Anime Sketch Of Shiva

pencil drawings Anime Sketch Of Shiva

Anime Sketch Of Shiva

This is a bit different from all other krsna art i have in my album i was somehow or other inspired for a super cool action pic anime sketch lord shiva
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I hate it when i really need to get work or homework done and i got a sketch idea just nagging the hell out of me in the back of my mind
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Hare Krsna everyone..This is a bit different from all other Krsna art I have in my album… I was somehow or other inspired for a super-cool action pic.. and next to Narasimhadeva.. I could only think of Lord Shiva as of now.

.Plus i m experimenting slightly different kind of style of sketching and painting.. with only one colour and rest b/w.. And as we know from the sastras that Lord Shiva is the topmost devotee of Krsna in this material existence.

. its only glorious to be able to render a sketch of him.. I pray to Lord Shiva that he bestow a tinge of his devotion to the Lord unto me…May you all relish this pic with transcendental anger and prowess of Lord Shiva.

. and his vehicle – Nandi, the bull.Tools: Photoshop CS5, Intuos4 tabletTime taken: approx. 3 hoursHare Krsna

Submitted onFebruary 13, 2013Image Size434 KBResolution2480×3508

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Anime Sketch Of Shiva