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With some simple painting skills you can create evil or fun looking painted pumpkin faces for halloween with some candles twigs and small props you can
Drawing A Face On A Pumpkin

Drawing A Face On A Pumpkin Drawing A Face On A Pumpkin

To begin, go ahead and sketch out a nice, simple guideline – just like the one you see in the example. If you’re sketching your design directly onto a pumpkin, you can omit the circle as the pumpkin itself already forms one!

Pumpkin faces are supposed to be carved in real pumpkins so to give to it that realistic feeling you should add the thickness of the pumpkin visible trough the eyes, nose and mouth. I have added it to the eye and a little bit to the nose and mouth. See how it looks now? Much more realistic and vivid, doesn’t it?

The first pumpkin face I am going to draw will be a simple and classy face, triangular eyes, smiling mouth with square teeth and a triangular nose. The secret to a perfect pumpkin face design is to keep it very loose and asymmetrical.

The first step is to sketch in the colors for the pumpkin and the interior of the pumpkin. As you’ll notice at the beginning I had decided to go for a darker color for the inside of the pumpkin but after thoughtful consideration I went for the obvious choice of using a very bright yellow to simulate the light coming from the interior of the head.

Colored and ‘lit’… here’s what the seven pumpkin faces from above look like when completed as actual jack o lanterns…

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In this case – a very simple method for drawing pumpkin faces. The triangle eyes and nose are easy to draw or carve. This style is actually pretty common. Remember, play around with the design so that it suits your taste. Smaller eyes, bigger mouth, etc.

And being on the subject of jack o lanterns, I recommend you check out this lesson too.

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And one more thing too, before you get started. These drawings can of course be applied to carving an actual pumpkin. In fact, I recommend you sketch out the designs directly on a pumpkin. But remember… please be careful if you’re using a knife! Better yet – get one of those safety knives, the ones with the cute little pumpkin handles! 🙂

For the next step we are going to use the pumpkin shape we have already drawn and “carve” different faces with different moods and expressions.

Again, creating pupils by drawing or cutting into the eye makes for a neat looking pumpkin face. Drawing a pumpkin face with a big mouth like this one is cool as it makes for a great view of the candle, soon to be put inside!

OK drawing a pumpkin faces is very easy, the first thing to do is to draw the pumpkin. Start with the shape of the pumpkin which is somewhat similar to a compressed balloon followed by the indispensable lines that we will use to position eyes, mouth and nose of the pumpkin. Let’s start with the eyes.

This is a very angry pumpkin face, isn’t it? I’ll show you briefly how to paint it to obtain a perfect drawing of a scary pumpkin face.

Eyes are two triangles, draw them as you please. Now it’s the turn of the mouth. Make it very large because we need to put teeth in it!

I have used the same mouth here but changed the eyes. Did you notice it? Do you like my Cyclops pumpkin face?

Here, start off by drawing circles or ovals. Then, draw or cut into the circles to create either pupils or teeth. Actually – you can use this method for drawing other parts too. Nostrils perhaps?

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In the final example, I’ve added a few extras – different from the other pumpkin faces above. The lines under the pupils are meant to be toothpicks. They can be helpful for holding ‘floating’ pieces of your pumpkin face in place.

In this step I have created the background of the image by mixing a bit of dark purples and reddish-browns. I have also added the bright yellow inside the pumpkin head and sketched in the dark color to highlight the thickness of the pumpkin skin.

Imagine you are really carving a real pumpkin and in order to leave the pupils you’d have to carve the eye actually leaving the pupils there. In other words you carve the eye-shape less the pupil and that’s the final effect!

Sad and cute, in this drawing, the pumpkin has big eyes and a small little mouth. Here, I’ve taken the eyes a step further by drawing/carving out two small circular sections. It’s tricky if you’re carving you’re pumpkin face, but with a little patience, it’s totally doable. Be sure to take your time. And while you’re at it… think of some other instances where this technique may come in handy.

This face definitely needs a nose. And you guess right is going to be a triangular nose! Everything however looks flat and plain now, let’s give it a bit of depth.

