This is a drawing course only, coloring is not included. I explain the methods I follow in my own drawing styleYou don’t need any drawing software/app or tablet, all you need is a paper and a pencil. But you can definitely draw digitally if you prefer thatThe lessons are done on PaintTool Sai just for the sake of explanation, none of the software’s features are used To get the most of this course, it is a must to apply the lessons and practice drawing continuously!

Perspective is objects getting smaller as they go farther off into the distance. A good example of this is if we were to look at a cube. Even though all sides of it are even the sides that are further away from the viewer will appear smaller. The larger the object the more noticeable this will be.

Sometimes this is hard to do because it takes up extra time, but if there is something you do not know how to draw, go online and look up a reference. It will make your art look so much better. Look up poses, look up props, look up environments. Do not try to draw something out of your head, because you will miss important details.

I used to hate guidelines when I first started, and it took me awhile to warm up to them — but trust me, guidelines help. They help you quickly put down a pose and compare the body shapes and sizes. Artists who use guidelines are less likely make anatomy errors. Every professional — and I do mean every professional — always starts with a skeleton before they draw their character. If you haven’t been using guidelines yet, I advise that you do.

Correct shading can help indicate the lighting conditions of an environment, the time of day, and even the weather.

Chibis or little characters are a lovely version that makes the characters look cuter, since we draw them in an extremely unrealistic small size that resembles that of a toddler. But in the end, when it comes to anime (and manga), everything is possible, so why not?

There is a fine line between studying your favorite artist and copying them. What ends up happening when you copy other artists is you end up copying their flaws, purposefully. You need to break down what parts of their art you like and examine why you like it. You don’t want to be a carbon copy of someone else.

Getting better at art can be frustrating and sometimes it may feel like I’m scolding you, but drawing should be fun! Unless you are getting paid by someone else to draw something, no need to panic. Just relax and do your best.

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Friends and family will always say your artwork is perfect, and I’m here to tell you they are lying. Sometimes, artists end up feeding into too much positive feedback and they get too content with their artwork and they stop improving. Always seek out people that will give you an honest feedback instead of “oh, that’s cute” or “that’s really nice.”

I will mention here some of the references that I use frequently, they help a lot!

I hope you found this course useful, and I whole-heartedly wish you all the best on your art journey!

Finally, we will draw closed eyes both upwards and downwards.

 We will learn how to draw the very simple nose, in addition to the smiling and laughing mouth.

Here are 10 things you must know in order to successfully drawing manga!

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Hairstyle is of the most important factors of a character design. You may have noticed that most anime (or manga) characters maintain the same hairstyle throughout the series, or do very slight changes such that you can still tell that the character is the same.

Study the work of other artists to see how anime and manga are drawn. Learn the style.

Continue drawing anime or anything else you might like. Practice drawing basic lines and shapes a few minutes a day and then draw anything you find fun or interesting after that.

We are going to draw some different hairstyles for the guy. But don’t forget that you can come up with much more variations if you want!

DesignDoll is one of the best tools that help the artist in getting a precise reference for the pose in their mind. With this software you can make any pose you want by controlling the doll (or multiple dolls) and changing its posture.


Learning how to draw facial expressions is of great importance as they are what helps convey the characters emotions, especially when it comes to drawing comics and manga.

Now we will learn how to draw the hand by applying the points we have discussed in the previous lecture.

Lastly, don’t forget that practice is what will mainly help you improve your skills!

Blizz-Mii Art:

You can play around with a male’s hairstyle as well, but with less freedom than that of a female, since most males have a short hair.

Before learning how to draw the hands, it is important to pay attention to several points concerning the anatomy of the hand. By keeping these in your mind, drawing hands will become easier to understand.

This lecture offers a general explanation about using the DesignDoll software and its useful features. After that, a pose will be created then used as a reference for drawing.

Hyanna Natsu:

For example if you are drawing a character that is outside on a bright sunny day. Then the shadows would be fairly sharp with high contrast between shaded and lit areas. On a foggy or rainy day it should be the opposite the shadows would be fairly blurry and harder to see with far less contrast between shaded and lit areas.

