Anime Eyes Boy Sketch

pencil drawings Anime Eyes Boy Sketch

Anime Eyes Boy Sketch

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Draw in the light glares, as well as the upper eyelid on top of the eye.

Male characters are sometimes neglected by fan artists, because many fan artists have trouble drawing guys. They really aren’t that hard, though, just different. Most male eyes are more thin and narrow than female eyes, though there are several exceptions. This particular eye (which I think belongs to Hotohori from Fushigi Yuugi) is narrower than other female eyes, without being so thin that it looks like it belongs to a more shady, suspicious character. ^_^ Begin by drawing a thick, very slightly curved line. Its almost horizontal, but still has a slight curve to it. The edges should curve inwards a little, more so on the left.

Erase the guidelines and draw the iris. The iris is covered up by the upper eyelid; if the eyelids weren’t there, the iris would be a perfect circle. Thicken the lines on the right side of the eye.

Draw the pupil benath the light glares and shade heavily, especailly if the character has darker colored eyes. Draw the eyelid and eyelash. Male characters tend to have darker, thicker eyebrows, so make sure they aren’t too thin. There, that wasn’t too hard, was it? ^_^ Don’t worry if the eyes look too ‘girly’; often times its hard to tell if some eyes belong male or female characters. Some styles of eyes are interchangable and can be used for either gender.

Finish up the eye by adding the pupil and shading the iris, and adding the eyebrow. Smooth and darken your lines, and you’re done. ^_^

Next, draw two diagonal guidelines from the edges of the top of the eye. The angle of these lines are different from the ones in the three previous tutorials; the left one is much flatter than the the right. Draw in the lower part of the eye using the guidelines; it should be curved, rather than a straight line, so that the entire eye is like an elongated, pointy oval.

Male characters have light glares in their eyes, too, though they often are not as large or obvious. Draw one oval light glare on the left side of the eye, and a pointed one on the right side.

Slender, narrow eyes are often (but not always) associated with darker, brooding characters. Villains often have narrower eyes, but not all characters with such eyes are antagonistic. To draw this style of eye, start with a long, curved line. Notice that the curve is steeper on the left hand side than the right.

Lightly draw two diagonal lines, starting from the edges of the top line, to help define the lower part of the eye. The lines are almost perpendicular to each other. Don’t make them too steep or too flat, or the size of the eye will be off. Draw the lower line of the eye, using the guidelines to help you position it.

Erase the guidelines and draw the iris. The iris is a perfect circle, but is paritally covered up by the eyelids. Do not draw the iris so small that you can see the entire thing (unless trying to convey a strong emotion like surprise or anger, which is covered in the expressions section).

Anime Eyes Boy Sketch