As a final touch to this pumpkin face I have added a small, irregular hole for the nose and two pupils! The trick to draw pupils is simple.

Is it complicated to draw pumpkin faces? Not at all!! In the following tutorial you will learn how to draw different type of them and even how to color it digitally.

Teeth in this face are square and completely irregular. The more irregular the better the pumpkin face will look.

Now, as you’re working through this lesson, keep in mind that it’s YOUR OWN pumpkin faces that your drawing here. So definitely use my examples, but at the same time – branch off to come up with your own ideas.

Alright – time to begin! Have a look at the examples below. There are seven different 3-step examples as to how you may want to go about drawing pumpkin faces. Again, do use the examples to help you – but ultimately… come up with your own original ideas for creating unique pumpkin faces.

Something else to note… check out the tongue. See how I’ve ever-so-carefully drawn/cut in and around it. It’s still connected to the main part of the pumpkin, but just barely. Oh, and one other thing too. The teeth! You can cut away the outer orange part of your pumpkin face to reveal a creamy-colored layer underneath. Be creative and see how you can use this technique to give off some white color in your pumpkin faces.

Well, I hope you enjoyed drawing these different pumpkin faces. Best of luck with your own creations and of course, Happy Halloween! 🙂

With a bit of more working on the shadows of the background and the highlights of the pumpkin-head the drawing is ready!! Hope you enjoyed this amazing tutorial from the Drawing Factory!!

As you well know after exploring some of the other drawing lessons on the site, there’s an infinite number of different ways for drawing pumpkin faces – or any faces for that matter. Hopefully, the above examples sparked some new ideas – ones that will be helpful for creating Halloween decorations and jack o lanterns!

This pumpkin is to show you yet another possible shape for the mouth and the eyes but, really, do not be afraid to experiment and find a design that you like for your pumpkin. A suggestion could be to draw different eye shapes and mouth shapes and then combine them to see how they look together. Exactly how I am doing here!

The cross is the most essential part as divides the face into four equal and opposite quadrants, allowing you to carefully map out and sketch in the eyes, nose, mouth, etc. Tip: use some sort of ‘marking’ that will clean off easily if you’re drawing directly onto your pumpkin.

And again add a bit of depth to the face by thickening the profiles of the eyes and mouth.

With this pumpkin face drawing, I went for the ‘robotic’ look. Amazingly, using only rectangles, you can come up with all sorts of really cool designs for your jack o lantern. Give it a shot… see if you can switch the shapes around to form an entirely new face!

Here is the simple pumpkin in all its glory. Let’s carve some nice expressions!

Well, now that you’ve got a simple framework to work with. And whether your creating your own decorations on paper, or carving actual pumpkin faces for a jack o lantern, this guideline will aid you in maintaining proportion and symmetry as you move forward.

And Then… Explore Different Ideas for Drawing Pumpkin Faces

Want to create ‘demonic’ looking pumpkin faces? Well, if so – ensure that your pencil strokes are sharp and angular just as the lines are in this example. Play around with the design. If you like, give your jack o lantern some horns. How? Simply cut out a couple horn-like shapes where the ears would go. Then, stick them back into the pumpkin’s head so that they’re jutting out to look like actual horns. Pretty neat effect!

Drawing pumpkin faces is a fantastic way to get into the Halloween spirit. And so, take a look at this lesson — here you’ll explore some different ways to create your very own jack o lanterns, either on paper… or for real!

I’m creating a brand new Drawing YouTube Channel, but will need 100 subscribers to begin!

Drawing pumpkin faces is the perfect way of practicing drawing when Halloween is approaching. Not only you’ll hone your drawing skills but you’ll end up having beautiful designs to use for your pumpkin projects.

By now you should have get the way to proceed. Draw the eyes than the mouth; draw them with irregular shapes. Again the more irregular the better. Another popular way of drawing the pumpkin mouth is with saw-teeth. Try to draw the mouth and teeth in a single sweep.

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