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Best Drawing Pencils For Professionals And Beginners Who Love To Draw

Best Drawing Pencils For Professionals And Beginners Who Love To Draw Best Drawing Pencils For Professionals And Beginners Who Love To Draw

Keep in mind that most artists use more than one type of pencil. In fact, many manufacturers sell drawing pencil sets that come with a selection of graphite pencils in different grades. This will allow you to switch between tools depending on the requirements of a particular image.

I find the Lumograph really easy to work with. The blue outer coat is a nice aesthetic touch as well. And since artists appreciate beauty it’s safe to say we care how our pencils look!

Easy to make super dark lines Very easy to spread & smudge Doesn’t sharpen to a super fine point Graphite feels much higher quality than many other pencils

12 Drawing Pencils – Art Pencils Sketch Travel Set Artists Drawing Kit – 9B, 8B, 7B…

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Rotate through pencils during your regular practice time and find a pencil you really like.Then stick with it and make some awesome art.

Best Pencils For Drawing & Sketching: A Buyer’s Guide For Artists

I ordered the Lasten 35-piece drawing set to give as a birthday gift. My teenage daughter (the gift recipient’s best friend) and I like to draw as well, so I have bought a few sketch sets in the past to compare it to.

I was impressed when my artist friend took a look at this set and gave it her approval, saying she would be happy to have one for herself.This set includes graphite and charcoal pencils, sticks, and rods; blending paper and stumps, two types of erasers, two sharpeners, a razor, and more, all in a zippered case.

The 14 drawing pencils are imprinted with their scale, i.e. hardness or softness. There is also a 6B graphite pencil, a metal charcoal pencil sharpener, a metal double hole sharpener for graphite pencils, a metal razor blade kind of like a box cutter, a sandpaper pencil pointer, dual head pencil extender, regular eraser and a kneaded eraser, 3 charcoal pencils: soft 6B, medium 4B, hard 2B; 3 graphite sticks: soft, medium, and hard; 3 charcoal rods: soft, medium, and hard; and 3 blending paper stumps.

To top it off, all of this in a case that zips all the way closed. It also has a wrist strap.This set would be great for artists just starting out, as well as those with more experience. It has everything needed–and then some.

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The Staedtler Lumograph 2B pencil is perfect for all types of drawing from quick sketches to finished pieces and everything inbetween.

Was very impressed. Came in a nice carrying case and not to bulky for storage. My son loved it!!

Best Graphite Drawing Pencils Derwent Medium Graphic Drawing Pencils (set of 12)

Great For: Sketchbooks Fully-rendered drawings Beginners & experts alike

Woodless pencils may cost a bit more, but they generally last longer than the typical wood-encased pencils. Cretacolor woodless pencils are perfect for shading and the graphite in them is water-soluble, allowing you to create soft washes over the page. Creatacolor’s kit also comes with a kneaded eraser and sharpener, giving you all the tools you need in one box.

BEST EMOJI MINI ERASERS for Kids,120 Emoji Pencil Eraser Bulk Pack, Great for Gifts…

Castle Art Supplies Graphite Drawing Pencils and Sketch Set (40-Piece Kit), Complete Artist Kit Includes Charcoals, Pastels and Zippered Carry Case, Includes Rare Pop-Up Stand

They look & feel just like any other graphite pencil, although to me they do feel a bit heavier. Nothing that’ll get in the way of your work at all. Usually once you start using a pencil regularly you get used to the weight & size.

H&B Sketching Pencils Set Drawing and Sketch Kit 40-Piece Set with Pencils, Erasers, Graphite Stick, Sandpaper Block, Pencil Sharpener

Let me say this pencil feels very different than most graphite pencils. It’s much easier to spread around the page so it’s almost like you’re painting with values. The lead is also very thick and super dark. Darker than a 2B usually is.

