’m not even sure what to call it. A bone? A tube thing? I don’t know. The back of the neck has that electrical cable look to it — rectangular segments with smaller lines in between. Above that, we can add shadow shapes that resemble open heart valves. Thick to thin, with the thickest part on the bottom. Use small wrinkles to fill in the areas between the armor on the side and back of the head.

Step 2. You will begin sculpting out the actual structure of the Alien’s head and as you can see it is neatly rounded. The best way to tackle this step is to start at the back of the head and work your way down and around like so.

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Step 2. Lighten up your guide lines. Then we’ll start drawing the Predator’s helmet. I like to start with an L shape for the eyebrow. From there, the entire lower face area is a large, boxy shape. The front is sloped inward, like a shallow bowl.

Step 7. Now we’ll start the fleshy part of his head. This ridge that peeks out behind the helmet is where all the dreadlocks grow from. Use inward curves to create the base for each tendril.

Step 23. Here we’ll shape the main ridges and pits of the armored plates. Thick-to-thin again. The thickest parts of the lines show the biggest difference between two surfaces. Think of the round shapes as eye sockets, with the bony ridge that runs around your eyes.

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Step 12. Here’s where we can add some more details. On the chest and back, use repeating curves to continue that trilobite look to the armor.

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Step 5. Lets move away from the body for a minute and get the spiked tail tip drawn out since the tail is going to be in front of the alien’s body. The shape of the tail tip is very similar to a scorpion stinger. Take your time and then add some detailing before leaving this step.

Step 14. Add fine definition to the spikes and inside the head like so, then proceed to step fifteen.

Step 8. Now sketch out the prongs that are part of Alien’s head design. Also you will need to sketch in the tube like shape to the side of the head/face just under the prongs you just drew. Once that is done, sketch in some definition to the prongs.

Step 14. Lighten your guide lines. Then start the drawing by outlining the front shell that lays across the upper “face.” There are multiple wrinkles above the upper lip.

Step 9. Using the same type of shapes, fill in the hair around the previous dreads. Vary the length, thickness and curve of the hairs to make everything seems more natural. The dreads closest to the jaw are thin and curve back, under the rest of the hair.

Step 1. Let’s start by drawing the Predator. We’ll begin with these guide lines. This is the shape of the head without all those tentacles.

Step 1. Begin with a head guide like so. Sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 9. Now it is the time to draw the right arm and hand. Start at the top, and work your way down until you end up at the wrist. Once that is done, draw the hand and fingers, then sketch in the detailing on the arm the same way you did the other.

Step 17. For the last drawing step all you need to do is draw the dreadlock style strands that act as Predator’s hair. There are beads placed up to the middle of the hair chunks like so. Erase the mistakes as well as the guides you created.

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Uploaded: January 10, 2012Artist: DawnDifficulty: Intermediate  Steps: 11Updated: January 10, 2012P.O.V: FrontFavourited: 30 times

Step 13. Now we’ll begin drawing the Xenomorph Alien head. Begin with these guide lines. There’s a lot going on here, so take your time to get the proportions right.

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Step 20. Draw small, blob-like shadows to add pits or holes along the curves of the inner neck areas. The slightly longer, slightly more rectangular shadows on the neck muscle give us a bit of a reflective look and a little more dimension to that shape. The organ above gets a lot of attention here. Each of these shapes is essentially a loose rectangle. I’ve varied the line weight and broken up the lines to give everything an organic feel. The lines are thicker toward the top. You have to picture these in your head as ridges you could slide your finger down. If you can imagine touching something, it sometimes makes it easier to visualize and draw.

Step 4. Draw the cheekbone and the slope of the cheek area. Then draw the back of the upper helmet.

Step 9. Now we can get started with Predator. Sketch out the open, claw like mouth with the two horned pointed fangs at the ends of each corner of the mouth design. Also add detailing too.

Step 11. Here is the line art as I promised, now you know what your alien should look like once you are all done.

Step 7. Here is where you will need to take your time because you have to sketch in all of the detailing to Alien’s jaw and face. As you can see the definition is added using small thin lines as well as some shading.

Step 10. We have come to the last drawing step. All you have to do is draw the hips and pelvic area, and sketch in all the muscle detailing as well as the tubing that seems to go in and out of the alien’s body. Clean up the sketch to prepare it for color. I will upload the finished line art step in a bit so stay tuned in for that.

Step 3. Next, begin sketching out the actual structure of Alien’s face shape which should also come out being long. The head is sort of oval shaped from the front view. Add darkening to the crease near the side of the face or head, then move to the next step.

Alien vs predator drawing step by step
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