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Courses For Sketch Artist Bangalore Pencil Sketch

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Courses For Sketch Artist Bangalore Pencil Sketch.

Our Parent Organisation Art Classes for Juniors Our Tutorial Portal

We are the only the center in Bangalore that the teachers will demonstrate step by step painting and drawing techniques along with our fine arts courses curriculum. This allows the students to improve fast.

We strictly follow the modules negotiated by the most renowned artists for the best learning and refining the artist in you. During the 6 months, our experts would drive you on an art journey, a journey beginning with the basics and improving the skills giving you the confidence to face the next level of fine arts.

Learn portrait sketching in Banaglore fine arts courses - Learn Potrait sketching with pencil and chai - Fine Arts Courses Offered by Pencil And Chai

We hold special workshops that allows out students to have the opportunity to draw and paint outdoors under the professional guidance from our teacher.

We have flexible options to sign up our fine arts courses, please choose a convenient one to you.

Get glance of outdoor sketching /plein air & painting sessions by Pencil And Chai. This entry is valid only for one time for one person.

The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

Our invention, of entirely new weekend art classes, has motivated hundreds and is still inspiring many irrespective of their age, occupation, and excellence.

Schedule an appointment with our educators for a one to one counselling. We will help you to choose and inspire an artist in you.

3 MONTHS CERTIFIED WATERCOLOR/ ACRYLIC PAINTING CLASSES weekend art classes - CPC FEB 1 2x 220x192 - Weekend Art Classes in Bangalore : Pencil & Chai Fine Arts Gurukul

An artist breathes in shades and lets out colors and thus water color is an important and the most loved medium by many. But are you doing it the right way? Want to know more about the magic of Water colors? We give you the best learning in watercolor through our 3 month module form our fine arts courses which will take you to the amazing world of compositions, still lifes and abstracts. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow under the guidance of experienced and renowned artists and mentors. Shape your love for watercolors the right way. 

Develop and advance an empire through historical ages and into the future.

Learn landscape or nature sketching fine arts courses - Landscape sketching module by Pencil And Chai - Fine Arts Courses Offered by Pencil And Chai

We also arrange annual exhibitions in Banaglore  galleries for our students. During these exhibitions, we will have have an opening night inviting friends, quests, media, and private collectors. We will also promote our students’ work at our online gallery.

We have replaced the classroom styled learning into Gurukul learning; the realistic art study, we call it Fine Arts Gurukul. What are you waiting for? Grab your tools and paint the world #ConnectYourDots.

  • 36 hours onsite lecturing & practice.
  • 12 classes.
  • Introduction to realistic watercolor painting
  • Techniques from Color theory to composition
  • Home Exercises .
  • Entry to the virtual classroom platform to interact with teachers
  • A term test monitored by experts.

Corporate Art Workshops Our Arts Store Get Your Artist Portfolio Ready

PS: If you are a beginner you need to complete the module 1 to take up this course Or you need our mentors approval after your initial test.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and walk into our next weekend art classes session.

Rated the #1 in Bangalore Among Plein Air/Realistic Art Classes Format 

Fine Arts Gurukul brings you the most refined method of learning art mentored by eminent artist. Experience the most exceptional, most enlightening and most beneficial learning.

Why to choose Fine Arts Gurukul & What makes our Art Classes and Fine Arts courses unique ?

Step 2: Wait for the approval mail from admissions dept along with fee payment link.

  • 3 hr per session & total 36 hours onsite lecturing & practice.
  • Sketching Foundation
  • 12 classes.
  • Home Exercises.

In a period of 3 months, we allow 2 absences. If you are missing more than 2 sessions we will not be able to retake the lessons.

When you sign up for fine arts courses provided by Pencil & Chai, you are entering to a community which share the knowledge each other and make sure you are learning fast, Our #Chaichat sessions are specially tailored for it.

Step out for an extraordinary day, have a Chai Chat with us! 

The greatest number of Art Institutes in Bengaluru, is the brains who believe in the enlightening art with the boundaries of a room. We strongly believe that beauty of art cannot be juxtaposed with plaguing the photographs nor digitally attained. It is the connection between the heart of the observer and nature; it is simply the portrayal of one’s emotions with colors and pencils. Pencil And Chai – Fine Arts Gurukul, a realistic art learning platform of Coloring India Foundation, offer you a new world to explore your interest in Fine Arts. We stand strong as a unique and realistic art education firm for past 6 years still on the run to finish more.