Faber-Castell is a German brand known for high-quality art supplies, and the Faber-Castell 9000 Graphite Sketch pencils are no exception. The brand makes sets with a variety of grades included or you can purchase single packs of pencils in each grade. Known for their consistency and durability, they sharpen easily and don’t often break. Plus, Faber-Castell’s handy tin makes the pencils highly portable. It’s no wonder they are an artist favorite, no matter the style or skill level.

6 graphite pencils(2H, HB, B 2B, 4B, 6B) 1 pencil sharpener 1 plastic eraser 1 kneaded eraser

At the end of the day this is really just a pencil. You can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

You can still sharpen this pencil with a regular pencil sharpener no problem. It’s just going to draw a little differently compared to Proko’s videos.

I also like this pack because it offers variety packs. You can choose between packs of 4, 12, or 20 pencils. Lead softness ranges from 4H to 6B and even includes the mysterious F lead grade.

How to Draw Cool Stuff: A Drawing Guide for Teachers and Students

Faber-Castell 9000 Graphite Sketch Pencil Art Set (set of 12)

I think the reason why so many people love this pencil is two-fold:

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Great For: All types of paper A variety of charcoal styles Beginners just getting into charcoal

Most of these pencils are similar, but once you’ve been drawing & doing traditional work for a while you’ll notice subtle differences between brands.

Wonyered 40PCS Professional Art Sketching Pencils Set Drawing Pencils Set Charcoals Graphite Pencils Supplies With Sticks Tools and Kit Bag

In most creative fields, it’s impossible to get away from one important tool—the pencil. It doesn’t matter if you’re an architect, a professional fine artist, or you’re just learning to draw; a good graphite pencil is an essential part of any artist’s supplies.

I love these pencils and the bag it comes in! It’s helped me ramp up my drawing ability, especially in regards to shading.Read more

Let’s start with my personal choice and it’s the one I recommend for every artist who isn’t sure where to start. The Staedtler Lumograph 2B pencil is a very safe bet since it can leave strong marks and it can get pretty sharp.

It’s really like a goodie pack of art supplies tailor-made for charcoal enthusiasts. Here’s what you get:

I also like this pencil for mimicking Proko’s style. I’ve reviewed a lot of his courses and he uses the same pencil in all of them. Granted he follows a classic atelier style of sharpening his pencil and you may not wanna bother with that.

I think this is an all around comprehensive set for beginner artists (naptime mom artists?) and students. You get charcoal and graphite sticks (in soft, medium and hard) and pencils (H and B series), blending stumps, white eraser, soft kneadable art eraser, pencil sharpeners, sandpaper block and I’m sure I’m forgetting some more, all in all 35 pieces of drawing tools total.

This is a pretty good value buy. I am happy to store it in the zippered case it comes with, so my new mom hobby set doesn’t share the destiny of the crayons in my house.

If you like to draw with a mix of thick & thin lines then try these Derwents on for size.

Anbit Accessories Large Multipurpose Poster & Art Storage Bag (32″ x 24″)

Don’t be scared by the price. Caran D’ache is for serious sketchers looking to up their drawing game. As Switzerland’s only pencil maker, the brand has carried out exacting studies to get things just right, making them the favorite of many artists. This gift set will get you 15 graphic pencils, 3 water-soluble graphite pencils, plus accessories. Some say they are the best drawing pencils on the market, and that once you try them, you’ll never go back.

Professional Art Set – Drawing, Sketching and Charcoal Pencils. 100 Page Drawing Pad. Kneaded Eraser included. Art Kit for Kids, Teens and Adults

Drawing Dimension – Shading Techniques: A Shading Guide for Teachers and Students (How to Draw Cool Stuff)

Strathmore Series 400 Sketch Pads 9 in. x 12 in. – pad of 100

My personal recommendation is the Staedtler Mars Lumograph, specifically the 2B pencil. It’s got a great feel and it doesn’t leave marks that are too dark, nor too light(definitely on the darker side though).

Bottom Line: Faber-Castell makes great art supplies and these pencils are no exception. Easy to draw with, clean marks, and easy to sharpen to a fine point. The best part of this pencil set is the variety of lead styles.

