Anime Girl Pixie Hair Glasses With Cat Ears

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Anime Girl Pixie Hair Glasses With Cat Ears

Minori exists as a weird character in a high school setting. She is flamboyant and speaks her mind and has many quirks as well. At times she can be silly and somebody you probably will not want to take advice from but she has her serious moments too, which shows that she is not just your typical klutz. Dedicated to her schoolmates, Minori cares dearly for her small circle of friends and is even affectionately called ‘Minorin’ by her best friend, Aisaka Taiga.

Akane is an inspector with the Public Safety Bureau. Originally a greenhorn on the field, the pressures of policing awakened the seriousness in her and she soon transforms into a cool beauty on the dangerous streets. Leading a team of latent criminals, Akane is quick to grasp the gravity of her actions in the dark world of criminal activities. Still pure at heart and wanting the best for everybody, Akane will have to balance her own principles as well as carry out her duty effectively.

This next character on the list is waifu material! Having mixes of being a tsundere and a kuudere, Maki just can’t express her true emotions and is most of the time, shy. A talented pianist, she joins the group of 9. There is the sparkly Honoka, the adorable Kotori and then you have quiet and reserved Maki amongst the others. She is also quite intelligent as well, often doing well in tests as well as being a talented composer for the group. Dubbed the diva of the idol group, she shows you that you don’t need long hair to be labelled as a cool diva. You go girl!

So what do you think? Do you still think that short haired girls are the embodiment of the tomboyish personality after the list? There are of course many other short haired girls in anime. Do you agree with the ones listed? Do you think that there are others who deserve to be on the list?

8. Minori Kushieda from ToraDora!Episodes: 25Aired: Oct 2008 – Mar 2009

7. Tsukihi Araragi from NisemonogatariEpisodes: 11Aired: Jan 2012 – Mar 2012

In contrast to the exuberant Haruhi Suzumiya, Yuki Nagato is withdrawn and seemingly emotionless. Yet there is more to this quiet freshman than she is willing to reveal. She is the only member of Haruhi’s SOS Brigade that was not “voluntarily arrested” to join, and also has reality-warping powers similar to Haruhi’s, though on a smaller scale. Yuki may be reclusive and have little understanding of social interaction, but she is also kind and helpful toward her clubmates in her own way. Her odd abilities and understated beauty make her one of the show’s most intriguing mysteries.

One of Princess Lala’s twin sisters, Momo first shows up in Motto To LOVE-Ru, and quickly becomes a part of Rito’s topsy-turvy life. Unlike her more prudish sister Nana, Momo is attracted to Rito from the beginning, and schemes to cure him of his shyness around girls. This pint-sized, pink-haired princess is bent on carrying out her “harem plan,” and who are we to complain?

10. Akane Tsunemori from Psycho PassEpisodes: 22Aired: Oct 2012 – Mar 2013

2. Misaka Mikoto from Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEpisodes: 24Aired: Oct 2009 – Mar 2010

Inami fiery orangey short hair reflects her impulsive nature to punch any males in sight and most males are afraid of her. However, the irony lies in the fact that Inami is a pure maiden at heart and not at all rash and tomboyish (except when it comes to punching). She is one of few short haired girls that goes against the stereotype. I am speaking on behalf of her personality that is…

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It seems that no matter what anime you watch, you’ll inevitably find yourself asking “Who is best girl?” Is it the quiet girl with the glasses? The sporty girl? The brooding loli? There are a lot of popular archetypes and personalities among female anime characters, but let’s not forget the short-haired girls! The following characters are some of the best to rock a pixie, bowl cut, or any hairstyle that ends above the shoulders.

If we’re talking lovable characters, Nagisa is definitely a must add on that list, so let’s place her at No.4. Her short hair that looks like a typical middle school cut fits her perfectly as she gives off the vibe of a good girl and being of a timid nature, both of which she is which contributes heavily to her lovable personality.

Ami Mizuno is secretly the powerful Sailor Mercury, one of five warriors charged with defending our solar system from the forces of darkness. When she’s not using her powers over ice and water to strike down the enemies of mankind, Ami can almost always be found studying and reading romance novels. Although she is the most serious and sensible of the Sailor Soldiers, Ami tends to be insecure and shy in her mortal form. Throughout the series, she gains confidence in herself and becomes one of the most formidable members of the group.