We often organise art events regularly in and around Banglore. We hold events such as  #CoffeeWithArtisto  where students are invited to participate for free of charge.

A beginner starts his sketching journey, we cover the topics from linear sketching,  to composition in this 3 months term and after successful completion of this course students moves to next module – Advanced Sketching

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Our Professional Approach to Fine Art Education Untangle the Challenges Faced by the Art Maniacs.

  • Suitable for Moderators.
  • Followed by FG Curriculum.
  • 12 classes.
  • Medium: Monochrome – Pencils, Charcoal & Black Ink.
  • Advanced Sketching Techniques
  • Class Timings: All Sundays 8:30AM – 11:30AM.
  • Suitable for 15+ age group.
  • A term test monitored by experts.
  • 36 hours onsite lecturing & practice, Home Exercises.

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WARLI PAINTINGS weekend art classes - Warli painting Classes in Bangalore 220x192 - Weekend Art Classes in Bangalore : Pencil & Chai Fine Arts Gurukul

Pursuing your BFA, animation, architecture or any design courses? Then Sampratishta School of Fine Arts & Design will help you to build your foundation. It’s strong and effective.

  • Suitable for 15+ age group.
  • 12 classes.
  • Class Timings: All Sundays 8:30AM – 11:30PM.
  • Home Exercises.
  • 3 hr per session & total 36 hours onsite lecturing & practice.
  • Suitable for Beginners
  • Depth learning in pencil sketching techniques.
  • Medium: Pencil & Charcoal

The Next Batch is From Jan-6-2019 The location for realistic sketching session will be at Cubbon Park, Behind Central Library. Seats are limited to 15 students only, you can secure your seat by enrolling early.

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If you are a person housed to be a sketcher and painter and unfortunately couldn’t pursue further, and are looking to fine tune the artist within and get back into the habit, then this is what you need.

Together everyone achieves more and thus we bring to you CHAT CHAT (Art Discussion), a whole new world of art discussions over on weekend art classes to improve your art skills. Pencil And Chai assure that you learn to the fullest not only from our Gurus but also from each other, for we believe knowledge is nurtured the best when shared.

We limit the size of our classes or fine arts courses batch, and each class only holds 10 to 15 students. This allows our teachers to work closely with each student and provide guidance individually. Each student will be focusing on subjects that are suitable for their skill level and interest.

We teach a variety of the mediums, such as Pencil Drawing, oil painting, watercolour, Acrylic, Charcoal, etc

Pursuing your BFA, animation, architecture or any design courses? Then Sampratishta will help you to build your foundation. It’s strong and effective.


We also conduct Fine Arts workshops nationwide with Veteran Artists Hailing from India and Abroad.

Acrylic Painting classes in Bengaluru fine arts courses - Learn Acrylic Painting with Pencil And Chai - Fine Arts Courses Offered by Pencil And Chai

All of our mentors who mentor our  fine arts courses have graduated from worlds leading art collages & having over 20+ years of experience, they have strong academic background and our teachers exhibit their work internationally , and have appeared in various publications and programs.

If your fundamentals are all smooth then you are free to take a leap directly into the advanced session where you will have the hands-on experience on the painting medium irrespective of them being acrylic or watercolor.

Weekdays & Weekend Art Classes . Realistic Sketching & Painting  Classes. Life Sketching  Classes

Pencil And Chai – Fine Arts Gurukul, a realistic art learning platform of Coloring India Foundation, offer you a new world to explore your interest in Fine Arts. Standing strong as a unique and realistic art education firm for past 6 years still on the run to finish more.

Sampratishta_school_of_fine_arts_and_design fine arts courses - Sampratishta school of fine arts and design 270x270 - Fine Arts Courses Offered by Pencil And Chai

WHY DRAWING CLASSES INCLUDE FREEHAND SKETCHING? weekend art classes - pabloFREEHAND 2 480x270 - Weekend Art Classes in Bangalore : Pencil & Chai Fine Arts Gurukul

Looking an art class for your Junior? Weekdays & Weekend Art Classes for Juniors

Our art classes / fine arts courses are designed for anyone who wants to develop and improve their drawing and painting skills. We cover techniques such as portraiture, landscape drawing, watercolor painting and acrylic painting.

There are lots of happenings from Coloring India Foundation; check out our other activities

  • 36 hours onsite lecturing & practice.
  • 12 classes.
  • 12 classes.
  • Entry to the virtual classroom platform to interact with teachers
  • Sketching fundamentals
  • A term test monitored by experts.

