For example if you are drawing a character that is standing outside on a sunny day the main reflection in the eyes could be caused by the sun while the secondary could come from the sun reflecting off of another object.

Placing Anime or Manga Eyes on the Head Anime eyes placement on head

For a scared look draw the eyes wide open and the eyebrows raised. You can also draw the pupils smaller than normal. The smaller you draw the pupils the more scared your character will look.

If you want to submit anything, please submit it to the Needs to be Sorted folder.

One major difference between drawing realistic eye expressions is that in anime and manga the size of the pupil can be changed to create a more dramatic expression (really scared eye expression for example).

12 Anime Facial Expressions Chart & Drawing Tutorial How to Draw Anime and Manga Mouth Expressions

by Amari_Nightinggale | 9 years ago | Comments | 1 Love It | Novice

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There are almost countless variations of anime eyes but the guidelines and tips used in this tutorial can still apply no matter what style you choose.

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Okay, basically this eye i use for many of my vampire children, I have other eyes, which I hope to h

Anako-ART1 DeviationFeatured: glossy eye tutorial – with a VIDEO! (edit!)

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Eyes, eyes, and more eyes. Now that you know “how to draw human eyes”, how about a lesson on “how to

Welcome to the tutorial to draw anime eyes. You can find a lot of tips about the anime eyes drawing

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Let me very quickly submit another lesson that will prove to be helpful for all those that want to l

by finalprodigy | 3 years ago | Comments | 7 Love It | Intermediate

this is my first tut on drago art so I hope you like it! In this tutorial you will learn “ho

For a bored look draw the pupils rolled up and the eyelids slightly lowered.

Wow, I’m going for the long haul today. Here is my seventh lesson for the day and rest assured there

When drawing different expressions the eyebrow shape and positions and the positions of the pupils can be different.

For a shy or embarrassed look draw the eyes looking down and draw the top eyelids slightly lowered.

Lots of anime drawings are in this tut. Peach Girl, Please Teacher!, Xam’d, Inuyasha, Eden of the Ea

In normal eyes the pupils are usually darker then the iris and the reflections are lighter.

by mariealessandra | 6 years ago | Comments | 4 Love It | Novice

Every now and then I will make lessons that everyone can enjoy and learn from. Today with this fully

Ah, the varieties that manga eyes come in. The eyes above show the different manga style eyes there

The position and shape of the eyebrows The position of the pupils The position of the eyelids

I have a super super cute little manga tutorial for you today. Today I have a tutorial on drawing ma

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by catlucker | 1 year ago | Comments | 10 Love It | Intermediate

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For an angry look draw the eyebrows down in a kind of inward wave shape. Draw the top eyelids down in an inward slope and draw the pupils slightly rolled up.

Drawing Different Anime Eye Expressions Examples of how to draw anime eyes with different expressions

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As you can see I put several styles of manga eyes in a row. I tried to draw them with standard figur

So…I’ll be showing some variations of anime eyes and explain some other things also like coloring

by PuzzlePieces | 5 years ago | Comments | 5 Love It | Novice

For happy or content anime eyes closed with the shape of the eyes in an upside down arch. This is probably the easiest example of drawing anime eyes as there are almost no details to worry about.

Just a quick tutorial featuring 4 different types of anime eyes for male and female. Feel free to us

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There are many ways of drawing anime eyes. This tutorial illustrates how to draw anime eyes with different expressions in one style from the front view.

TakenFlyght3 DeviationsFeatured: Eyes Part 1 – Basic Anatomy

For more information on drawing anime and manga eyes you can also check:

How to draw and shade anime eyes. Graphite used 2H/2B and 4H/F/4B for the final drawing. Paper used:

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For a surprised look draw the eyes wide open with the eyebrows raised. The wider you draw the eyes and the farther you raise the eyebrows the more surprised the character will look.

For a sad look draw the eyes squinted. Draw the bottom eyelids in a slight upside down arch. Draw the outer edges of the eyebrows lower down with less of an arch than normal or even in an upside down arch.

I found this tutorial on Youtube made by artist, ‘Animetalchick’. She makes an awesome step by step

The positions of the reflections will depend on the the position of the viewer. There can also be more than one reflection depending on how many light sources there are. In this case we have two. One for the main light source and one from a secondary light source.

Example of how to draw anime eyes Step 1 – Draw The Shape of The Eyes

Drawing Happy/Content Anime Eyes Happy or content anime eyes

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Just eyes, but not many different types. Try and experiment, see what you come up with c:

I have another great lesson for you all that is the opposite from the female eyes tutorial I uploade

Everyday more and more novice artists join Dragoart in hopes to improve on their drawing skills and

Ok so in this tutorial I will show you how to draw simple manga eyes and sorry if there is any spell

Real eyes are located in the middle of the head. Anime eyes are often draw much farther down the head.

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A good guide for drawing anime eyes is to draw a horizontal line through the middle of the head as shown in the above example and to draw the eyes below that.

How I Draw Eyes itaXita 185 16 Eye Tutorial 2 Glamra 224 9 How To Draw An Eye IDonithing 55 6 How to color eyes 3Paula3 45 0 Eye Tutorial Ombrifuge 134 17 Eye Coloring Tutorial Dea-89 1,530 44 Fast Iris tutorial in SAI KuraiDraws 165 5 GIMP Tutorial: Eyes Xadrea 90 13 Tuto – visage the-evil-legacy 700 186 Fargo’s Eyeball Tutorial 2.

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.. Draw Eyes [Video] KrolKushi 26 6 eye_tutorial. Lady2 2,068 56 How to draw a realistic eye StephanieVALENTIN 2,398 165 Eyes Tutorial – V1 Packwood 1,281 27

How to Draw Anime & Manga Eyes – Side View How to Draw Different Types of Anime and Manga Eyes How to Draw Anime Eyes From Different Angles How to Draw Anime and Manga Eyes to Show Personality 4 Ways to Draw Crying Anime Eyes

It’s important to note that if the eyes are closed or squinted the top eyelashes will need to be drawn further down from the horizontal line in the example. If the eyes are wide open then the eyelashes will need to be drawn further up.

For a normal expression draw the iris slightly covered by the top eyelid while just touching the bottom eyelid. Draw the eyebrows slightly above the eyes in a smooth curve.

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in this epic tut i will teach u on how to draw manga eyes. remember when u draw to keep a close eye

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Okay guys, here is the lesson you guys have been asking me for since forever. I know I have so many

Hope you enjoy! Its about the easiest way to draw a anime eye.

by Dawn | 7 years ago | Comments | 32 Love It | Intermediate

Learn “how to draw anime eyes”, step by step just by using one of the great lessons you will find in this this category. Now every anime artist will learn how to draw one of the hardest, and most expressive cartoon style eye with ease. Some of the most popular characters have eyes that give off great expression, and passion. Some favorite characters from anime/manga series have awesome expressive eyes that almost everyone wants to draw. It is a known fact that artists all over the world have a passion to draw Naruto eyes, and the eyes from the very popular figures of Bleach. There is so many different ways to draw anime eyes because there is so many different types of anime characters that you can draw. There is anime children, boys, girls, woman, men, and even babies. It is a known fact that when it comes to learning how to draw manga eyes, you will most likely have a challenge ahead of you. There is three things to keep in mind when drawing anime or manga of any kind; stay calm, be creative, and have fun. Go ahead and improve on your skills, it will only benefit you in the end.

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The eyes should be far enough apart that you can fit a third eye in between.

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One defining feature of anime eyes is that they are usually much bigger and wider than real eyes; so that is how we will draw them.

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