I know a lot of artists who swear by Faber-Castell. In fact, Faber-Castell was the very first brand of pencil I ever used when I started drawing.

This charcoal pencil set comes with a variety of styles offering plenty of room to test your skills. And it’s pretty affordable too!

Charcoal Sketching Pencils Set 41 Pcs, Magicfly Drawing Pencil Sketch Set with Sketch Book, Kit Bag, Tools, Erasers,…

This is a really nice pencil/art kit! Excellent value for the money too….

Well it’s definitely got a unique feeling while drawing. You can use it for lots professional finished work from portrait drawings to more detailed life sketches.

Bellofy 33-piece Professional Art Kit – Drawing and Sketch Kit with Pencils, Erasers, Kit Bag and Free Sketchpad – Art…

Japanese manufacturer Tombow is known for their high-density pencils, meaning they sharpen easily and the point stays longer. The Mono pencil is known to run a bit dark and is virtually smudge-proof. The dark lines of the Tombow Mono can almost mimic inks, making it a favorite of artists who focus on linework and tracing.

When I used this for some sketching I didn’t notice much of a difference in darkness compared to other pencils. For HB lead this still makes dark marks.

Really useful for school since they have a ruler design on it. It came with 48 pencils which is very cheap for the price.Read more

Brand Name Lasten® Item Weight 1 pounds Product Dimensions 0.3 x 0.3 x 7 inches Item model number BK01 Color black Material Type wood Size 35 Pieces Manufacturer Part Number BK01

My personal experience with charcoal is that these sticks are fantastic. I’ve mostly used the charcoal pencils and this brand is easy to sharpen + easy to play with using different techniques(overhand, cross-hatching, brushes).

The best thing you can do is try a lot and find a pencil you really like. You’ll want to test the brand of pencil along with the softness of the lead. Find the best combo that works for you.

There is no absolute best art pencil. It all comes down to personal taste and some artists just prefer different brands.

If you’re finicky you could try an HB instead. But personally I think most artists go too light with their traditional drawings, rather than too dark.

artist draw erasers charcoal pencil pieces sharpeners organized blending zippered sketching sandpaper allows items eraser beginner stumps drawings sticks terrific

All the Lumograph’s are noticeable since they come in a light shade of blue with a black tip. They all feel similar in your hand but the lead grade varies widely.

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I’d describe the Prismacolor Ebony graphite pencil as smoother than velvet. This lays down dark lines with ease and it feels almost luxurious(for lack of a better term).

5.0 out of 5 starsHe seemed to really like it. It’s not quite top notch quality but …

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Here’s a list of all the goodies you’ll get in this Fabel-Castell pack:

Bottom Line: Rich, free flowing lines define Prismacolor’s Ebony pencil for drwaing. It offers a smooth charcoal-style feel that you rarely find in graphite. But the lead is easy to break so I recommend grabbing a Prismacolor sharpener since it’s much lighter on the lead while sharpening.

Arteza 12″ Triangular Architect Scale Aluminum Color-Coded Grooves (Imperial)

4.7 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank #127,828 in Office Products (See top 100) #309 in Office Products > Educational Supplies > Writing & Correction Supplies > Pencils > Wooden Colored Pencils #149,587 in Office Products > Office Supplies Shipping Weight 1.

05 pounds Date First Available October 14, 2016

This gives you a ton of variety to play with. You may find that in your sketchbook you prefer the HB pencil, but working on cheap printer paper you like the 2B. This is a common occurrence for artists who switch between many papers & mediums.

For a good value, you can’t beat Lyra Art Design Pencils. The graphite is rigid enough that it works for technical drawing, and with 17 different grades available, there’s no shortage of shading you can accomplish. One reviewer writes, “The finest pencils for drawing. High-quality graphite that is smooth and easy to blend. A wide variety of hardness for all your artwork needs.”

Lasten Drawing Pencils for Artists, Art Supplies Kit for Artists, Sketch Pencils Set, Graphite Pencils, 35 Pcs Shading Pencils for Students, Artists Drawing, Beginners

I have to include this pencil in my list because I get so many recommendations for it.

