With that being said, I will give you two exercises to get started:

You shouldn’t just avoid drawing any parts of the body that you don’t want to draw, such as hiding the hands or always drawing characters from the waist up. It’s better to at least draw it, be bad at it and keep improving than ignore it altogether.

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Anime is a unique Japanese genre of drawing in pencil. Characters drawn in anime style have distinct shape of eyes and face. There are different kinds of anime, including manga and comics. An example of a famous anime cartoon is Pokemon, in which Pikachu is the leader among the many Pokemon. It is very fun to draw Pokemon characters as the drawing comes out highly contrasted even if done entirely in # 2 pencil. For anime art, it will suffice to draw a rough shape of the face and eyes. Anime characters wear bright simple clothing, which also helps ease the drawing process. It is important to make your drawing vivid. Even if you’re only using # 2 pencil, make sure you add a lot of contrast to your drawing, virtually without pastels. In this beginner’s lesson, we’re going to learn how to draw anime step-by-step using # 2 pencil.

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Draw at least 2 characters’ full bodies. They can be whoever you want, but try to pick two fairly different characters.Write down 10 skills or techniques you want to improve in your manga drawing. Focus on those things whenever you draw.

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There is a fine line between studying your favorite artist and copying them. What ends up happening when you copy other artists is you end up copying their flaws, purposefully. You need to break down what parts of their art you like and examine why you like it. You don’t want to be a carbon copy of someone else.

If I had my way, I’ll just draw the same characters all the time. We all have a certain “type” of character like to draw. We also have a specific gender preference we like to draw. I want to tell you there are infinite types of people you can draw; don’t just stick to just drawing pretty girls, pretty boys, teenagers, etc. You should learn how to draw everyone.

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The eyes are an important feature of an anime person. They are used to express all kinds of emotions. You can tell what mood an anime character is in from the way the eyes are drawn. But it can be challenging for a beginner to draw them evenly. So, this article demonstrates how to draw anime eyes for beginners. Anime eyes are my favorite things to draw and color. Since they vary in styles, shapes, sizes and colors, I get … Continue reading →

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Welcome to this anime background tutorial where you’ll be learning how to paint a sky and clouds in this video. The best way to learn to paint the sky is to go outside and observe. Look up at the sky on a sunny day, on a cloudy day, in the mornings and in the evenings. That’s your best reference. This is a digital sky painting tut and I’m using Paint Tool Sai. You can use Photoshop or any other digital … Continue reading →

Friends and family will always say your artwork is perfect, and I’m here to tell you they are lying. Sometimes, artists end up feeding into too much positive feedback and they get too content with their artwork and they stop improving. Always seek out people that will give you an honest feedback instead of “oh, that’s cute” or “that’s really nice.”

I have tried those “how to draw books” and I hated it. I’m not here to just draw pretty pictures. Instead, I’m going to share something truly useful by pointing out some essential tips along with beginner mistakes to avoid to help you successfully start your manga drawing journey!

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Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged when you see other artists who are better than you — especially the younger artists. But trust me: everyone had to start somewhere. Try to use them as inspiration instead of getting yourself down.

Drawing initial contours of anime boy’s figure. When drawing something step by step, it is important to estimate the contours of your future drawing in the early stage. Therefore, we must begin by drawing the basic contours of our anime character, which might be easier to do using rectangular shapes that represent different parts of his body. The first rectangle is for the head and another one right below is for the neck, from which you need to extend two arched lines for the shoulders followed by two more lines for the arms. The circle in the middle is the elbow. Another rectangle in the end of the arm is the hand. Remember to apply light strokes of pencil at this stage. Then work on the tentative outline of your character’s clothing.

Adding more details to your anime drawing. Now erase all the extra lines and work on finalizing the contours. Begin with the face. For the hat, draw an arched line above the face connected to a round base on top of the head. Next, draw the ears and the triangles next to them for hair. Draw firm contours of the arms. Then you need to draw the collar and work on outlining the legs. Our character will be holding his friend Pikachu in his right hand. Draw a circle for this creature’s head and a rectangle for his body. After checking for correct proportions, it is safe to say the hardest part is over!

This is probably one of the harder ones. Artists say they are OK with criticism, but what they mean is they are OK with having it go through one ear and out the other. Every critique is valid even if phrased in an impolite way, because it means something was off about your art that made someone have to point it out. Don’t just say, “It’s my style.” Your style may just be wrong. You don’t have to take every piece of criticism, but you need to listen.

In a previous post we talked about proportioning the body, but our focus was mainly on drawing anime girls. So, in today’s lesson you will be learning how to draw an anime guy. Particularly, the one that’s featured in this article. An anime guy is drawn a bit differently than a female. He has some features that define his masculinity like more muscles, less curves, bigger hands etc. However, don’t draw half of him lopsided looking. The proportions of each … Continue reading →

Color in your drawing with colored pencils. Here work on giving your drawing a high degree of contrast and color. Bright clashing colors are one of the distinct features of drawings in anime style. If you decide to stick to # 2 pencil, you must add light and dark contrasting shades throughout your drawing.

