Art And Drawing Ideas

pencil drawings Art And Drawing Ideas

Art And Drawing Ideas

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Although the best way to improve your drawing is to just get started, figuring out what to sketch can be challenging. Like all creative endeavors, everyone goes through “blocks” where they can’t figure out what to put pencil to paper. Well, have no fear! We’ve got a list of 50+ easy drawing ideas for you to try. They range from everyday objects to fantastical cityscapes—we recommend trying a variety in order to flex every bit of your drawing muscle.

Investing in great supplies will help ensure that you expand your sketching capabilities. So, check out our recommendations for the best drawing pencils. And if you’re looking to add color to your work, we’ve identified some of the best colored pencils to use, too.

Practice is a vital part of perfecting your drawing skills. Learning the basics and repeating them over and over again is the only way to improve. For proof, just check out what a few years of drawing practice can do. It’s truly incredible the progress that you can make by dedicating time to this pursuit. Those who do have gone from scrawling simple figure sketches to fully-rendered portraits in seemingly no time.

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Drawing Ideas That Anyone Can Try Easy drawing ideas inspired by real life: The interior of your living room A houseplant Kitchen utensils, like a whisk or slotted spoon Your self-portrait A family photograph that you cherish Your feet (or someone else’s feet) Your hands (or someone else’s hands) A necklace, ring, or another piece of jewelry—try combining them in a still life A furry friend (working from a photograph is probably best) A fresh bouquet of flowers (try colored pencils with this one) Trees outside your window The exterior of your favorite building Your most interesting pair of shoes Fresh fruit that’s been cut in half (citrus fruit works well) House keys attached to a keychain A cup of coffee and pastry from a local cafe An interesting knick-knack off your shelf Your favorite wild animal The back of someone’s head A landscape that you love (such a favorite vacation) Make a copy of your favorite painting or statue (bonus points if it’s in a museum) Recreate scientific renderings of bugs or birds (such as John James Audubon) A closeup of your eye An object in a glass dish What you’re wearing today Collection of your favorite things

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Art And Drawing Ideas