But let’s take a deeper look at this pencil(and some others) to help you find one to call your own.

Not much to lose with this set and you’ll have a bunch of lead styles to test out.

Whenever I sharpen these pencils I always find that the lead feels a bit “fuller” than other pencils. Meaning that you can expose more of it quickly and it’ll end up a bit thicker once the point wears down. Similar to the Conte 1710 but not as big.

Certainly a unique choice and I’ve heard mostly glowing opinions from people who use this. Give it a shot if you’re curious.

Bottom Line: The Conte 1710 2B has very unique lead that leaves smooth marks almost like charcoal. This pencil is Stan Prokopenko’s exclusive choice for all his Proko videos too—partly because it offers a lot of versatility between sketching, portraits, and life studies. Biggest downside is the price tag.

Castle Art Supplies Drawing and Sketching Pencil Art Set (26 Items)

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US Art Supply Large Multi-Function Wooden Artist Tool & Brush Storage Box

The Prismacolor Ebony Graphite pencil, which has a 2B grading, is a beautiful choice for rich, velvety lines. Easily blendable and soft, while they won’t create jet black lines—they get close for graphite. You’ll need to sharpen often due to their softness, and many swear by them for shading that is difficult to achieve without using charcoal.

It works with newsprint, sketchbooks, and basic printer paper. It’s great for beginners and pros alike. It’s my preferred art pencil that can fit with everything.

Of course, it’s a good pencil. I wouldn’t have it here if it sucked!

Very handy…I have them all over the house and they do not break as some I have purchased in the past.

Super affordable Feels like a mix of art pencil + office pencil

In the United States, we commonly think of the number 2 pencil, which is standard for schools and test taking. The American number scale for pencils ranges 1 to 4 (including 2.5), but the rest of the world uses a different grading scale. Most manufacturers use the HB scale, where “H” stands for hardness and “B” for blackness. A standard number 2 pencil corresponds to HB on this scale.

Let me start by saying that basically every brand of art pencils can work well. There isn’t really a “best” art pencil—but there is probably a brand that you’ll feel works best for you.

Bottom Line: The Lumograph is great for any artist of any skill level, especially for people who just don’t know what they’re looking for in a pencil. It’s makes dark lines with a great softness for people who have a lighter touch while drawing. Also affordable in bulk so it’s a great pencil to start your artistic journey.

Personally, I can’t see what all the fuss is about. But from my art friends who use the Mirado Black Warrior they absolutely swear by it.

Once you understand the type of lines you can expect from your pencils, it’s easy to mix and match to put together a graphite pencil set that will cover your needs as an artist.

Although if you take enough time searching I guarantee you’ll find someone who thinks otherwise. It all comes down to personal opinion and what you’ve experienced with different pencils.

But with charcoal you can work more painterly and smooth your values with broad strokes. If you’re looking for recommendations on the best charcoal pencil I vote for the Royal & Langnickel set.

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This comes as a whole set of charcoal so you’re not just buying one pencil. In fact you’re getting all three types of charcoal in this one set.

It’s easy to draw with, makes crisp lines, super lightweight and easy to use. However one thing to note is that the Black Warrior only comes in the HB softness.

I have not used the woodless pencil but I’ve heard great things about this brand from many art friends.

And while we’ve gone over how to select the best colored pencils, there are a whole other set of considerations when thinking about the right graphite pencil to add to your collection. In fact, you’ll probably—like most artists—wind up using several different pencils depending on the effect you’re looking for.

My advice: try a few pencils and see for yourself. Pick 2 or 3 brands you’d like to test. Save the drawings you do and make a note of which pencil you used for each one.

ZenART’s ESSENTIAL Palette Oil Paint Set – with Fundamental Colours from the Infini…

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Strathmore 400-3 400 Series Drawing Pad, 8″x10″ Wire Bound, 24 Sheets

To me the best pencil for drawing is the Staedtler 2B Lumograph hands down. It’s got a nice softness to the lead, soft but not easily breakable. It’s lightweight and when you’re drawing it seems to last forever between sharpens.