Acrylic painting is the play of pigments in a solution of acrylic resin which gives them a quick drying property. Are your acrylics drying  because you lack the knowledge to use them? We give your the opportunity to learn during the weekends with our 3 month module where our gurus teach you the rules to follow using acrylic and also help your to explore by learning to use the same in Nature and portrait drawing along with city scape and photography.

  • Fine Tune Your Skills
  • Learn the Basics

Haven’t drawn a single line ever yet the heart stands strong to be an artist? We welcome you, as we have hunted down the most experienced and skilled artist to not only motivate you but also to teach you the basics of every aspect of art. With determination, consistency, and practice we assure you the results of a few weekend art classes.

  • 12 classes.
  • Home Exercises.
  • Advanced sketching techniques
  • 36 hours onsite lecturing & practice.
  • A term test monitored by experts.

Outdoor Realistic Sketching/Painting Courses on Weekends weekend art classes - Pencil And Chai Outdoor Sketching Classes 2019 220x192 - Weekend Art Classes in Bangalore : Pencil & Chai Fine Arts Gurukul

Weekdays & Weekend Art Classes .  Realistic Sketching & Painting  Classes.  Life Sketching  Classes

WHAT IS FREEHAND DRAWING? Freehand drawing relates to the practice of drawing with pure imaginative powers. It does not…

2 MONTHS CERTIFIED TRADITIONAL FOLK ART CLASSES: UNFOLDING HISTORY weekend art classes - Artboard 33 2x 220x192 - Weekend Art Classes in Bangalore : Pencil & Chai Fine Arts Gurukul

Since 3 months is a shorter period to learn entire sketching techniques and this course will cover up to fine tune the skills in you.

We are a Fine Arts Education providers and art seekers offering well furnished art knowledge. We welcome art toddlers, lacking the basic art skills, and nourish them into an artist with our impactful inspiration and their interest for learning. We offer fine arts courses for duration of 3 and 6 months on the weekends keeping you undisturbed from your weekly duties, along with the motivation to achieve more, the certificates.

  • 36 hours onsite lecturing & practice.
  • 12 classes.
  • Watercolor or Acrylic Painting Modules.
  • A term test monitored by experts.
  • Group exhibition with batch mates.
  • Home Exercises.

We are located centrally and conveniently. Since we take outdoor classes or fine arts courses this will be a relaxing environment for our students. Outdoors Gurukul allows ideas and creativity to flow, and for the students to express themselves.

Pencil And Chai holds a great track record and consistency among any other existing art colleges in Bangalore in terms of Pleinair classes/ Realistic art format. The art aspirants were overwhelmed by new outlook towards art classes and thus we were encouraged to grow.

We conduct weekdays & weekend realistic art classes to keep you undisturbed from hectic work schedule. Follow your heart, start sketching today & we are here to help you.

We take only 15 students in a batch to keep the quality of each session. If you are willing to practice with our syllabus then you can feel the difference in terms of improvement.

Learn-watercolor-painting-with-pencil-and-chai_in_Bangalore fine arts courses - Learn watercolor painting with pencil and chai in Bangalore - Fine Arts Courses Offered by Pencil And Chai

As per our institutional policy, we don’t allow the refund. If you have paid the fees and will not be able to attend the classes, you can take a break by sending the mail to us. Read more on the refund policy here.

Use contrasting concepts, One particular drawing technique Healy makes use of in her work is usually to use contrasting aspects within a piece associated with work, for instance, juxtaposing beauty and ugliness. I will use the beauty regarding colours, flowers, the gentleness of skin or curly hair , along with the female form. I am going to also tend to make use of something which is opposite in order to all of that, for example bones, insects, sharp pearly whites , or anything that may well provide discomfort to the particular viewer, she elaborates. `Somehow this provides an unique strategy to a piece. Particularly when the `ugly` parts very much harder to spot in first. To me it is a very stark representation associated with what life is such as

Mix up covering techniques, There are plenty of different pencil sketching techniques relating to shade providing . Chiu uses two key approaches. The first is definitely with all the traces going in the similar direction. `This makes the shading appear more natural, and helps my specifics pop out from typically the lines I`m using with regard to shading, he explains. The particular second method involves doing work in patches of shade providing , to help define form . Patches of lines circumvent the form, which support keep things in viewpoint , he says. It is in addition great for backgrounds plus creating texture.