I have tried those “how to draw books” and I hated it. I’m not here to just draw pretty pictures. Instead, I’m going to share something truly useful by pointing out some essential tips along with beginner mistakes to avoid to help you successfully start your manga drawing journey!

Rambutan Illustration:

If you are a fan of anime or manga and would like to learn how to draw in the style but have no idea where to start these are some tips that can help.

If I had my way, I’ll just draw the same characters all the time. We all have a certain “type” of character like to draw. We also have a specific gender preference we like to draw. I want to tell you there are infinite types of people you can draw; don’t just stick to just drawing pretty girls, pretty boys, teenagers, etc. You should learn how to draw everyone.

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Don’t lose hope or give up at all. Since you love drawing and are passionate about it, you will definitely reach your goal with continuous practice.


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8 Key Steps to Make Your Own Manga How to learn to draw anime

Finally, dresses! Many girls like wearing dresses, don’t they?

Want to learn how to practice manga? Then you’re in the right place! I call it “how to practice manga” because if you ask any artist, the key to getting better is to practice. Most tutorials just show you really pretty pictures that the artist did and it kind of expects you to just copy and redraw the same thing perfectly. This is different — I’m going to share with you actionable tips for drawing manga to help make you a better artist…

Drawing feet is much simpler than hands. We are going to learn here how to draw the most useful and frequent feet poses.

Here we will learn how to draw the face from a different angle, the three-quarter or 3/4 view.

Learning to draw is not easy. It takes time and a lot of effort and patience. But it can also be very rewarding to see your own improvement.

Draw full body anime characters with basic poses Use DesignDoll software for creating models with any pose Draw chibis (miniature characters)

Since the characters we will draw will definitely not be standing stiffly, we need to practice drawing poses. The pose of the character plays an important role in conveying the personality and mood.

How to Draw an Anime Girl Body Step by Step Tutorial How to Draw an Anime Guy Body Step By Step Tutorial 4. Learn How to Shade Shading objects when drawing

This lecture introduces four different hairstyles for girls.

Perspective drawing is taking this effect into account and portraying it in a correct and realistic way. You can practice by drawing basic three dimensional objects such as cubes and cylinders from different angles. Later on this will help you draw more complex shapes and even anime character.

If you are looking for help with making your own manga you may also be interested in:

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At times it may seem like your drawings don’t come out the way you want them to or that you are not making much progress. Don’t let this get you down. Take a break or try again another day. With practice you should eventually get better.

In this lecture, we will draw facial expressions that convey some of the common basic emotions.

To be able to use color effectively you should learn at least some of the basics of the color theory such as warm and cool and complimentary colors. You can always look at a color wheel if you need some help remembering which colors are which. The colors across from each other on the color wheel are the complimentary colors. An example of a warm color would be yellow. An example of a cool color would be blue.


We will draw a chibi with a basic pose and another random one.

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The last thing to learn in this section is the side view. It might look hard and intimidating at first, yet it’s much simpler to draw than it seems!

This is probably one of the harder ones. Artists say they are OK with criticism, but what they mean is they are OK with having it go through one ear and out the other. Every critique is valid even if phrased in an impolite way, because it means something was off about your art that made someone have to point it out. Don’t just say, “It’s my style.” Your style may just be wrong. You don’t have to take every piece of criticism, but you need to listen.

Perspective Drawing Tutorial for Beginners One Point Perspective Room Drawing Tutorial – Step by Step 3. Learn Some Basic Anatomy Anime proportions

Dee Juusan:

Blanca J.

Neko Rina:

You don’t need to be a doctor to draw people but some basic anatomical knowledge will definitely help. Knowing the proportions and placement of different body parts will help you avoid making mistakes when drawing people. In anime certain proportions may be exaggerated but overall anime and manga characters are still usually based on real anatomy.

With that being said, I will give you two exercises to get started:

Using the right combination of colors you can create a more interesting and attractive looking anime character.

Now we will draw the male eye. Similar steps to the female eye with very little difference.

Any “How to Draw Manga” tutorial that says you don’t need to know actual anatomy to draw proper anime is lying and you should burn it immediately. For any stylized art, you need to know how the real body is put together before you start exaggerating. This is a fine line between making something look stylized and something that looks like you don’t know what you’re doing.