If you typically make lighter marks by default then you’ll want a softer lead like 2B.

With this pencil the difference between a 2B and a 2H is like night and day.

The Conte 1710-2B is a pencil I had never heard of before Proko. He mentions this pencil by name in his figure course and has this listed on his art supplies page.

This pack has absolutely everything a beginner needs to start learning and ultimately master charcoal drawing. Plus this is great for experienced artists who might wanna try different types of charcoal, or different levels of softness with charcoal pencils.

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If you aren’t sure which lead to use I personally like the HB, although I haven’t used the 2B much so I can’t compare.

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Bottom Line: Try this out if you wanna mix up your pencil stash. It’s very affordable even in bulk and this art pencil doubles nicely as an office pencil for taking notes. Odds are you’ll either love this pencil or think it’s kinda “meh”.

Best Drawing Pencils for Professionals and Beginners Who Love to Sketch

The HB scale ranges from 9H, a hard pencil that leaves fine, light marks, to 9B, a soft pencil which a high ratio of graphite that leaves bold, dark marks. While every manufacturer gives each pencil a designation on the scale, it’s all relative within a given brand, so remember that a 6H pencil from one manufacturer might give a slightly different stroke than a 6H pencil from another.

Each mark feels so smooth and blends into every type of paper I’ve used. This makes it easier to blend than most other graphite pencils and it comes close to the Conte 1710.

4 vine charcoal sticks 4 compressed charcoal sticks 3 charcoal pencils(soft, medium & hard) 1 woodless graphite pencil

Lasten 35 Pcs Professional art supplies drawing and sketching pencil art set with case for artists, Beginners, School Students and drawing lover(35 pcs/set)>※ Products Include:  14- Drawing Pencils: 8B,6B,5B,4B(2 pcs),3B,2B(2 pcs),B,HB,2H,3H,4H,5H 3 – Charcoal Pencils, Soft(6B), Medium(4B), Hard(2B) 3 – Graphite Sticks, Soft, Medium, Hard 3 – Charcoal Rod, Soft, Medium, Hard 3 – Blending Paper Stumps 1 – Graphite Pencil: 6B 1 – Black Sharpener ( Used For Charcoal Pencils ) 1 – Metal Double Hole Sharpener ( Used For Graphite Pencils ) 1 – Metal Knife 1 – Sandpaper Pencil Pointer 1 – Dual Head Pencil Extender 1 – Rubber Eraser 1 – Kneaded Eraser 1 – Zipper Case※Weight: 460g/(1 Pounds) ※Size: Size: 32 CM x 20 CM x 7.5 CM/(9.5 in x8.1 in x1 in) ※ Gift Choice: Nice gift choice for school boys, girls, and adults. Perfect for school, class and daily use, ideal gift choice for friends or family members who is learning sketching or is interested in drawing.※ Sketching & Drawing Art Set: Great artists drawing aid for whoever loves drawing or sketching, professional or beginners. Never too late to build a new hobby and get a new skill with this 35 pieces drawing set.※SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:  We are confident that Lasten® 35 Pcs Professional Sketching & Drawing Pencils Kit will meet and exceed your expectations. Full refund or Replacement is available if you are not 100% satisfied. 

Here’s one brand I certainly like and recommend for lots of art supplies beyond pencils.

5.0 out of 5 starsI love these pencils and the bag it comes in

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Selizo 100 Sheets Black Carbon Transfer Tracing Paper for Wood, Paper, Canvas and O…

Gifted this to an early teen who has recently gotten into drawing. He seemed to really like it. It’s not quite top notch quality but everything does what it’s supposed to do. It’s a great exploration set for those who want to try out different sketching mediums.

It’s so much cheaper than buying all the pieces separately and the case helps keep every piece organized. The case has smooth running zippers and a sewn-down elastic strap. It didn’t come in a box or even a plastic bag but everything was tucked in neat and no broken pieces.

