Anime Colored Pencil Drawings

February 28, 2019 7:58 am by theundertown
Colored pencils and copics kaneki ken by chedil
Allen walker colored pencil drawing by jmetters1118
Anime Colored Pencil Drawings

TIP#8: Practice and love on what you doing can make everything possible.

feel free to leave a comment on what should i improve. I can also do a request and other tutorials

Color Pencil Tutorial by *YueYuki ( Suggested by Kuraiko-kyun and Featured by Elandria )

Note: i use pink colored pencil on making lighter tones and burnish it with white colored pencil to give a shine effect on the ribbon.

Note: “Burnishing” is using white colored pencil or other colorless blending material to smoothen the texture of the color and gives it a silky look.

Colors that i used: white, light flesh, dark flesh, brown and black

I started sketching using mechanical pencil but its just optional. You can use any kind of pencil!

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Step 11: use black colored pencil to make contrast and shading. It will make you drawing more realistic

Here it is! Thank you all for your interest in a tutorial from me. I hope it helps you in some way. If you still have some questions after reading the tutorial, please ask. I’d like to help as much as I can. Anyway, I hope you like the tutorial! :3

Step 6-7: color the hair with the base colors(violet, yellow and light brown) and start creating layers of colors. Use white colored pencil to burnish it resulting to smooth and silky texture of the colors. color the hair part by part and don’t hurry.

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TIP#2: Applying different pressure on the same color will give you different result for example applying hard pressure on the colored pencil will give you rich color.

Step 14-15: darken the color make it smooth. Use black colored pencil on shading making contrast and burnish it again.

After sketching i use a regular pen for outlining. Then use eraser to remove unnecessary pencil lines!

TIP#3: “Layering” is applying the colored pencil gradually to make layers on color. do not rely on single application of color layering will bring good texture making your colors more complex and more realistic.


Colors that i used: white, dark blue, violet, dark pink, red, pink and black

Step 10: start applying the dark colors and burnish it white colored pencil to smoothen the colors.

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Yahalo minna! I show you my style on coloring my drawing with colored pencil! ~(‘▽^人)

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Step 8: use the dark color(black and dark blue) to make contrast between hair strand it will make the hair more realistic. After that burnish it with white colored pencil to smoothen the texture.

TIP#6: take your time when coloring with colored pencil. because colored pencil demands time when using it.

TIP#5: “Burnishing” is using white colored pencil or other colorless blending material to make your colors smooth, silky and realistic.

I hope you learn something new i tried my best explaining it even i’m bad at it.

Step 9: color the ribbon with base color(dark blue, violet, red and dark pink) then start building up layers of colors.

Note: i use many color to make it more complex and more colorful.

Step 4: draw first the pupil of the eye and color it with violet and yellow. After that i use dark magenta on the upper eyelids instead of black just to make it more colorful.

TIP#1: Using lighter color on the dark one and burnishing will gives you lighter tone and a shine effect.

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Colors that i used: white, gray, black, dark magenta, dark pink, pink, yellow, gold and red

Step 18-19: darken the colors then burnish it. Use the black colored pencil on making contrast and shading. It will reveals the folds on the clothe making it more realistic.

Step 1-2: first color the skin with base color (light flesh) then start building up layers of colors, then Burnish it with white colored pencil.

Step 16-17: color the outer clothe with base color (gold, yellow and dark magenta) and build up layers of colors. Then burnish it with white colored pencil to smoothen the texture.

Wait… what?She finally did it?She submitted her tutorial which is actually finished since more than half a year? (I just had to put everything together… but I’m sooo lazy XD)I DID IT! And it was so much work! XD This thing here almost killed me.

But I hope it can help you! >3

TIP#4: “Blending” always blend colors it gives a good effect on the colors. For example when coloring a grass don’t use green only try blending it with blue and yellow to gives you different tones.

Step 5: use color pink, violet, yellow and light magenta to color the whole iris. Color the lower part of the eyelid with black colored pencil to make it more realistic.

I’m not that good on explaining things but I hope you still understand my tutorial (ノ_

Colors that i used: brown, light brown, yellow, gold, violet, black, dark blue and white

Note: you can use light brown instead of light and dark flesh.

Note: making a contrast make the color more realistic a little bit similar on shading for example making a contrast between two things to make a effect the they overlap each other while shading gives a darker tone on the object and shadow effect.

Note: using light colors to darker one will make the tone lighter and gives a shiny effect.

Step 3: use the black colored pencil to darken or to shade an areas. Similar on shading using pencil to give contrast light source is important.

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Note: using and blending many colors will give a huge impact.

Note: building up layers of colors or “Layering” is applying the color gradually and burnish it with white colored pencil doing it repeatedly will result to a good texture of the color and making it more realistic.

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Step 12-13: color the inner clothe with the base color(dark magenta, red, pink, and dark pink) and start creating layers of colors then burnish it with white colored pencil.

Note: i used the dark colors (black, dark magenta and dark pink) on the upper part of the iris to make a contrast to the lower part of the iris. It will make the eye more realistic.

special thanks to my bestfriend LUCINA she helps me a lot doing this tutorial.

Colors that i used: yellow, pink, light magenta, dark pink, violet, dark magenta and black

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