We have so far learned drawing the bodies by using simple shapes. Understanding poses will be simpler as we will use the same shapes but with varying their sizes and angles.

Download DesignDoll:

You shouldn’t just avoid drawing any parts of the body that you don’t want to draw, such as hiding the hands or always drawing characters from the waist up. It’s better to at least draw it, be bad at it and keep improving than ignore it altogether.


This, in addition to the colors of the hair and eye as well as the design of the outfit are what contribute to the character design, and make the character unique in its own way.

The closed upwards eye is used to indicate smiling.The closed downwards eye is used for a sleeping character or one deeply in thought.

The above illustration shows some of the things you will need to know to be able too draw anime and manga. Below is a detailed breakdown of each.

Drawing anime characters is great. But if you are a total beginner to drawing in general you should start by learning the basics. Practice drawing simple things like straight lines and basic shapes like circles and squares. This can be boring at times but will help you improve.

No matter what you are drawing it is always good to have some reference material, especially if you are a beginner. This can be photographs or real objects, people and animals.

Drawing chibis is actually a form of art itself. It is a broad world, and some artists choose to be specifically just chibi artists. That’s why we will talk about it here in a simple and brief way.

Those interested in learning how to start drawing in Anime style Not for those interested in western cartoon style

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Females have plenty of variations when it comes to hairstyles, much more than males, since a female can have a short, medium, or long hair (Well, a male can have that too, but it’s not as common). As well as the different ways the hair can be styled.

Yoai Hime:

As I have previously mentioned, we as artists are always in need to observe the world around us, or any thing that helps us draw better and more realistically. Which is why using references when drawing is not a bad thing at all, but rather, it is extremely important so that we get inspiration and improve our skills.

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We are going to learn how to draw the female body by making use of simple shapes. In the following lecture we will cover four different views: Front view, 3/4 view, side view, and lastly, back view.

If you ever need inspiration you can always look at the work of other artists by watching anime or looking at your favorite manga. Of course there are quite a few tutorials on this website that can help you with drawing in the anime and manga style. Check the Anime & Manga Drawing Tutorials section.

For tips on designing your own manga or anime character you can check:

We will draw the male body in a similar approach. The following lecture also explains the four different views: Front view, 3/4, side, and back view.

And to conclude this section, we will learn how to draw shoes; flat and high-heels!

Now we will learn how to draw the face. We will start by drawing the symmetric front view for a girl.

4 Important Steps to Make Your Own Manga or Anime Character 7. Be Patient and Don’t Give Up Girl drawn in anime style

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DesignDoll is compatible with Windows operating system. I am not sure whether it’s compatible with iOS since the website does not mention anything regarding that.

Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged when you see other artists who are better than you — especially the younger artists. But trust me: everyone had to start somewhere. Try to use them as inspiration instead of getting yourself down.

To learn about some of the basics of perspective drawing you can check:

We will go back to the earlier-drawn girl face and add hair to it.

Anime Characters, Anime Girl, Draw Anime, Perspective Drawing

Clothing and fashion come in many variations, especially for girls. Girls wear different kinds of tops and bottoms as well as dresses, and much more. We will go over some of common fashion items here.

Ever wanted to learn how to draw anime characters yet don’t know where to start? If so, then this is the course for you!

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We’re going to draw four different looks for the guy as well!

Facial featuresHead from different views Hair with various hairstyles Hands and feet Body and poses Clothes and shoes Facial Expressions Brief introduction to chibis General drawing advices and tips

Here are the references I mentioned in the video, as well as the keywords I used in searching.

Properly shading in a drawing can give otherwise two dimensional objects a three dimensional appearance. To be able to shade an object in a proper and realistic way you need to study how light reflects off of different shapes and surfaces. But the basic rule is that the side of an object that is facing the light source will be the lightest and the one facing away from the light source will be the darkest.

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My Channel: Pluvias:

Draw at least 2 characters’ full bodies. They can be whoever you want, but try to pick two fairly different characters.Write down 10 skills or techniques you want to improve in your manga drawing. Focus on those things whenever you draw.

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