Bottom Line: Great pencil for drawing with lead that’s super easy to expose. You can sharpen to a fine point or keep it somewhat flat to vary your line styles. And Derwent offers 8 different softness levels for you to play with.

If you want a pencil with a thicker point while drawing then check out these Derwent drawing pencils.

Figuring out the best pencils to bring your sketches and designs to life can appear challenging, but much of it comes down to personal preference. Once you get the hang of which brand you prefer, you can mix and match different pencil grades in order to expand your sketching capabilities. You’ll see that much of what we suggest are pencil sets, which allows you to experiment with a wide variety of lines and shading, but each brand will also sell their pencils individually once you need to restock.

  Please see my video review and mark it “Helpful” if it was, thanks so much!

Gouache Paint Set – 12 x 12ml Tubes – Artist Quality Colors – for Art on Watercolor…

Enter your model number to make sure this fits. ZIPPER CASE–The drawing pencil is equipped with a nice zipper case. All the pieces of art pencils set are well organized in a nice zipper case to carry wherever.

Come with a zipper case for easy store, 35 Pcs premium drawing pencils set will meet all your needs for sketching or drawing in one package. PROFESSIONAL— Our drawing supplies for artists is high quality and non-toxic to enable you to draw in any level so you can draw for a long time.

The design of the drawing supplies zipper case can protect your art tools from damage and make them easy to carry. If you a lazy or an unorganized person, our Lasten artists drawing kit carry case is perfect for you.

PERFECT PENCILS KIT—35 Pcs drawing pencils for artists set includes 14 drawing pencils, 1 graphite pencil 6B, 1 black sharpener, 1 metal double hole sharpener, 1 metal knife, 1 sandpaper pencil pointer, 1 dual head pencil extender, 1 soft eraser, 1 kneaded eraser, 3 charcoal pencils, 3 graphite sticks, 3 charcoal rod, 3 blending paper stumps, 1 zipper case WIDELY USED—Excellent Art supplies kit for artists is great for drawing, sketching and writing.

The drawing pencil set is regarded as the suitable gift for children, students, artists and the person who love art activities. Never too late to build a new hobby and get a new skill with this art set as long as you have this drawing pencils.

CONVENIENCE— You can take the sketching pencils set for travel and outdoors because the drawing pencil kit is mitis and convenient to carry. A dual head pencil extender will help you save the pencil cost when your pencils become short one and let you have a wonderful drawing experience.

My biggest pain point: Prismacolors are a wax-based pencil so the lead will break easily with too much pressure. One accidental drop on the floor and you’ll be reaching for your pencil sharpener. Unfortunately most pencil sharpeners are too rough and will even break this lead while sharpening!

You can use this for everything from quick sketching in your sketchbook to more detailed projects like drawing your own 2D comics.

I sketched some with the pencils as well as filling in and shaded with the charcoals. I really like how they include hard and soft pencils as well as graphite, charcoals too. There two different erasers, the hard white/grey one and the kneadable.

It has a nice sharpener too. I wanted to show my sketch, but site isn’t allowing me to upload any photos for some reason. Glitch maybe? I think this kit is really good for a beginner, it has its own carry case, a place for everything and everything in its place.

It would make a great gift for any art lover or dabbler.

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It’s got a very light touch and you’ll never worry about breaking your lead. It’s the perfect companion for such a smooth pencil and it’s a sharpener you can use with every type of pencil, not just Prismacolors.

But as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. It’s just a question of whether this pencil is something you want.

Castle Art Supplies 36 Piece Colored Pencil Set With Canvas Wrap

Available in different sets filled with a wide variety of grades, both beginners and professionals swear by Derwent. You can select between soft, medium, and hard sets depending on your subject matter and people note that the pencils are easy to sharpen to a point, as well as a flat shape. This allows for detailed work, as well as shading. And the hexagonal shape makes them easy to grip.