Final steps in drawing an anime boy. At this stage we’ll work on emphasizing the details of our anime character, mainly the face and the eyes. Thus start with the face, making the eyes wide with big black pupils. Add a tiny nose and an upside down triangle for a mouth. This particular technique of drawing a face applies only to anime. Moving on to clothing, add buttons, pockets, and belt. Don’t forget to add a t-shirt. Draw gloved hands out of the rectangles in the ends of arm lines. Work on the hair by drawing individual strands within the rectangles behind the ears. Finalize Pikachu’s outline and use circles to draw a very simple face. Of course, add ears, arms and a tail to this fictional creature.

I used to hate guidelines when I first started, and it took me awhile to warm up to them — but trust me, guidelines help. They help you quickly put down a pose and compare the body shapes and sizes. Artists who use guidelines are less likely make anatomy errors. Every professional — and I do mean every professional — always starts with a skeleton before they draw their character. If you haven’t been using guidelines yet, I advise that you do.

Getting better at art can be frustrating and sometimes it may feel like I’m scolding you, but drawing should be fun! Unless you are getting paid by someone else to draw something, no need to panic. Just relax and do your best.

As an artist, you must be able to use colors in your art that are harmonious and pleasing to look at. You can do this well by using a color wheel. So what is a color wheel? It’s a system which describes the relationship between colors. You can’t just choose random colors and put them together. Well, you can but it may hurt the eyes. That’s why it’s important to understand how to use a color wheel to pick good … Continue reading →

Sometimes this is hard to do because it takes up extra time, but if there is something you do not know how to draw, go online and look up a reference. It will make your art look so much better. Look up poses, look up props, look up environments. Do not try to draw something out of your head, because you will miss important details.

Do you remember when you were learning how to draw manga bodies and anatomy from the front? Basic shapes were used to simplify different parts of the body. These shapes make it easier to draw bodies in three quarter view and other angles. The trick is to be able to turn them in different positions. Below are some basic shapes that can be used when drawing manga bodies or just about anything. Now, I’m encouraging you to get your mind familiar … Continue reading →

Hey, welcome to another step by step drawing lesson. In this post you’re about to see an easy anime side view body tutorial otherwise known as a profile view. Before we begin, if you’re drawing traditionally, use a light pencil for the guidelines and frames of the body. And don’t forget to press lightly on that pencil. You won’t always need to use guidelines; use them until you’re comfortable drawing the anatomy viewed from the side without them. When I’m … Continue reading →

Here are 10 things you must know in order to successfully drawing manga!

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Drawing the facial contour anime-style. Anime character’s face is shaped like a rectangle connected to a triangle, which is exactly how you can draw it except smooth out the connection between these two geometrical shapes. This technique will give your character the distinct shape of the face with a narrow pointy chin. You can also add some detail to clothing at this step.

Hey guys, it’s time to learn how to draw the side of a manga face or profile view. If you want to draw the front view, or the three quarter view, you are still in the right place. Just follow the links and learn to draw these face poses too. So when I’m drawing manga faces from the side or in the profile view, these are the basic guides that I use to help me. They’re similar to those used … Continue reading →

Want to learn how to practice manga? Then you’re in the right place! I call it “how to practice manga” because if you ask any artist, the key to getting better is to practice. Most tutorials just show you really pretty pictures that the artist did and it kind of expects you to just copy and redraw the same thing perfectly. This is different — I’m going to share with you actionable tips for drawing manga to help make you a better artist…

For this how to draw manga faces tutorial, you’ll need the following drawing tools: pencil, eraser, ruler or a digital drawing application like PaintTool Sai or Photoshop. When you draw manga faces, keep in mind that there are various styles and shapes that you can do. It depends on the type of character that you want to create. For now, this guide shows you step by step how to draw a basic manga face. Basic Guidelines for Drawing a Manga … Continue reading →

Hey you! This video tutorial will show you how to color anime eyes. If you need to learn to draw it first, this beginner’s anime eye tutorial will help. There are several ways in which we can color anime eyes, but today we’re using this easy step by step method. This is the palette that we’re using to color these anime eyes. It’s a blue-purple and we may add darker or lighter shades if necessary, as we color. Also in … Continue reading →

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A drawing software can make your work a lot easier and faster than the traditional drawing with paper and pencil. Manga drawing software such as Manga Studio, PaintTool Sai and Photoshop allow you to do things like quickly edit and undo mistakes with the simple click of a mouse. However these software are not free. You may get to try them out for about thirty days or so but then you have to pay for them. Luckily there are some good … Continue reading →

Any “How to Draw Manga” tutorial that says you don’t need to know actual anatomy to draw proper anime is lying and you should burn it immediately. For any stylized art, you need to know how the real body is put together before you start exaggerating. This is a fine line between making something look stylized and something that looks like you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you’ve been following the blog tutorials here, then you’re already able to draw an anime face and head front view from a previous guide. In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to draw anime heads from a three quarter angle. Drawing anime heads at an angle, like the three quarter view, can be a bit of a challenge at first. This is mainly because the features on the side of the head that is turned away are either hidden … Continue reading →

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