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P2U puff base nextlvl-adopts 142 12 P2U Chibi Base Sarilain 195 21 Profile picture (Base) SayoriDigital 2 0 P2U V Dork Base nextlvl-adopts 48 8 Halloween Bases (Extended Chibi Base Set #45) Nukababe 60 0 Halloween Bases (Simple Chibi Base Set #45) Nukababe 100 7

A Somewhat-Formal Apology by luxidoptera, Oct 5, 2018, 12:58:07 AM Journals / Personal

More Group Founded 9 Years agoFeb 10, 2010 Location Global Group FocusCommon Interest

Butterfly-Bases15 Recent DeviationsFeatured: MLP Base – Face Off

Welcome to Bases-For-All! Please read rules before joining this group! Your account must be at least one month old and have at least one deviation in its gallery before you can join this group. This is to prevent art thieves from joining and to give us a better idea of what to expect from you before you join.

If you’ve moved accounts or you’re joining on an alt, please tell us, and let us know what your main/old account is. Don’t spam the group pages with any “thanks for favorites” notifications. Harassment and flamewars won’t be allowed here.

Playful trolls are okay as long as it’s obvious that you’re trolling/joking around. If you think someone will take your message seriously, don’t post it! You may not join as a co-founder or contributor.

We may promote you to contributor or co-founder if you provide lots to the group while following the rules, or you help with rulebreakers.- Written by PooEqualsPoo, rewritten by luxidoptera Submitting Rules You must be a member/co-founder/contributor to submit a base.

The base could be of any type like original, traced, clothed and so on. So long as it’s actually a base, it will (generally) be accepted. Pay attention to what folder you’re submitting to. Submissions to the wrong folder will be declined.

Please do not post bases that you have dolled on! This is for bases not dolls. All dolls will be removed if they are submitted. Joke bases are not allowed. They may have been allowed in the past and will remain in the group due to the grandfather clause, but they are no longer allowed in the group.

If this rule is lifted in the future, joke bases will be given their own folder. Do not submit more than five bases in one sitting. Submitting lots of bases at once is a hassle for the admins. + may take up multiple pages in the group’s messages.

If your submission total is 10 or more, you may be kicked from the group, so be wary. Please no fetish stuff. Keep that to another group, thanks. This group is for bases, not YCH adoptables. Any YCH adopts submitted here will be declined, as they are technically not bases.

For further elaboration: Because a YCH requires a person to pay you to fill in the base yourself, rather than allowing them to use the base freely, it does not count as a base in the sense that we accept here.

Try my other group, DiamondHeartAdopts.Written by Megumi-Pixels, rewritten by luxidoptera

Hitachin twins x maid Basemakerofdarkness 177 6 Honey x base Basemakerofdarkness 54 3 Mori x base Basemakerofdarkness 97 3 I’m Sorry Base Insanity-Bases 38 4 Dance Base Insanity-Bases 178 7 Haruhi Fujioka Base animecat26 56 7

OP Ocs Daisy und Hachidori Gaarakira 9 4 My First Base Nami safing23052003 3 1 {Base 9} Hug RafaelaDraws77 113 14 One piece base Basemakerofdarkness 21 3 Pirate couple base Basemakerofdarkness 26 1 Luffy kisses base Basemakerofdarkness 39 2

GroupFounded 9 Years agoFeb 10, 2010Location Global Group FocusCommon Interest1,811 Members 4,961 Watchers 972,439 Pageviews

i’m exhausted. [seeking co-founders] by luxidoptera, 1 week and 1 day ago Journals / Personal

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Yaoi couple base ItaliaNinjArtist 32 2 Base 27 JStrick525 42 1 Tonight you’re mine… – Base RaurenRed 169 12 Don’t act so tense – Base RaurenRed 164 9 Lookin’ for a Ride? – Base RaurenRed 143 6

Yagari x base Basemakerofdarkness 44 9 Ichijou x base Basemakerofdarkness 98 2 Zero x base Basemakerofdarkness 142 6 Do not leave me Basemakerofdarkness 26 0 Aidou x base Basemakerofdarkness 133 4 Base 41 – Seriously, what’s wrong.

..? Base-Boomer 1,023 74

Chibi Sasori go BOOM Base SailorStarMiracle 8 0 Sasori’s Puppet Base (EDIT) SailorStarMiracle 9 0 CLOSED Weapon Adopt 9 Chiutsux 65 14 CLOSED Weapon Adopt 8 Chiutsux 48 16 [CLOSED] Design Adopt Weapon – 13 MhaxiR 96 11 Moon.

Mountains. Mmm. ThreeFlowersInOne 835 0

hey everyone.i know this is completely different from how i normally write, but my energy is absolutely in the pits right now so i just can’t muster the energy to put up my usual persona. this is just me, noche, pure from the heart.

i am absolutely exhausted with running groups. it’s just nothing but a chore for me these days, and i’ve been finding myself able to put gradually less and less effort into it over time. plus, with all my other obligations in my current life, i just don’t have time for this anymore.

it’s draining, and i just don’t think i can do it anymore. (i don’t even really use this site as a whole anymore anyway.)over the course of the next week or so, i’m going to be stepping away. and in order to keep this group alive, that means i’m going to be needing some new co-founders.

if you’re interested, please post a comment below, listing what you could do for this group and how you plan to help. once the next week or so is up, i’ll promote a couple people and finally descend into the abyssal coils of the rest of the internet once and for all.

i hope this machine keeps running without me. i wish you all the best.~noche

Hi guys!I just wanna say I’m very sorry for my inactivity as of late. I’ve been all caught up in other things, and running groups has been sort of at the back of my mind as of late. I hope to do better than this in the future, but I must note that if I continue to forget to log onto dA, I might need some new admins.

Can’t keep running this whole shebang alone forever, I guess.~Noche

Group Info Group Founded 9 Years ago Statistics 1,811 Members972,439 Pageviews4,961 Watchers

Sosuke Aizen x Base LadySesshy 12 3 CLOSED Aknal Adopt 1 Chiutsux 171 26 Renji shouts at base Basemakerofdarkness 28 1 Ulquiorra x base Basemakerofdarkness 71 6 Nnoitra Jiruga IDimopoulos 95 20

MhaxiR43 Recent DeviationsFeatured: [CLOSED] Design Adopt Weapon – 2

[OPEN 4] Custom Weapons Slots 7 MhaxiR 21 5 OPEN Weapon Commissions / Customs Info MhaxiR 65 4 Human chibi base (ptu) Ame-Kumo 14 0 Human chibi base – Pullover (ptu) Ame-Kumo 45 0 [CLOSED] Custom Weapons Slots 6 MhaxiR 53 35 P2U Cake Roll Base Sarilain 259 22

APH Sweden x OC Base 1 basesforthebest 16 1 APH Nekotalia Base 5 Russia Cat basesforthebest 21 1 APH Nekotalia Base 6 China Cat basesforthebest 21 1 APH Nekotalia Base 7 America and China Cat basesforthebest 25 2 APH Nekotalia Base 3 Italy Cat basesforthebest 21 10 APH Nekotalia Base 4 Italy Cat basesforthebest 21 0

Nukababe29 Recent DeviationsFeatured: Chibi Pose Reference (Simple Chibi Base Set #12)

Paige-the-unicorn54 Recent DeviationsFeatured: Sweet kiss Base Edit

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ERA-717 Recent DeviationsFeatured: 30 SPACE BACKGROUNDS – PACK 22

choraler17 Recent DeviationsFeatured: EG base: I am your secret counterpart

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