Create another smaller tapered box on the right edge of the same oval.

Creating a cartoon character of your own is not only fun, but super easy to do if you have the right tools. When you’re just starting out, use a pencil with an eraser so you can correct your drawing to make it just right, then fill it in with colored markers and pencils. Read on to learn how to make a cartoon dog, elephant, and parrot.

Join another one adjacent to it to complete the guides of the four legs.

Repeat another oval of a slightly smaller size on the right of the earlier one at a bit of distance.

Add another one at the bottom of the oval on the extreme right.

In order to draw details on a picture, you have to know what you are drawing. Imagine it is 3D, so you can see other features of the pictures. Then, just imagine where the texture and the shading goes.

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Attach a tapered box to the edge of the oval on the extreme left.

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Español: dibujar animales animados, Português: Desenhar Animais Estilo Cartoon, Deutsch: Löwe und Nashorn im Cartoon Stil zeichnen, Italiano: Disegnare Animali in Stile Cartoon, Русский: рисовать мультипликационных животных, Français: dessiner des animaux dans le style “cartoon”, Bahasa Indonesia: Menggambar Kartun Hewan

Extend lines upwards from the edge of the ovals for the forelegs.

Create four small-sized horizontal ovals at the bottom for the paws.

Draw guides in the form of curves and lines for the horns and ears.

Join two lines from the legs to the oval at the back for the body.

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Add another such irregular box attached at the bottom of the above one for the jaw.

Join small irregular boxes at the bottom of the four legs for the feet.

Create a small angular oval for the ear and an angular straight line for the nose

Riff on these basic shapes to draw other cartoon animals, like bears, songbirds and giraffes.

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