5.0 out of 5 starsCame in a nice carrying case and not to bulky for storage

This premium pencil set is just what I needed for my daughter as she’s an artist in the making. She absolutely loves to draw and this set allows her hours of sketching/drawing while keeping all her tools in one spot.

This is a 35 piece set whicj includes a well made zipper case is approximately 8 inches by 9.5 inches making it easy to take along for impromptu sketching. It also includes a variety of sketching pencils, erasers, sharpeners, blending paper stumps, metal cutter, charcoal rod, sandpaper pencil pointer.

All in all this is just a GREAT kit to have.

The solution? Grab a Prismacolor sharpener along with this pencil set.

Once you know what type of artwork you need the pencil for, you need to understand the different grades of graphite pencils. Even though we often refer to lead in pencils, there is actually no component of lead used in them. Whereas colored pencils are made with wax and pigment, graphite pencils are a mixture of graphite and clay. The combination of these two components allows for smooth strokes, but graphite pencils will give different lines depending on how much clay is present. Generally, the more clay in the pencil, the harder the pencil—and lighter the stroke—will be.

My husband is a water color artist and I bought this set for him. He likes it very much, reports that the quality is good – he started using it right away for life drawing…Read more

Prismacolor’s graphite drawing set is a good introductory kit when starting to sketch. It comes with seven graphite drawing pencils of different grades, as well as four woodless graphite pencils. These create beautiful, broad strokes when used on their side, and allow you to experiment with a variety of tools. As an added bonus, the pencil set includes water-soluble graphite pencils, which transform into a wash when brushed with water. All told, the drawing kit is a great way to start sketching seriously.

Bellofy 33-piece Professional Art Kit – Drawing and Sketch Kit with Pencils, Erasers, Kit Bag and Free Sketchpad – Art Supplies, Drawing Pencils, Graphite Pencils, Sketching Supplies

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Artist Paint Brushes Xpassion 10 Pieces Acrylic Brushes with Paint Tray Palettes Pl…

Many artists swear by Staedtler’s range of drawing pencils. Their Mars Lumograph is known for its consistency and lack of breakage, making them great for detailed work. They also erase cleanly, meaning you won’t be left with stray smudges on the paper. Staedtler’s standard set provides 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H drawing pencils, making it extremely versatile. “I’ve been using Staedtler Lumograph professionally for over 30 years and in that time I’ve found no better,” says artist and art educator Mike Sibley. “I even give them away at my workshops.”

If you’re following any of the Proko courses then you might pick up a Conte 1710 and see what you think. Just note this pencil is pricey. One Conte 1710 may set you back about the same as a box of 12 Staedtlers.

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When selecting the perfect graphite pencil, the first thing to take into consideration is your drawing style. Technical drawing and detailed artwork with fine lines will require different pencils than those used for shading and sketching figures. Do you use dark, thick lines in your sketches or prefer lighter, thinner strokes? Understanding your personal artistic style and needs will help you narrow down the selection when searching for a good drawing pencil.

What a great (and decently priced) beginner artist set. If you’re enrolled in an art program or just trying to see what style works for you this is a great place to start. The different pencils allow you to play with a lot of depth.

Mix that with the different blending tools and high quality erasers and you can really do some great drawings. The charcoal is something I’m new at and it will take me a while to learn to utilize them better.

I was mostly buying this for the pencils, so it’s just a bonus for me! The case is great quality too and allows for a great place to keep things.

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One nice thing about Staedtler is that these pencils are designed to be break-resistant. You’ll usually find this in most art pencils, but I’ve found the Lumographs break far less often&emdash;even when sharpened to a super fine point.

Have a look at this pencil collection and see what you think. If you’re looking for a pencil to draw with consistently I recommend buying the entire pack of Faber-Castells with all their hardness levels(2H-6B).

Most artists use graphite for drawing because it’s easier to erase and doesn’t smudge so much.

5.0 out of 5 starsPerfect gift for the person who loves to draw and doodle!

U.S. Art Supply 143 Piece-Mega Wood Box Art, Painting & Drawing Set, Now contains a…

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