There’s a famous saying in Japan that translates to “hair is a girl’s life” – a profound motto true for anime girls as well. If you enjoyed this article, you will surely find the following anime hairstyles to be just as fabulous!

Just because a girl suffers from androphobia , it doesn’t lessen the kawaii factor in them. It shows that they are vulnerable and needs to be cared for.

Ranked at No. 9, she is a fan favourite despite being a supporting character. Unfortunately, she falls under the stereotype of short haired girls. She’s tomboyish and prefers to keep her hair short. She is also not afraid to inflict physical punishment on her team if needed. Lacking feminine traits, she is also a horrible cook and is infamous in the team for being such a bad cook.

Riko is the analyser of Seirin High, a high school basketball team. Armed with both charm and wits, she can amaze anybody with her strategic thinking and allure. Seirin High is a basketball group consisting of players that are unheard of in the high school league. While of course being talented, the analytical capabilities of Riko are not forgotten as she always leads her team to victory by strategically placing the players at the position they play best. It is the natural talents of the individual players combined with the foresight of Rika that made Seirin High a rising force in the basketball league.

Inami works at a family restaurant and has the tendency to punch any male in sight on pure instincts, which is a major turnoff for many… It gotten so bad that her peers had to train her to be used to males by having a male escort her home holding a stick. However, give her time and allow her to open herself up to you and you’ll get a helpful serving of moeness. You will simply beg for desserts afterwards.

Misaka is your typical but lovable short haired girl. She is boisterous, loves a good fight and above all, a genuine tomboy by nature. Not wanting to appear feminine, she even wears safety shorts underneath her skirt. It does not change the fact that she is one of the most recognisable character in the anime world and the number 2 on this list.

Mako lives in extreme poverty and attends a fascist high school where students are routinely executed…and she couldn’t be happier! Kind, adorable, and loyal to a fault, Ryuko Matoi’s bowl-cut-sporting bestie is the perfect counterpart to the tough-as-nails protagonist of Kill la Kill. She’s also a formidable fighter in her own right, able to go toe to toe with powerful foes and survive attacks that would pulverize any normal human.

As the shooting guard of Keishin Academy’s basketball team, pint-sized Tomoka Minato is one of the greatest athletes in her school. But her dedication and skill wasn’t always such an asset; in fact, she had to transfer schools due to her obsession with winning. As Tomoka makes friends on the Keishin team, she learns that victory isn’t as important as perseverance and sportsmanship, and even refuses to play without her friends. Short in hairstyle and short in height, Tomoka is long on charm, cuteness, and character development.

Kuudere girls are known to be cold and distant. They seem to be without a hint of emotion. Don’t let this fool you though, for their true selves are anything but. Come check out this list of popular examples in anime to get a better understanding of what it truly means to be a Kuudere.

Her personality is one of the reason she is popular not only as an anime girl with short hair, but also carries the title of the best few redheads in anime. Her hair is kept at shoulder length and is coloured a fiery red which reflects her personality of being in a state of perpetual hyper-ness. Another short hair characteristic.

As her short green hair and violet eyes might suggest, Eureka is not human. She’s a Coralian, and was created by Scub Coral in order to better understand and co-exist with humans. Over the course of Eureka Seven she does exactly that; although she’s blunt and emotionless at first, she develops human emotions―notably romantic ones!

Share your love of your waifus with us here at Honey’s Anime by commenting your favourite short haired girl in anime! We will definitely love to hear your views on who you think is the best short haired anime girl.

Your harem or reverse harem anime isn’t worth the time of day if it doesn’t have a tsundere in it. But what is a tsundere, where did the term originate, and why are they everywhere? Read on to find out!

Yuki-chan has the typical quiet, doesn’t say too much and mind her own business aura. When you add her glasses and the length of her hair, she is just your typical book nerd whose moeness level is over 9000! She even has her own spinoff Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu so there you have it! Even short haired girls can have their own spinoffs!

The youngest member of the Jaegers, an Imperial squad specially formed to hunt down Night Raid. Kurome is a study in contrasts: cute, innocent, and a murderous psychopath. Twisted by a violent childhood of assassin training, Kurome kills without mercy, collecting her strongest foes as puppets to fight alongside her. Kurome’s short asymmetrical bob and schoolgirl outfit can fool even the most seasoned soldier into a false sense of security.

