Anime Drawing References

February 13, 2018 6:39 am by theundertown
Manga head direction drawing reference guide
Girl anime hairstyles
Anime Drawing References

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Simple sketching tips. Quick hand-legs-foot tutorial by `Hellobaby on deviantART I was just struggling to draw hand palm side out the other day. THis will be so helpful in the future.See more

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How to Draw – Study: Skirts for Comic / Manga Panel Design Reference Clothes…See more

Base Model 25 by FVSJ on deviantART. For drawing megan as a mermaidSee more

“The sitting position of a mermaid.” Replace her legs with an exquisite tail. Realism {Base Model 22 by ~FVSJ on deviantART} how to draw a mermaid pictoral tutorialSee more

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Tutorial Tuesday: Drawing the Female Figure idrawdigital – Tutorials for Drawing Digital ComicsSee more

Ears are certainly one of the most overlooked part of the human features I think. I actually became quite conscience on how I draw& ears many years back when I started CGing. Drawing ears are .See more

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Base Model 20 by FVSJ on deviantART. I love this because it looks great and easy to drawSee more

you can see this person’s soul through her eyes. “eyes are the window to the soul”See more

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How To Draw Eyes eyes art drawing diy craft diy ideas diy craft projectsSee more

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