Here is Ahri, a character from the video game League of Legend. She is a fox girl with 9 tails !

A coloring page full of Characters ! A great example of Japanese animation. Will you find the little Kawaii characters ?

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Here is a coloring page from Rayne. He’s the character of the manga Neo Angelique Abyss. His role is to purify the evil spirit with his weapon.

Manga drawing representing a young man and a young woman dancing, with princess dress and beautiful drawing

A young girl with a waterfall of Donuts ! Drawing influenced by Mangas / Animes

This Japanese comics are more and more popular everywhere in the world. Manga is now really considered as a culture (Animated, goodies, figurines, cosplay, …) and even and Art (“Manga art”)…

Here is a coloring page of the 5 members that form the strongest team in the Fairy tail Guild. It’s Wendy, Lucy, Natsu, Grey and Erza

Coloring page of the hero Link from the brand new game Zelda Breath of the Wild

This is a coloring page with the chibi characters from Fairy Tail Natsu, Lucy and Happy.

Here is our gallery with all our Manga / Anime coloring pages.

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Manga are Japanese comics and any printed cartoon. In their modern form, manga date from shortly after World War II but have a long, complex history in earlier Japanese art. Japanese manga come in all types, for all sorts of people. Japanese manga has a unique style easy to recognize: characters with huge hair and large eyes.

Coloring page of The Princess Zelda from the video game Twilight Princess

We mostly present original and exclusive drawings imagined and drawn by our partner artists, with Chibi and Kawaii characters to color. If you are passionate by Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One piece, or other Manga characters, this gallery is also for you.

New : You can learn how to draw Manga / Anime drawings with our exclusive Tutorials !

Anime cat coloring page
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