3. Mayuri Shiina from Steins;GateEpisodes: 24Aired: Apr 2011 – Sep 2011

What is a dandere? With voices softer than the whisper of the wind and more cuteness than you can handle, these sweethearts are characters sure to steal… or at least, gently caress your heart. Delve into the subtle world of the dandere and find out what makes them so uniquely mysterious!

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Short haired girls sometimes are seen as tomboyish in nature, such as being rough and being crude with their words and with a tendency to be boisterous as well. However, that is usually not the case and you will soon see that not all (although a majority) are not at all tomboyish rude girls with some of them even possessing traits of dandere and moeness as well!

Videl might have started out with pigtails, but switched to a pixie cut just in time to become one of the strongest humans alive! Her natural talent far surpasses those of her showboat of a father, and is matched only by her own stubborn ambition. After she finds out one of Gohan’s best-guarded secrets, she blackmails him into teaching her how to fly. Only then does she start to fall in love with him. Videl’s definitely got her priorities straight!

Touka is easily the most powerful coffee shop hostess in anime. She comes from a childhood cut short by persecution and gang warfare, and doesn’t let herself get attached to anyone who can’t take care of themselves. Her past has carved her into an agile, dangerous ghoul, but she isn’t without her soft side. Touka is fiercely protective of those few she loves, as well as those who can’t defend themselves. On top of that, purple is definitely her color.

Nagisa of the famous series Clannad definitely deserves her spot here. This dango fanatic is a klutz and has a innocent personality and smile, almost childlike in fact. She often says out her favourite food in order to feel comfortable which was what made Tomoya-senpai notice her in the first place. The effort that Key takes in developing their characters is second to none as that is probably what made them famous.

9. Riko Aida from Kuroko no BasukeEpisodes: 25Aired: Apr 2012 – Sep 2012

Akane starts off as a newbie inspector in Division 1, but she grows into a smart, but still kind member of the Public Safety Bureau. Her short hair is practical for her line of work, but suits her cute baby face well!

pencil drawings Best Anime Girl Pixie Hair Glasses With Cat Ears Pencil SketchBest Anime Girl Pixie Hair Glasses With Cat Ears Pencil Sketch

6. Mahiru Inami from Working!!Episodes: 13Aired: Apr 2010 – Jun 2010

Hairstyles are very important to character design. Did you know they made an entire anime about how great twintails are? Why do anime fans like twintails so much and what, if anything, are the defining characteristics of these double-ponytailed ladies?

Tuturu~ next on the list is Mayuri-desu~ With her signature catchphrase and greeting, she has charmed the hearts of many by her innocence. She is the simple sidekick to the mad scientist, Okabe Rintarou and also his childhood friend. While often not getting the complicated theories that he spouts, he is soon soothed by the gentle nature of Mayuri. There is a fad when Steins;Gate was at its peak, to set her catchphrase as a ringtone. That’s how popular she is. Everytime she shows up, I instinctively reach for my phone. Who are you calling a weeb?!?

Join me, as we count the top 10 short haired girls in anime.

Raised by her sickly grandmother after the disappearance of her mother, expelled from high school on false prostitution charges—Nana Osaki comes from some serious disappointments. But she doesn’t let these setbacks discourage her from her dream: making a living as lead vocalist of punk band Black Stones, or Blast. Nana’s close relationship with her flatmate Nana “Hachi” Komatsu proves her a loyal and reliable friend, but she fears losing this friendship as much as she strives to maintain it. As pixie-cut rocker girls go, Nana Osaki is one of the sweetest you’ll find behind eyeliner and spikes.

4. Nagisa Furukawa from ClannadEpisodes: 23Aired: Oct 2007 – Mar 2008

1. Yuki Nagato from Suzumiya Haruhi no YuuutsuEpisodes: 14Aired: Apr 2006 – Jul 2006

Friendly. Intelligent. 20/70 vision. The meganekko, or “glasses girl”, is a common character archetype in Japanese animation. Like the stereotype of the hot librarian, the anime version is also smart as a whip and looks great in eyewear.

Get ready to meet 15 of the cutest anime girls with glasses!

