Convert Photo To Line Drawing Pencil Sketch

April 2, 2019 3:58 am by theundertown
Photoshop tutorial how to convert photos into pencil drawings
Pencil sketch photo effect turns girls picture into sketch with pins
Convert Photo To Line Drawing Pencil Sketch
  • “Rough up” your images for that hand-drawn look
  • 30 filter options to choose from
  • Paint on top of your photos by using your finger
  • Import your images into other programs – such as Adobe Creative Cloud or Dropbox
  • Save high-resolution images in various formats

These can all be experimented with easily, allowing you to tinker with contour depth and sharpness.

Set color and tone in Photoshop in 3 clicks with eyedroppers (Easy Advanced color correction)

For turning your photo into a cartoon, this drawing app is one of the best iPhone and Android sketch apps out there.

As you can see, the effect itself is quite simple and there are a number of variations that you can try to get very different looking results. Add a comment at let me know how you are using this effect.

Once you have chosen your preferred sketch style, you can adjust the strength by using the opacity slider on the bottom.

This drawing iPhone app holds more than 2000 filters for turning your portraits and landscapes into wonderful masterpieces. Well over 90 of these filters are sketch styles, giving your images that sought-after pencil drawing look.

There are three main areas to this iPhone drawing application. It transforms images either as a watercolour, cartoon or oil painting.

On opening the app you are presented with your photo library. Tap on an image (the original photo) to open it and quickly transform it into a comic book style drawing.

… and sketch up your picture into a realistic drawing !… and quickly convert them to all the following formats:

Duplicate the layer by dragging into the new layer icon, or press Ctrl/Cmd+J

Load your image, scroll through the styles and tap on the one you want – it’s that easy.

You will apply the Sketch Drawing effect to your picture in the next step, just after sending your file.» See an exampleINFORMATION :Depending on the size of your image, this effect can last between 15 seconds and 2 minutes.

This is perfectly normal 🙂

If you want that computer-generated, unnatural look, this is the Android or iPhone app for you.

  • Save images at high resolution for the highest quality possible
  • Mask your image to apply specific and local effects
  • 16 preset sketch tools w
  • Combine photo and text to create graphics
  • Allows you to create double exposures

The great thing about this Android and iPhone app is you can further tweak any of your filter settings, making it fully customisable.

Sometimes, you’ll want to create something a little more interesting with your smartphone photography. Like turn photos into sketches, cartoons, paintings or drawings.

  • Specific watercolour drawing app
  • Great tweakability of the resulting image
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Tinrocket (company) provides a few different editing apps
  • Cheaper for OS users (just sayin’)

A pencil outline sits on top of the lines from the photograph, making it seem hand-drawn.

  • Editing tools for cropping, color and brightness
  • Create cartoon-style photo effects and caricatures
  • Live preview cartoon camera option
  • Price: Free with in-app purchases ($0.99 to $1.99)
  • Easy to use interface

On top of the creative drawing app features, you can use its basic editing functions. Things like colour adjustment, crop, rotate and touch-up are also possible.

Photolab is a great Android and iPhone app. It is ideal for turning your photo or picture into a sketch, painting or even a watercolour image.

Turn toBlack & WhiteTurn toSepiaDigital paintingMasterpieceVintageTV ScreenAndy Warhol online effectDisc SpotsEffectCharcoal penSketch drawingStereoscopic3D EffectMake 8 ID photos onlineOptimize Compress to JPEGRotate onlineCrop a pictureMirrorSymmetrizeScale & ResizeInsert text as a watermarkLogo / picture watermarkingMake an online Favicon.

icoConvert to another format

Artomaton opens your image, letting you choose your drawing resolution and image size, where 4096 pixels is the maximum.

Start with a Photo that has some decent edge detail, here is one I got from Adobe Stock

It creates a vector or geometric shapes from your photograph.

What we like is you can order a Canvas print directly from within the app.

