For drawing actual anime, of course, whatever pencil you use is moot. Eventually it would move to the screen and become digital.

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Any pencil, or pen will do that. If you want to get brush type lines after, use a rigger. If you want fast dark strokes, us a dark pencil 6B for dark and 6H for light. If you press lightly with an H pencil you can lay out the structure first and finish with the darker line using a B. Experiment and remember that the tool is not the same thing as the artist using it.

You don’t need a special type of pencil, and the one you use for school is just fine. Heck, sometimes I draw with broken and pinkie-sized ones, and it’s fine. But it’s always nice to have pencils of different types – the weaker or softer for sketches, darker and rougher ones for linearts and shading.

Good luck and happy drawing c:

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You could really draw anime with anything. Prismacolor markers are the best of the best so I suggest using those. A black felt tip pen would be ideal for those black lines for the general picture. Anime comes in many ways though. I draw my manga with a pencil. I feel like those are just as well drawn as the ones drawn with other things.

If you’re really looking to amp up your drawing with vibrant colors, check out their color pencils. Once you’re familiar with the blending tips and tricks, these color pencils can give you rich consistent colors. Yes, Prismacolors are more expensive than standard drawing supplies but for the quality you get- I think its worth it.

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It just sounds like you depend your waifu fanart on a stick you call pencil. Whoops.

And maybe, you do responded with; ‘dude, but I’m asking for pencil’

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Ignore the person who just replied, they are a ignorant person who probably wants to commit suicide themselves. Really, there is no certain pencil you have to have, I find any works. However, many like to use mechanical pencils(The Best Mechanical Pencils) -some even use special ones, I guess its because it has a small lead, and does not require sharpening.

It all comes down to what you prefer. There are also prismacolors col-erase pencils that anime artists like to use for rough sketching since it writes very softly-in either red or blue- and is not as easily seen- so they can add graphite pencil to later to make a cleaner sketch, and it is so light it is barely noticeable and is erasable.

It is not necessary though. If you are into shading your anime illustrations, not coloring, I recommend staedtler lumograph graphite pencils, they are great and come with a great variety of hard and soft pencils that create perfect shading, and the pencils are not cheaply made-and for a good price.

Now if you mean for inking- I recommend either copic multiliners or micron pens(made by Sakura) and if you use watercolor a pentel brush pen.

I agree with several of the answers here- as an anime artist, it’s important to choose brands or products you like working with. But if you’re looking for recommendations, I’ve taken several art classes and if given a choice, I do have some favorites. Through my Graphic Art class, I was introduced to the Prismacolor brand. Now, I always stock up on their pencils and color pencils.

“Bruh, it’s just a tool. You can draw anime with a brush and ink, or crayola, or cheap-pens-that-will-jam-every-10-seconds-you-use-it. Hey, you can even use BLOOD OF YOUR ENEMIES to draw! It won’t make you better at it. The only way to make your drawing better is to practice.”

I recommend any pencil you can grab at hand. Mechanical pencil, wooden pencil, any pencil… as long as it leave mark on paper, you are comfortable with it, and won’t smear if you erase it, it’s good to go.

It’s not about the tool, it’s about the artist. You should use whatever tool feels the best and looks the best to you.

Anything that ends in B will give you a softer experience, and is easier to do shading with, which depending on your style, could be fundamental.

For your sketches, however, any pencil you can get your hands on would be great. Though I will give you this general advice, stay away from the harder pencils until you know what you’re doing with them. Harder pencils being anything below HB, really, and going down from there into the Hs.

Unlike regular #2 pencils, the lead in Prismacolor Turquoise Drawing Pencils are sturdy and less prone to breakage despite dropping- especially for clumsy people, like me. They’re smooth and easy to work with (plus the pencils comes in a neat turquoise color!).

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So I think you want to avoid H pencils since it’s really thin, and 5B – 9B since it is prone to smearing. HB is fine tho.

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