Anime Drawings Of Goku

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How to draw son goku face how to draw manga
Anime Drawings Of Goku

4- Sketch  muscular neck: Goku neck different then normal thine main character, because he have muscular body. So, it’s normal for his neck to be different.

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2- Sketch face features outlines: Draw extra horizontal for eye and one vertical line if you didn’t draw it in step 1. This lines will make it easier for you to draw the eye and brows.

1- Draw an egg-shaped head: First step, draw a circle as a base of the head. Then,draw egg-shaped to show the guidelines for of actual shape of the head. For some people, starting with vertical line could make easier to draw egg-shaped head.

13- Clean it if you wish : By erasing some part of his eye and brow.

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Guideline Note: They are  here to help you, they are not 100% iron rule you need to follow no matter what happened. They are here to make your life easier, not harder.

5- Goku’s spiky hairstyle: Draw Goku hair style by drawing his unique bangs hair.

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How to Draw Son Goku face from Dragon Ball Z (DBZ), also, know as Kakarot, he is the main character of the Dragon Ball manga and anime. He is cheerful, courageous and also little naive; Goku is a  Saiyan originally sent to Earth as an infant with the training mission to destroy to destroy it because he was born with low Ki level. However, an accident erased his memory, causing him to grow up with pure and good heart and later become Earth’s greatest hero. Throughout his whole life, he loves to trains hard to be the strongest warrior possible, he loves to fight against a strong opponent but hate to bully the weak.

6- Continue the hair: Sketch his back hair by drawing curves of large spiked hair.

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