Try combining pencils using watercolour, While pencils upon their own may be used to produce a wealth of distinct effects, it can become interesting to combine these other media. For instance , in her work, Healy wants to combine watercolour and even coloured pencils. It`s significant to focus on watercolour plus then layer coloured pencils on top, she clarifies , because pencils can generate a waxy surface that will repels liquid, and inhibits the watercolour from putting into the paper. This specific is a fun method to try out, your woman says. Both mediums include unique qualities and smoothness . Combining the two factors produces a medium all regarding its own.

Know if you should cease , The majority of performers can tinker with their very own work - even right after they`ve signed their brand . I can always locate something to change when I look hard plenty of , so it can end up being difficult to share with when a new piece is truly completed , says Chiu. However, be skeptical of overworking your part . `Eventually, I make the conscious decision to set my drawing away and even start something new, they continues. `That`s when I actually consider my drawing performed

Find the right papers texture, The surface consistency you`re working on may make a big distinction towards the effects you can easily create. This is certainly referred to be able to as the grain or perhaps `tooth` of the report . A rough tooth will be more visible, and the particular ridges will grip the particular colour from your pencils. Which has a smooth tooth, the particular ridges are very great , and there`s less grasp . Healy finds this sort of paper provides the easier surface for blending together coloured pencils, although your woman warns that it`s likewise easy to operate the shade off the surface.

Short on time? This above, from character artist Bobby Chiu, runs via some pencil drawing connected with action. For extra in-depth the way to composition to be able to how to capture lighting and shadow, look into the art techniques article. Or even , for inspiration, look into this particular roundup of unbelievably practical pencil drawings.

Shield your paper, This is usually a valuable pencil pulling technique for beginners: place a piece of report under me to prevent smudging your drawing whilst you`re working. It seems like evident , but it can get the downfall of a new great piece of do the job ! Healy also prefers to be able to mount her paper in a board, attaching that using a layer associated with matte medium. This will help keep things neat, in addition to provides a good surface in order to work.

Use a stump regarding soft blending, How a person blend your work could have a big influence on the final result. Intended for a soft blended impact , try a blending stump. After each light part , I very gently merge the coloured pencils using the stump, says US-based artist Jennifer Healy. No longer push too hard or perhaps the colour will keep , making it harder to be able to softly blend. I replicate this process as usually when i need. After numerous layers it produces a new very soft and fragile look. This technique needs a little trial and mistake , though. Healy warns of which if you blend also softly, the stump may pick up colour of which you`ve already layered around the paper.

Master blending together , Healy has a particular process for blending the girl coloured pencil work. Your woman depends on an put together , to check the contact form is proper before assigning to coloured pencil (it`s much harder to clear off coloured-in areas than a good outline). It also will help her plan where the particular highlights and shadows may fall. She then develops up colour using refined layers. I love in order to start out with smooth gentle layers to obtain a better thought of light placement, shadows as well as the coloring palette, she says. Following each layer she combines gently using the blending together stump. Once she features reached a stage she`s happy with, she actions on to the ultimate step: adding an format . For this final level , Healy uses coloured pencils alone, and does not necessarily blend with a stump.

Beyond that will , different artists have distinct approaches to lines -- you need to locate the style that`s most suitable for you. I choose to use a specific outline in my art work , many people using thin traces or bold outlines, ` says Healy. It can easily help pinpoint the audience`s eye to a selected area. In addition, it gives some sort of stylised look, if that will is what you will be hoping to achieve. Chiu, however, prefers a diverse approach. I try to be able to avoid outlining my paintings because this tends in order to make things look level and deadens the THREE DIMENSIONAL effect. Breaks and spots in my lines present form in the lighting and shadows.

Start out lightly and build by there, Once i start pulling , I plan and check out using loose lines, plus avoid committing too soon using hard, dark lines, states Chiu. As I advance my lines will alter , so checking and rechecking my work is important . I darken my outlines and add details with the end. I do not give attention to one area regarding too long in order to avoid overdrawing. Begin with an underdrawing, Artist Tim von Reuden likes to start using a digital underdrawing that will he prints at 1 per cent Opacity. Earlier mentioned , you will see the underdrawing regarding his sketch of the woman holding an employees . He explains, I enjoy to keep it gentle so that it provides for a foundation rather than the final image.

Break free from your comfort zone, When these pencil drawing methods should help you know the essentials with the channel , sometimes you need in order to toss the rules out and about of the window in order to find what works for an individual . There`s nothing wrong using stepping outside of typically the box if it signifies achieving the effect an individual want, says Healy. Experimentation will occur when an individual step outside of of which box. But don`t get intimidated! The process is usually entirely fun.

