Alone Pics Of Girls Crying Armin Mersmann

August 23, 2018 8:24 am by theundertown
What is it about the human eye that is all at once mysterious and revealing these organic orbs that are said to be the windows to the soul express a world
Pencil drawing of crying eye in sketching by chloe tao
Alone Pics Of Girls Crying Armin Mersmann


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The end result is secondary to the process. My goal as a realist is to understand complexities and details; my interest is how the human eyes perceive not how a camera sees.. The hallmark of photorealism is capturing distortion and out of focus areas precisely how the camera does, I’m aware of these things and eliminate most of them. My journey begins at the first look of my model the drawing process then becomes an all-consuming study. When I complete the work, I develop an understanding of the subject that’s both heightened and very personal. After spending hundreds of hours drawing the small details it gives credence to a journey taking place that cannot be achieved by any other means. I don’t draw just what I see; it’s a combination of facts and feelings that would not work from just a snap of a shutter. I change and alter many things from the reference photos to me they are just a blueprint an informal guide at best, I transform not just translate what I am observing. I look at small particulars of a place that cannot be seen or deciphered by “normal” cameras. I delete, enhance, elaborate, exaggerate, alter and reinvent, and I do this with putting it through my own psyche. I change what’s in front of me, not for the sake of change but because it’s inevitable and expected, it’s filtered through 40 plus years of living. I have 100% control of every aspect of the final image can this be done with a photo and Photoshop? Perhaps, but not with my unique and very personal technical and artistic language.

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In the end, some still call it photo-realism; it’s something as an artist I have to accept. We tend to put things in categories, I just have to keep on this road and be true to my vision and artistic language and it’s that honesty that will let me connect with some and not with others   Armin

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