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Arinze stanleys winning self portrait photo harinzeyart instagram
Done by emerging nigerian artist arinze stanley these hyper realistic sketches take over 200 hours each
Insomnia i in progress 2017
Theyre arinze stanleys hyperrealist drawings vice
Smooth paper size 27″ x 42″ medium graphite and charcoal pencils on paper this creation lasted over 200 hours photo instagram arinze stanley
Desolation 2016 progress photo graphite and charcoal pencils
Arinze stanley
Photo harinzeyart instagram
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Arinze stanleyverified account harinzeyart · 26 aug 2017
Arinze stanley pencil portrait arinze stanley pencil portrait arinze stanley pencil portrait arinze stanley pencil portrait arinze stanley pencil portrait
Arinze stanley · artist arinze
Arinze stanley
Arinze stanley on twitter wailing wailing and wailing pencil drawing on paper by arinze stanley harinzeyart
Arinze stanley art
See some of his expression of art below
Arinze stanley on twitter the face is the mirror of the mind and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart st jerome
Arinze stanley art
See some of his expression of art below
44 5 x 39 5 arinze stanley
A lady in black by arinze stanley
The hyperrealistic drawings by this 11 year old nigerian artist are incredible
See some of his expression of art below

Can we also limit the amount of money spent on senators and House of reps while we are at it? 🤷🏽‍♂️…

This fight is likened to the martial art popular amongst the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria called “gidigbo”, where the winner emerges by slamming his opponent’s back to the ground; but in this case,

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Most times it’s almost like I lose control of my pencils and the art flows through me to the paper. 

‘Painful Conversations’ (pencil drawing on paper) Tomorrow kicks off a new phase in my career as an artist and also a photographer as I will be having my debut Solo exhibition in Jonathan Levine projects @jonathanlevineprojects.

. Muse – @lekanabatan .

Mr Ibu and Odunlade Adekola be like… You say what?

I work with my Principle of the Three P’s namely Patience, Practice and Persistence. These have guided me over the years towards perfecting my craft.” 

‘Mindless’ Pencil drawing on paper

Arinze Stanley Egbengwu (b. 1993) in Lagos, Nigeria and graduated from Imo state University with a B.Eng in Agricultural engineering.

there is no ground for neither of the fighter’s backs to be slammed into thus creating a cause for a never-ending fight, for domination.”- ( Revised by Kehinde Ekundayo @_builda) . #arinzestanley #art #realism #hyperrealism #pencildrawing #artwork

[GICLEE PRINTS] ‘Wailing, Wailing and Wailing’ 10 Limited edition available in 16″ x 20″ 5 limited edition available in (True to size 42″ x 56″) DM for information or send inquiry through the website.

“My art is born out of the zeal for perfection both in skill, expression and devotion to create positive changes in the world.

I argue no. 3 with my friends… But they just don’t want to know.

It’s terrible… I never pictured myself wanting to leave here so badly.

My solo exhibition ‘Mirrors’ begins on the 20th of October (Saturday) at Jonathan Levine gallery, New Jersey, USA. “MINDLESS” pencil drawing on paper

Starting at an early age of 6, Arinze had always been enthusiastic about drawing realistic portraits on paper. Being exposed to his family’s paper buisness, Arinze grew to love paper and pencils as his toys at a very tender age. Over the years He gradually taught himself how to master both Pencils and Paper in harmony as a medium to express himself through what he calls his three P’s namely Patience, Practice and Persistence. These have guided him throughout his journey as an artist. Working in a genre of art known as Hyper-realism, Arinze drives at creating art that triggers a degree of  emotional connection between his viewers and his subjects. Also using his works as a medium for social and political activism, highlighting pressing matters both in his community and worldwide, matters including Modern slavery , feminism and others.

Arinze’s debut group show held at the Omenka Gallery Lagos, Nigeria in 2016 and his debut international exhibition at Scope art show during Miami Art week 2017.

Do you ever just ponder sometimes like… Where is everyone in Lagos rushing to?

“The creation of this piece was inspired by the ethnic, political and cultural imbalances in Africa. Two men in a -back and forth- tussle for domination are illustrated herein, with one completely dry and the other, wet symbolizing a difference in culture, religion and ideology.

Awards he has won include the ‘World’s best Self-portrait’ in American art awards 2017 and a Cultural achievement award in Junior Chambers International in 2018 .

10 Limited edition 16″ x 20″ giclee prints now available ‘Desolation’ Print on archival paper. Signed and numbered. Link in bio. #artwork #arinzestanley

I draw inspiration from life experiences and basically everything that sparks a feeling of necessity, I find myself spending countless hours working on an artwork to stimulate deep and strong emotions in order to connect more intimately with my viewers 

Arinze Art