Anime Eagle Drawing

November 24, 2018 6:35 pm by theundertown
How to draw a realistic eagle golden eagle step 7 apprendre le dessin dessin
Banque dimages un dessin vectoriel de dessin animé le visage de un aigle chauve
Anime Eagle Drawing

Both male and female will help build the nest.Some eagles are strong enough to kill a young but big animal (like a deer).They have an extraordinary vision. They can see from a couple of miles. Step 1

Follow the current adventures of Pascal & Hal, two lovely cartoon characters gifted with amazing personalities. New and exclusive comic strips are added twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays). Enjoy!

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Sketch the outline and erase the basic shapes. Then, you can draw the feet and the tail. Finish your artwork by adding the eyes and some details to the beak.

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Before we start drawing our eagle, let’s analyze what this magnificent animal is made of. Eagles have a long solid beak (1) and a strong neck (2). Watch how the head is a little flat. They also have long wings (3) and a firm tail (4). Unlike many birds, eagles have some strong feet so that they can grab there prey more easily.

Anime Eagle Sketch How To Draw An Easy Eagle Step Step Birds Animals Free – Anime Eagle Sketch

Drawing a cartoon eagle: some fun facts before starting sketching!

You can try to sketch some more realistic eagles (1) (2), a funny one (4) or one with attitude and style (5)! Don’t forget that this animal is strong, agile and… magnificent!

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For this example, I will basically use some rectangles to draw our little friend. Start by drawing the head and the beak using two rectangles and one triangle. Continue with the body and the wings. Don’t forget the little edge near the chest! 

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Anime Eagle Sketch How To Draw An Easy Eagle Step Step Birds Animals Free

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The first thing we can see when looking at the shapes of the eagle is how this bird seems strong and agile. The neck is really large and the body is made of a sharp rectangle. The beak is also impressive! The tail is large and not very long. Notice how there is a good distance between the feet.

It’s now up to you to continue your experimentation. You can draw a funny pencil with eyes (1) (3) or a more realistic one (5). It’s now your turn to use your creativity now that you know how to draw an eagle!

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