  •  Convert an image to PSD
  •  Convert an image to BMP
  •  Convert an image to PCX
  •  Convert an image to PNG
  •  Convert an image to PDF
  •  Convert an image to ICO
  •  Convert an image to GIF
  •  Convert an image to TIF
  •  List of supported filetypes…
  •  Convert an image to JPG

Hi CAFE Crew, here is a brand new tut for you all. This is an old favorite of mine. How to turn a photo into a pencil sketch in photoshop. This is actually really easy to do and it gets quite good results too. As usual, I’ll provide a few creative jump off points at the end for your own experimentation.

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  • User-friendly interface
  • High-resolution images are savable
  • Dedicated paintbrush creating precise editing
  • Sophisticated yet controllable
  • Three different styles

Our online sketching tool works, simply ! Without complicated software or any plugin to install, and directly online. ConvertImage will carry out for you a beautiful pencil drawing effect, and can thus give a unique atmosphere to your photographs.

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You could be just a few days away from finally understanding how to use your camera to take great photos! Thanks again for reading our articles!

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If you love watercolours, then you will love this drawing app. It was amongst one of the best apps in 2014 and still continues to impress photographers far and wide.

  • Online Prisma community
  • A User-friendly app similar to Instagram
  • 30 different artistic filters to choose from
  • Works with videos and photographs
  • Download new styles from the Store

  • Paint styles inspired by famous painters
  • A wide-range of sub-styles
  • User-friendly interface
  • Seven style groups
  • Sign your prints for authenticity

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Please choose which format you want to convert your file toChoose the size of your icon :24x2432x3248x4864x64Standard Icon (16, 32, 48, 64)Please select which size you want your icon.Create a FAVICON.ICO (16×16) »

Once you have your perfect pencil sketch, why not try adding some color for a nice variation.

This drawing app is perfect for those who want simple photographic edits. It also attracts those who want to turn their images into amazing pieces of art.

You have a famous pencil stroke ! Drawing and charcoal adepts will love the online pencil sketch drawing effect offered by ConvertImage !

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s block letter Extrude in Photoshop. This was a request from the forum:…

Change to Linear Dodge blend mode and you should see a perfectly white image (Use Color Dodge for sharper edges)

This is great for keeping the resolution high for social media sharing.

  • PNG
  • PDF
  • CUR
  • XCF
  • TIF
  • PSD
  • PCX, RLE
  • PSB
  • GIF

This iPhone app doesn’t create sketches nor drawing outlines. Rather, it converts your photo to a drawing and then paints the image in.

  • A scale allows you to distort your image
  • Save your image in high resolution for the high-quality images
  • Filter options include colour pencil, charcoal, marker, oil and sketch
  • 11 possible canvas materials t
  • Five possible art tools

iColorama S is our pick of the day. It not only sounds professional, it acts like it too. Once your imported image hits the screen, you’ll be able to choose a resolution size. You keep your high-resolution for better quality.

  • More than 300 effects
  • Huge iColorama-S Facebook community
  • 14 Sketch options to choose from
  • Several painterly styles – including a sketch style for a drawing filter
  • Import and use brushes from Photoshop

Use your finger to adjust the intensity of the applied filter. The only downfall with Prisma is that you can’t save images in full resolution. This is a problem for those who want to print large sizes.

It’s a great way to create some really cool gift ideas for those who prefer paint over digital photography.

The good thing about this drawing app is that the filter can be further edited to adjust the colour, detail and stroke length. Get it today.

Clip2c0mic is a great app for making those caricatures of your favourite people. This app has a very simple user interface, making you more likely to use it on your portrait shots.

Once the filter is applied, you can tweak your image by using the density, line thickness and stroke settings. Margins and vignettes are possible if you’re into that sort of thing.

The filter is so good that you can’t tell it’s coming from a photograph at all.

Apply online a pencil sketch effect on a picturePencil Sketch drawingOnline Photo effects[ALL] ConvertImage ConvertImage

  • GIF
  • TIF
  • PDF
  • JPG
  • BMP
  • PSD
  • PCX
  • PNG

On top of this, there are a wide range of awesome effects that make your images pop.

  • We do not publish nor keep any file anywhere.
  • We respect a total privacy while processing your file.
  • All processed images are automatically deleted from our server 15 minutes after processing.

This is one of out premium training courses, it’s $49.99 but for a very short time, you can get it for $7! No strings attached,  login and watch right now!(Grab it while you can).

