Draw the chin with the help of these two lines. The two points where the circle and the horizontal line touch, mark the point where the jaw will start and the tip of the vertical line will be the tip of the chin.

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There are many different anime types, including cartoons, realistic, or fantasy drawings.

Drawing is a great hobby if you have enough patience. Some drawings can take days to complete or even weeks when some of them are done in a couple of hours. This article will help you draw a manga (girl) face by following these easy steps.

You may try hair blowing in the wind. This works really well with female manga.

Add accessories, ornaments, etc… Bows or hairclips are a cute way to distinguish one female character from another.

Like with any other art, you need to be calm when you are drawing and “enjoy” yourself. Add your “own” style. This is your drawing at the end. If you don’t like what you draw, don’t get too upset. You’ll get better as you keep practicing.

Practice makes perfect! Stay focused on your work and what you’re drawing. Add some shade to her lips so that it would look as if she put on lip gloss. Add shades in the iris to make the eyes look more realistic.

Use minimal shading. You can make her look cuter by adding some freckles. Draw eyelids to make her look like she had half-closed her eyes to make her look sleepy or like she is trying to flirt. Drawing also involves some natural talent.

You may not be very talented at drawing, then try finding another thing that you may be gifted at. You can also use two little dots for the nose.

Think of something unique. Maybe try mixing some names together or incorporate a physical attribute of your character into the name.

Anime is the art and manga is the Japanese version of graphic novels, which are read from right to left.

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Draw one eye. Fold the paper vertically into 2 halves, and trace the eye you drew on the opposite half of the paper.

Draw another horizontal line a little higher than the first one. This line should be parallel to the first one. The eyes will be placed between the two of them.

You can draw wavy hair and add lines to it to add detail, or simply look at one of the other ‘how tos’ and draw it from that.

Sketch the hair and hairlines. Manga boy hair is much more limited in style than it’s female counterpart, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. Find a way to make it your own.

Drawing an anime face in the same way that a professional does is something that you can learn to do at home too. With a little patience and practice, following these steps will help you to achieve your desired anime drawing style. Let’s begin!

Now draw a vertical line that divides the circle into half that is a little longer than the diameter of the circle and a horizontal one that the two lines make a 90° angle. (Draw the second line a little lower from the diameter of the circle.)

Finish drawing the rest of the face. A straight or curved nose, a small mouth. Boys noses are bigger: when showing happiness they’re usually high up and rounded, slanted eyebrows show anger, upwards slanted eyebrows show surprise etc.

How do I draw lips? I can never seem to draw them correctly.

Draw the hair. This is the fun part! Anime/manga hair is very unique and you can make it however you want.

Start off with a circle for the head. You can use dividers if you want a perfect circle. As you keep on practicing, you will be able to draw a perfect circle without any need of dividers or anything else.

(Do not put too much pressure on the pencil while drawing this as this is “just” a baseline and you will have to erase it when you’re done.)

Add the details of the face and ears. Male eyes are much smaller than female eyes and the noses are more pronounced. They are usually drawn with angular lines.

How do I come up with a name for my character? I never know what to name them!

Sketch additional lines as guides to determine the size of the eyes and the ears.

Try to experiment. You never know, you may make up your own style of drawing. Try to learn more about drawing faces. You can never learn too much. There are heaps of places to get info; the Internet, wikiHow, coloring books, TV shows (such as Naruto), and anything you think you can get information on.

In the end, anime boils down to a style born from cost-cutting methods in animation production. Do not limit yourself to outright copying or tracing pictures, and do not limit yourself to a single conventional look.

Occasionally reference anime with not-so-conventional and expressive art styles (e.g. studio Ghibli, Gainax/Trigger, Mamoru Hosoda movies), realism, or even western cartoons. It will greatly help with drawing expressions that feel alive.

Read/watch anime and manga so you can see the anatomy/face shapes/eye styles/etc.. Try drawing people you see in real life as anime characters. When you see a pose you like while you are watching or reading, pause the show (or bookmark the page) and grab a sketchbook.

Draw it to the best of your ability. Eventually, you’ll have a sketchbook full of reference poses you can consult whenever you need it.

Keep practicing and you will get better. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just make it the best that you can make it. It does not have to look exactly like the drawing that you are copying it from.

Can I add ears and hair to it without it messing up the picture completely?

Put a little line on the point where the first vertical line cuts the circle. This is the nose.

Sketch a line from the top of the circle to the area where the chin will be located, to determine the center of the face.

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For the eyes, draw two ovals between the two lines. The lower tip of the oval should “slightly” touch the lower eyelid when the upper part of the oval should look like it was “half-covered” by the upper eyelid.

(Check the image for this step for some more help.) Although, if you want to give her a “surprised” look, the upper part of the oval nor the lower part should not touch the eyelids “at all”. Add little circles inside the eyes.

These will be the sparkles. Then add the pupils. The pupils should be large but if you want to give her a “frightened” look, the pupils should be small.

First determine the size of your character’s lips. The Cupid’s bow is less intense for a male character than it is for a female character. Try not to extend the lips past where the outer part of the eye reaches.

When it comes to manga, you should draw thinner lips than normal.

Draw a circle, with a line indicating the center of the face’s plane, down the bottom hemisphere of your circle and coming to a point at the chin. You can adjust this line to get different face shapes for different types of characters.