5. Maki Nishikino from Love Live!Episodes: 13Aired: Jan 2013 – Mar 2013

Plenty of anime girls have beautiful long hairstyles. But what about their short-locked sisters? Short hair is just as cute on anime girls, as the following list proves. Here are some of the best short-haired girls in anime!

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It isn’t easy being a Claymore, especially when you’re the lowest-ranked. Clare is looked down on by most of the Organization that employs her, but that only drives her to prove them all wrong. Though rendered mute for much of her life by horrific torture, Clare becomes the only person ever to volunteer to become a Claymore—a painful process that allows her to take vengeance on those who wronged her. Her pageboy cut is perfect for a warrior who doesn’t want her hair in her eyes.

In a world ravaged by the mysterious Angels, the First Child bears inhuman responsibility. Rei is one of a very few Eva pilots standing between the Angels and human extinction, and as a result of her burden she has become withdrawn and traumatized. As she bonds with her fellow pilots, Rei begins to open up to them, revealing a genuinely caring side beneath her hardened military bearing. You can’t go wrong with blue hair or mech skills.

Her short hair keeps her looking sharp on the field and that also allows her to maintain her aura of being perceptive, analytical and overall just being a badass therefore placing her at number 10 on the list.

Best Anime Girl Pixie Hair Glasses With Cat Ears Pencil Sketch

Only my railgun is perhaps one of the most recognised anime tunes that every otaku has at least heard before. That is the legend of Misaka Mikoto – the railgun. Misaka is a hot favourite character and can also be described as: ‘simply electrifying’ or Biri-Biri for short. The popularity of this character is clearly shown when her series is more popular than the parent series – Toaru Majutsu no Index. Of course, credit is to be given as Index was a good anime as well but if you want more of Misaka, skip right ahead to her series instead.

Lots of great anime girls have long hair, and that’s fine. But don’t let those floor-length tresses hide the close-cropped cuties from view! The girls on this list are a diverse bunch, whether they’re students, fighters or both—and, in the case of those fighters, they’ve got a more practical hairstyle. If you’re in the market for a new favorite character, be sure to look past the hair at the girl beneath. She might be the invincible warrior or whimsical student you’ve been looking for!

What happens when you put personality into hair? It doesn’t happen. With the exception of the monogatari series of course. The creators were creative enough to express the Araragi family’s emotions to the movements of their ahoge. Her hair is almost like a bowl cut and complements her already round face which just make her all the more adorable and making you wanna cuddle her.

Nagato Yuki is often left in the shadows due to her loud and expressive brigade leader – Haruhi. The air of mystery surrounding her could be the reason for her popularity. Despite having so many lovable characters in the series, Yuki is the one favoured by most.

Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion Member Favorites: 6,713

Tsukihi is one of the younger sisters of Koyomi and she is just as adorable as the imouto typecast will allow. Always donning a kimono, she has a perfect Japanese imouto feel to her. The incest and ecchi tag is just a bonus. I swear! (/w)”

Refined and intelligent, Kiyomi Takada is an idealistic young woman who doesn’t hesitate to try and make the world a better place. Originally she works as a journalist, but when she hears that the mysterious Kira is passing judgment on a sinful world, she resolves to play a part in this peaceful vision for humanity. Kiyomi’s short hair and excellent fashion sense puts her in the running for best-dressed disciple.

Kept at shoulder length, Maki’s hair is coloured a rich crimson, almost representing her undying passion in music as well as her being almost like a dainty and beautiful rose, placing her at number 5.

One of a pair of purple-haired twins, Tsukasa is your typical airhead: clumsy, sleepy, and addicted to her phone. She’s excellent at cooking and other domestic skills, and strives to do well in school even though she’s not the greatest student. Her yellow ribbon is also the perfect complement to her purple hair, and moves to match her frequently changing moods. Fun fact: Michelle Ruff voices both Tsukasa and Yuki Nagato in the English dubs of their respective shows.

Mayuri has short hair as well which fits well for her age of 16. She is supposedly the young childhood friend of Rintarou who sometimes act as his conscience. Her short hair gives her the looks of that innocence and the artist did a good job for conceptualising the uncorrupted and young character we all love.

Momo Belia Deviluke from Motto To LOVE-Ru Member Favorites: 2,670

Here are 15 of the most popular anime girls with short hair! Yuki Nagato from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Member Favorites: 7,306

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