  • Over 90 sketch filters to create a hand-drawn finish
  • A Wide range of editing tools for filter effects
  • Premium subscription: $0.99 a week, $1.99 a month, $9.99 a year
  • Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
  • Over 2000 artistic filters

On top of these painterly filters, you have the options of borders, frames and montages.

Using the free version of this image editor gives you a limited yet wide range of filters. For the entire collection, you will need to purchase a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription.

The only drawback with this Android and iPhone app is that you need an internet connection. All images are sent to the company’s servers for processing.

From opening the app and choosing your image, you are free to choose the effects category you want. Each will have several options to browse through, giving you full control over your image.

Use Photoshop to get rid of those little love handles and slim a figure. Learn how to reshape a body…

In this first example, I added a solid color Fill adjustment layer. Change the blend mode to color, so only the color shows through. Adjust the opacity to suit your tastes.

The Set icon allows you to change the edging and shadow level. One thing to be aware of, the exported image will be the same as the imported one, so use big images.

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn, color correction, and how to fix brightness and shadow in a photograph using…

The features include drawing effects, image correction, painterly effects and photographic filters. If you wanted to turn your image into a painting, head to the artistic part of the app and choose Sketch.

  • Over 800 possible effects
  • Additional photo filters include digital rain and jigsaw puzzle
  • E-card templates allow you to create greeting cards for the holidays
  • Save your artwork or share it on social media from within the drawing app
  • Choose an image from your Camera Roll or take one through the app

Refocus your photo in Photoshop using this sneaky hack I came up with. You can adjust the depth of field…

Becasso is a drawing app that is only available as an iPhone app. It uses clever algorithms to transform your pictures into beautiful works of art.

Filters are applied to your uploaded image. They include plastic, two-tone pencils and pop art.

If that wasn’t enough, a dedicated paintbrush tool allows precise, real-time changes.

 Create a pencil sketch on a photo online, through ConvertImage !

Also try running a gradient through a new blank layer at the top and change that to color blend mode.

What we like is that you can even change the angle at which the light hits your digital canvas. A great iPhone app for converting your photo to a drawing.

It is now given to everyone to achieve real hand drawn sketches over any photography, and then turn it into a beautiful online stroke drawing.

Combine this effect with the other ones available on the website (like the Sepia Effect), to obtain a unique photo !

Turn a photo into a pencil sketch in Photoshop tutorialColin Smith

There are many methods to creating rust in Photoshop. Here is one way to make rusted type. We can make…

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Prisma is a great drawing app that recreates famous painting styles from some of the best artists the world has ever seen. From Picasso right down to Van Gogh. These filters also give you options with interesting patterns.

Open your image and choose from the various filters and you’re good to go. Some of the best sketch effects are on this iPhone app have the most creative names, such as Curly Hair and Heisenberg.

The Imaengine Vector isn’t your usual drawing app. It doesn’t turn your photo into a sketch or convert your picture into an abstract drawing.

A simple tap on the Menu brings up all the categories. For the Sketch tool, head on over to the Style section.

There we are! 11 of the best drawing apps for Android and OS systems, taking your images to the next level.

You’d be hard pushed to find better apps that allow such creativity. Just use the ones above to turn photos into sketches, cartoons, paintings or drawings.

Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur (You could actually use any filter, as long as it creates a difference between the 2 layers)

Used in many illustrations, line drawing is a long and complex to learn graphical technique, so why not getting a little help ?

Here are some variations using Color Dodge, you will notice that Linear Dodge produces a softer result that Color Dodge. Try different blending Modes for different results.

This article is for you, showcasing 11 of the best photo editing apps for adding an extra wow factor to your shots.

Watch this video to discover how to best work between Photoshop and Lightroom. Find out how to keep your Lightroom…

  • PSD
  • PDF
  • PSB
  • PCX, RLE
  • CUR
  • TIF
  • XCF
  • PNG
  • GIF

Brushstroke as a drawing app gives you a wide variety of painting styles, colour palettes and choice of canvas surfaces.

Most of the Android and iPhone apps in our list edit your images. With Waterlogue, the image is recreated.

Furthermore, the app is very user-friendly. This means you are more likely to use it, and keep coming back.

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