Draw the mouth. Start with a short line, shaped like an arch. Then draw the same line, but this time upside down so that it looks like a pout. Add another little line under the mouth. This is the lower lip.

How can I tuck the hair in and out without erasing and messing up the picture?

Draw in the eye line. This should appear about halfway down the eyes. Again, your eyes will vary depending on the character you’re drawing. Girls/young children/heroes/protagonists’ eyes tend to be larger while boys/ tomboys/adults/ and antagonists have narrow eyes, but it’s really up to you.

Eyes are one of the most important features of manga, they say a lot about the person and their mood. Drawing the eyes narrowed shows thoughtfulness/ anger, drawing them bigger and rounder with bigger pupils shows surprise.

Eyes that are drawn wide open with small pupils shows fear.

I’ve been trying over and over again to try to draw the perfect head and mouth, but I can’t do it. How can I improve?

Look at pictures of real faces, and try to have a set point from which the lighting is coming from.

Draw the eyes, nose and mouth. Remember that the nose must not be aligned with the eyes, and there must be a reasonable space between the mouth and the nose.

Draw guidelines to mark the areas of the face such as eyes, nose, and ears.

Español: dibujar un rostro anime, Italiano: Disegnare una Faccia in Stile Anime, Deutsch: Ein Anime Gesicht zeichnen, Português: Desenhar um Rosto de Anime, Français: dessiner le visage d’un personnage de dessin animé ou d’un manga, Русский: рисовать аниме и манга лица, 中文: 画漫画风格的头像, Bahasa Indonesia: Menggambar Anime atau Wajah Manga, Nederlands: Animé en Mangagezichten tekenen, 한국어: 만화 캐릭터 얼굴 그리기, العربية: رسم وجوه شخصيات الكرتون, ไทย: วาดหน้าคนแบบอนิเมะหรือมังงะ, 日本語: アニメキャラの顔を描く

Sketch lines to determine the area where the eyes, nose, and mouth will be located.

It depends on what size or type of head you’re drawing. Drawing a circle for manga/anime helps to measure the length and width of the top part of the head. So drawing it unevenly can make the balance of the upper face confusing.

A perfect circle is probably best.

When you are bringing the chin down don’t make it too pointy or too soft and make the cheekbones sharp and the lips thinner instead of thick

Draw the base of the face then draw the facial features then copy the picture but change up the outfit or the colors.

Three Methods:Drawing A Female FaceDrawing A Male FaceDrawing A Young GirlCommunity Q&A

Drawing the eyes is the most difficult of them all. Start off with two lines on the horizontal baseline on the top, shaped like an arch. The lower lines of the eye should be straighter than the ones on the top but should still not be too straight.

The lower lines should be shorter than the ones on the top but not too short. Add some eyelashes, both on the top line and the lower line.

Yes, add in the ears as shown in the article before you draw in the hair. You could draw the ears in lightly and erase them in spots depending on where the hair lands.

Lightly draw the base lines. If you accidentally erase some hair, redraw the hair. This might give you a chance to fix the hair, if needed. Always remember to use pencil.

Sketch the lines for the hair, neck, and torso as needed. Look at a reference picture of the shape of the neck and torso is a bit tricky.

Try copic pens; you can buy them in art stores. Normal art pens/pencils will work, but copic pens are the best, which is why they cost more.

Complete the shape of the head by drawing the lines for the cheeks, jaw, and chin. Draw these with pronounced lines that change direction sharply. You don’t have to freehand this. Draw yourself some guidelines, such as a line going straight through the head and past it, or use a ruler.

Ink your drawing, and color, if desired. Traditionally this is done in watercolor and ink, or CG, experimenting with different media.

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Sketch the details of the face using the lines as a guide. Use this article to help you draw eyes. Female eyes are much bigger than male eyes. They get especially big in shojo styles, where the focus is on emotion and expressions.

Her nose isn’t usually more than a dot or a curved line, unless you are drawing her in profile view. Female characters are drawn with soft, subtle lines, while their male counterparts are angular and jagged.

Use a smaller tipped drawing tool to refine the artwork and add more detail.

Before adding the mouth, you should erase the base lines. The mouth will be placed on the vertical line and just under the nose. But before erasing, mark the point where the mouth will be so it will be easier.

Don’t panic if you had erased the lines before marking the spot, it is easy to understand where it should be.

I have been searching websites and such for a while, but no one gives me the answers I need. How can I draw female floating hair while making it look decent?

Complete the shape of the head by sketching the shape of the jaw/cheeks and the chin. The chin shouldn’t be a complete curve like a semi-circle. The outline should clearly change direction when it does, but it should do so in a way that is curved and subtle.

Español: dibujar rostros manga en un boceto básico, Italiano: Disegnare dei Visi Manga con dei Semplici Schizzi, Русский: рисовать лица в стиле манга при помощи базового наброска, Português: Desenhar Rostos Estilo Mangá em um Esboço Simples

That depends on your type of drawing that you want. Shojo manga and anime often have exaggerated facial features, so the eyes will be pretty big. However, if you are doing shonen, they will be a normal size.

Add the eyebrows. Eyebrows can be straight (if you want an innocent or afraid look) or they can be arch-shaped (if you want a serious or neutral look).

What do you start with drawing when copying a manga/anime face?

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