Utilize the proper grip, The first action would be to master how to be able to hold a pencil appropriately . Chiu recommends holding the particular pencil as if you could the piece of charcoal, plus taking advantage of the particular side of the guide to draw, rather as compared to the point. This will help maintain your pencil sharper with regard to longer. When covering huge areas, I shade together with my pencil perpendicular to be able to the line I`m pulling to get wide, gentle lines, he adds. Intended for details, I hold our pencil parallel to my personal lines to get razor-sharp , narrow marks. The sole time I use typically the thing is when I`m working on intricate specifics

Attempt different approaches to traces , Another drawing technique fears line weight. As effectively as demarcating different things , lines can help stress shadows. Thicker lines can easily fade and disappear to the shadows, which can aid convey the 3D type , explains Chiu.

Draw on your very own experiences, Dip into your current experiences to add an exclusive layer of authenticity for your piece, suggests Healy. This implies using something like a new memory, feeling or aroma when building your work. Regarding example, the special sense you experienced when resting down with a good friend with a coffee shop, or perhaps a memory of any the child years experience. You can end up being abstract or use hyperrealism. Whatever you decide to choose makes the particular piece unique to an individual . I`ve found that men and women resonate with these parts the most.

Unify your shades , Having an uniform technique to colour may help provide cohesiveness to your job . It`s a good concept to make sure that will your artwork has unifying colours, says Healy. `This consists of a certain colour palette, mood plus a way of spreading these types of through the entire art part . In addition, she implies creating a harmonious basic by using tinted papers or adding a backdrop wash of colour (in paint). This will present through whatever you take a nap on top of that , thus giving it a good appearance of cohesion. Any time I use coloured pencils, I`m fond of employing tinted paper produced simply by Kraft.

Utilize right eraser, There will be a few various kinds of eraser, and each is matched to various things. You`ll definitely need a kneaded eraser. This has a new putty-like consistency (it`s occasionally known as putty eraser), and you knead this before and after employ . A kneaded eraser is usually best for lightly choosing up the coloured pad binding off the papers . This works wonders if correcting mistakes, or in the event that you`re deliberately lifting coloring from an area including the eyes, says Healy. Some sort of gum eraser has the more solid consistency, plus is better if you`re trying to fully get rid of a coloured-in area. Des Reuden continues: I firmly believe in letting gut instinct take over in the particular creation process so We work with the underdrawing more as a standard . This implies the final end result varies.

Check and recheck, Before you will leave your site and go to more powerful lines and detail do the job , it`s essential to ensure you have the correct kind down. Chiu`s advice is definitely to check and check out again. Need to nail lower my drawing`s underpinnings just before I can add specifics . I really avoid speculating in the details: I desire to make sure almost everything is symmetrical and seem right before writing better and harder lines. They also suggests considering the work in a reflection or through a digital camera . Considering different vantage details is a great approach to highlight if anything is definitely crooked. I constantly inquire myself, does this sense right? If anything appears off - even in the event that I can`t immediately set my finger on which this is #NAME? rely on my gut and troubleshoot my drawing before carrying on with

Create textile , Fabric can range by sleek and shiny to be able to matte and dull. Precisely how you shade it will certainly help sell the concept of the material you`re striving to depict. With this draw , von Reuden is attempting to be able to capture the golden folds over of material found throughout the original image. They began by outlining the particular shapes and blocking away regions of shadow.

Categorise your current fabric, Von Reuden clarifies ways to add value in addition to shading to create more layers of depth and even weight. He admits of which , when drawing and re-creating fabric, the types associated with wrinkles created can just about all be placed under about three separate categories: hanging/relaxed, stretched/tension, and scrunched/compressed. Hanging material tends to be free and have a going appearance. Stretched fabric makes long lines, usually along with a point of assistance . Compressed fabrics bunch straight into each other, creating scrunched-looking areas.

Touch up your skills with these types of pencil drawing techniques, intended for both graphite and colored pencils. These pencil sketching techniques from top designers will allow you to take your getting skills one stage even more , whether you`re using graphite pencil or coloured pencils. For many artists, pad drawing is the ability that introduced them to be able to the art world, plus even if you`ve shifted to a different moderate , understanding how to attract with a pencil can easily help you transform your expertise elsewhere. These pencil pulling techniques cover from the particular basics of mark-making in order to advanced processes to drive you out of the comfort zone. We`ll present advice on the equipment and materials you require to know, such since blending stumps, paper alternatives , and different erasers. In the event that you`re a total starter , or just want in order to upgrade your kit, get a look at each of our guide to the most effective pencils.

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