Learn how to draw anime boy face face step by step drawing tutorials
Drawing anime guy entire body structure
Anime Boy Drawing Tutorial

Anime Boy Drawing Tutorial Anime Boy Drawing Tutorial

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To color and shade our character you can use what is known as “cell shading”. Shading with no gradients commonly used in anime.

The arms are about as long as the body. With the hands added the arms should be longer than the body. Also keep in mind that the arms are being slightly lifted to the sides in the examples used in this tutorial.

By practicing a lot. It can take years of persistent practice to become really good at drawing. Try to focus on one subject matter (such as the one in this article) at a time until you get really good at it, then move on to other things.

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I am trying to draw the same character, but in a different position. How can I make sure that the same proportions are being applied into the second drawing/pose?

Draw the clothing for the figure. Since the figure is already complete, all you have to do is add onto the body the outfit you want for him. You can draw the neckline of his shirt and sketch the zipper of pants.

Go over the final rubric for the details of his outfit in darker strokes.

Use a pencil and draw a stick figure. Draw an egg shape for the head and then draw the rest of the body using lines. You should be able to find the pose you like easier this way. Keep the limbs of the body proportioned with the head, so that the head is not too big for the body.

This stick figure is sort of like the skeleton of your anime boy.

Draw the face in a sweeping motion. You can choose any expression for your anime boy, but most anime boys have sharp, defined features, with eyes slanting more at an angle towards the middle of the face.

Draw a horizontal line across the middle of the face for the placement of the eyes, and a line vertically down the middle for the nose. The example here uses a normal smile and short, unkempt hair. As you did for the body, darken the lines you want to keep for the little details.

Add a bridge and a tip to the nose. Longer strands at the base of the neck are very popular in recent animes.

For the side view most of the shadows will be along the back side of the character.

For the front view star by drawing a vertical line at least as tall as the entire body. This will help you see if both sides are symmetrical.

Onto the cleaned up drawing of the body add the details such as the hair and facial features. For a character like the one in this example that is not overly muscular but still fairly fit you can just add some hints of the chest and stomach muscles.

Once you have finished the shading you are done with the tutorial. If you are also looking for help on drawing the female body in the anime style you can check out the How to Draw an Anime Girl Body Step by Step Tutorial.

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How can I improve the way I draw the important features of anime?

How to Draw Male Anime Eyes How to Draw Anime & Manga Male & Female Hair Step 4 – Draw the Clothing Drawing anime guy shorts

Try something in the style of Fruits Basket. Their characters are a good base for beginning manga-styled drawings.

Just keep practicing. Use some references. Look at some eyes that you really like from different artists and incorporate them into your style.

Drawing anime guy step by step Step 1 – Draw the Overall Shape of the Male Body Drawing anime guy entire body structure

Star drawing the head by drawing a shape close to a circle for the front view and a slight oval for the side view.

Start sketching that certain feature on a separate piece of paper until you get it the way you want, then transfer it onto your art.

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What type of pencils should I use if I’m want to draw realistically?

In this case we will not go too much into drawing the clothing and will just add shorts.

Draw the legs about the same length as the head and the body combined.

8 Step Anime Boy’s Head & Face Drawing Tutorial How to Draw Anime and Manga Male Head and Face Drawing the Body Drawing anime guy body structure

Do the same as the steps before, but just add a school uniform. For instance, when you’ve already drawn the layout in pencil you should work up a design for your uniform, add that to your figure, then use the pen and then erase and you’re done!

Color the drawing with the tools of your choice. Watercolor is recommended, but you can also use colored pencils.

For the front view you can also add some small shadows to emphasize the chest and stomach muscles as well as some shadows on the inner side of the legs and below the knees.

We will shade the character according to normal lighting conditions (outside during daytime or inside in a well lit room). The main light source will be above and in front of the character. This means the main shadow will be below such as the shadow on the neck cast by head.

Add some form to your stick figure. Add circles where there are joints and form the body by adding more lines. Darken the lines that you will use to start distinguishing the contours.

Whatever you want! I want to draw an anime James McVey, so he will have brown hair and blue eyes.

Like manga or comics? Learn to draw your very own anime boy from scratch. All you need to do is follow these easy steps!

A normal body is about as wide as two heads. In anime the head can be a slightly larger but it also depends on the size of the person you are drawing. Big muscular anime characters may have heads that are much smaller in relation to the body than normal characters.

If you are drawing both views at once make sure the proportions of one view match up to the proportions in the other. Drawing a horizontal line from a body part in one view to the same body part in the other view will help you do this. You can also draw vertical line as measurements before you start drawing.

This detailed step by step tutorial illustrates how to draw a male character in the anime and manga style. The main focus is on various male body proportions.

I suggest looking at reference pictures online. When you find the pose you’re looking for, test the proportions on the character (i.e. where the pivotal points are and their distance from the torso).

It will take practice to get proportions down, but it can be done!

Once you have sketched out the proportions clean up the sketch so that you have an outline drawing of the body.

Ink the drawing with a black, sharp pen (make sure it’s fine point but defined). Remember to add fine details like the pupils of his eyes. Add some shadows in his hair to give it volume and depth. Broaden the shoulders a bit to make him more masculine.

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