Drawing and shading a realistic hair bun with graphite pencils
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Best Women Realistic Drawing Pencil Sketch

Best Women Realistic Drawing Pencil Sketch Best Women Realistic Drawing Pencil Sketch
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Arinze Stanley has been honing his skills since the age of six

Here, some seriously talented illustrators have pulled out their best pencils and drawing techniques to create some truly exceptional pencil art. Featuring celebrity portraits, animals, natural scenes, everyday objects and famous landmarks, there’s something to inspire you in each entry here. Enjoy…

Marcu created this study of a gorilla as his entry for The National Open Art Competition UK. “I’m pleased with the piece as it personally represents a big leap in scale, detail and patience,” he says. “It is roughly twice the size of my previous work and I learnt a lot working on this beast.”

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  • Realistic Celebrity Drawings Pencil
  • Realistic Pencil Drawing Woman
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  • Pencil Art by Olga Melamory
  • Portrait SketchArt Sketch..pencil
  • Beautiful Portrait Pencil Drawing

She’s now moving in more experimental and abstract directions in her work, including very large-scale drawing projects based around the human figure.

Stefan Marcu pushes himself to create his best work possible

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Armin Mersmann’s work has been featured in exhibitions all over the world

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  • Human FaceGirl Face Drawing

“The very act of drawing every branch, twig, highlight and shadow, rendering textures from the extreme winter skins to the silkiness of new-fallen snow, transforms the scene into an intimate journey. This undertaking is considerably different than merely taking a photo or simply being there,” he explains on his site.

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“My focus is on the study of art and my personal development in all its branches, and I am obsessed with excellence in the creation of any product.”

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  • Lucille BallPortrait Sketch
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  • Easy Face Drawings in Pencil
  • Celine Dion Art Drawing
  • Celine Dion Drawing

Jono Dry usually works in graphite on large paper or board surfaces

Cath Riley’s pencil drawings are amazing to look at, but she regards her hyperreal work as just a stage in her ongoing evolutionary process of exploration and development. 

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  • Draw FacesGirl Face Drawing
  • How to Draw Realistic Face Drawing

“The drawing process immersed me for hundreds of hours, interpreting and translating what I saw and felt from hundreds of reference photos, collected branches, twigs, and revisits to the site.”

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Burattini found an audience by sharing his pencil drawings on Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram, where he regularly shares his works in progress. This drawing was created using black coloured pencils, graphite pencils and charcoal.

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  • Amazing Pencil Drawing Woman
  • Pencil SketchGirl Face Drawing
  • Girl Drawing Herself
  • Pencil SketchAmazing Drawings
  • Realistic Pencil Drawing Woman

This incredible portrait of Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway is the work of Franco Clun, a self-taught artist from Italy, who has picked up everything he knows about drawing from reading manuals and plenty of practice.

The time in which each takes depends on his subject matter, with this particular A2 pencil drawing taking Lung approximately 60 hours to complete.

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“From the age of five, I started drawing, and over time I added more skills, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, all types of graphic design, caricature and digital photography,” explains Stefan Marcu, the artist behind this stunningly realistic gorilla portrait.

“Hyperrealism in my work displays the beauty of the imperfections perfectly, opening a door within the subject that is not normally depicted in real life,” says Italian artist Giacomo Burattini, who drew this unusual portrait.

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Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley has had a long time to practise his stunning pencil art; he’s been at it since the age of six. Growing up around his family’s paper business inspired his love of drawing, and he expresses himself through what he calls his three P’s: Patience, Practice and Persistence. “Most times it’s almost like I lose control of my pencils and like energy transfer, the art flows through me from my pencil to the paper,” he says.

This series by Cath Riley features hyperrealistic pencil drawings of flesh

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Entitled Sensazioni (sensations, in English) this mind-blowing pencil drawing was created by artist Diego Fazio. Over a period of roughly 200 hours, Fazio drew this intricate piece, which we still – no matter how long we look at it – cannot believe is a drawing. Simply amazing.

  • Pencil SketchGirl Face Drawing
  • Beautiful Women Faces Drawings

German artist Armin Mersmann is the man behind this chilly woodland scene. Although he also works with oils, Mersmann is best known for his intense naturalistic graphite drawings. His work has been featured in more than 150 exhibitions and has won him over 30 awards.

“These objects and scenes in my drawings are thus meticulously detailed to create the illusion of a new reality not seen in the original photo.”

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  • Pencil Art Woman Sketch
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Self-taught South African artist Jono Dry has quickly earned a name for himself with his unique style of drawing that blends photorealism and surrealism on a massive scale. His work has the look of vintage photography, but usually with an unsettling or incongruous twist; if you like the look of it, he has prints available to buy through his Etsy shop.

“Although the drawings and paintings I make are based upon a series of photographs and video stills, I use softer and more complex focuses on the subject so that the resulting art presents it as a living, tangible being,” he explains. 

  • Portrait DrawingArt Sketch..pencil
  • Hyper Realistic Drawing
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  • Graphite PencilCharcoal Portrait Drawing

Giacomo Burattini believes his work highlights the beauty of imperfection

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When we first saw the work of Scottish artist Paul Cadden, it took a while for us to realise that they were in fact pencil drawings – the hyperrealist artist used just graphite and chalk to create these stunning images.

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“I believe reality is a beauty in itself so I don’t need to find ways to hide the imperfections of human nature so my work shows the perfection of the imperfections of life.”

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that the images in this article are photographs. But we assure you, they’re not. Each and every one is hand-drawn pencil art – many of them in beautiful black and white.

Her incredible pencil drawings are included in collections all over the world, and she has worked with clients including Nike, GQ, M&C Saatchi, The Economist and The New York Times.

  • Beautiful Pencil Drawing
  • Pencil SketchBeautiful Sketches
  • Pencil SketchChristina Aguilera
  • Portrait Drawing with Pencil

  • Beautiful Pencil Drawing
  • Ayumi HamasakiArt Sketch..pencil
  • Realistic Pencil Drawing
  • Portrait DrawingArt Sketch..pencil

This mindblowingly realistic image of a cat was created by traditional artist Paul Lung. The Hong Kong-based creative’s portfolio on Deviant Art is astonishing, featuring realistic portraits of both humans and animals. 

It’s almost impossible to believe this incredible image is a pencil drawing

  • Realistic Portrait Pencil Drawing
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  • Realistic Pencil Drawings of Natalie Portman
  • Pencil SketchPortrait Drawing
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