Drawing A Smiley Face

July 26, 2018 7:30 am by theundertown
Smiley face drawing
Smiley face sketch google search
Drawing A Smiley Face

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Set of hand drawn funny smiley faces. Sketched facial expressions set. Vector illustration

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Step 3. Then draw a v like shape that is widely spread apart for the mouth.

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Young woman standing and gesturing with a cardboard box on her head with smiley face

Smiley face, like, heart in isometry. Emotion Icons. Yellow smiley smiling, crying, angry, afraid, surprised, happy

World Smile Day october 6th banner. Winking smiley and lettering World Smile Day on yellow background. Vector illustration

Set of thirty hand drawn emoticons or smileys each with a different facial expression and emotion, sketched outline on white

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Cartoon yellow 3d smiley face vector character creation constructor. Emoji with emotions, eyes and mouthes set.

Set of Outline Emoji Icons. Different Emotional Expressions in Flat Design. Vector Illustration

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Smile card. Hand drawn smiley with dimples. Vector illustration

Emoji / Emoticon / Smiley Vector set. Outlines, on white background. Hand drawn, silly doodles. Vector file is grouped, ready to use!

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Cute vector set of SUN icons. Funny happy smiley suns. Happy doodles for your design. Bright and beautiful cartoon characters.

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Remember, the options are unlimited for how you draw your smiley face.

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Happy cute girl holding paper with funny smiley drawing on gradient background

To draw hair, on top of the head, you can draw a “V” if you want your smiley to appear to have a little hair. If you’d like curly hair, then draw spirals around the shape of the head. Pictured are three types of hair. The one on the far right only has hair on the sides of his head. The top is bald.

Male hand drawing smiley emoticon on office whiteboard, happy satisfied businessman during business results presentation, selective focus

Sketch of hand drawn set of cartoon emoji. Vector illustration

To draw eyes, first make on oval. Then make an oval right next to that one. If you want them to overlap, first make an oval, then make a backward “C” attached to that. After you have done that, fill in the bottom third of the oval to make the pupils of the eyes.

Young man standing and gesturing with a cardboard box on his head with smiley face

Set of thin line smile emoticons isolated on a white background

Hand drawn smiley icon. Emotion face vector illustration in flat style on white background.

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Set of graphic elements, hand drawn with marker on whiteboard. Arrows, flowcharts and other symbols to mix and match in different ways.

Draw a nose on your smiley face. Some smiley faces do not have noses. For a simple nose, you can make a dot, or a straight line. You could also draw two sides of a triangle, or even a “u.” Pictured are several types of noses you could draw. Remember, if you do a side-view nose, don’t forget to draw the nostril.

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Smile! By learning how to draw a simple smiley face, you can express to friends and family how happy you are and how happy they should be. Sometimes you may want to take your smiley faces to the next level.

Illustration of Stickman Kids Drawing Smiley On the Floor in Different Colors Using Crayons

Realistic balloon. Smiley face. Yellow smile balloon. Happy birthday. Vector illustration. Happy face. Smiley face vector. Smiley balloon background. Realistic balloon. Realistic smiley balloon

Happy finger art family group of loving mother and father with son while smiley face at blurred outdoor park background. Retro filter effect. copy space.

Smiley sun drawing on the sand beach. Perfect for greeting cards, positive and happiness concept.

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Cartoon yellow 3d smiley face vector character creation constructor. Emoji with emotions, eyes and mouthes set. Illustration of emoticon face smiley, creation smile mood

Sketch icons at ripped papers. Available 4 colors of backgrounds and shadows at it.

Smile Icon in trendy flat style isolated on grey background. Happy face symbol for your web site design, logo, app, UI. Vector illustration, EPS10.

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Hand Drawn Emoji. Black and White Design. Line drawing emoticon.

An icon set of doodled cartoon smiley faces in a variety of expressions.

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Step 1. First you have to draw a circle. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect!

Smiley face love and friends stickers vector set. Cartoon youth symbols on isolated background

Simple emoticon smiley face, yellow smiling emoticon with black eyes and mouth, vector illustration drawing, isolated icon.

smiley faces sticker emoji love seamless pattern. Cartoon vector youth fun message background.

A set of graffiti doodles suitable for decoration, bagdes, stickers or embroidery. Vector illustrations.

Set. Emotions. Smilies. Question mark. Exclamation point. Dialog cloud. Isolated vector objects on white background.

31,753 Smiley+drawing stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

Icon set social media & award with cloud, smiley, stars, picture, video, files, hand drawn vector doodle

Don’t forget to draw the mouth. For the smile, you can draw a “u” shape. You can even add a tongue coming out of the mouth. If you want your smiley to appear to be talking, draw an “o” instead. Pictured are four types of smiles. The second one from the left has been drawn with dimples. To do this, just draw two tiny “u’s” onto the bigger “u” that you have drawn.

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Draw a simple circle. For a more interesting smiley face, you can make different head shapes. You could actually make a square head outline to show a more masculine smiley. Pictured are three shapes you could try. One is a simple circle; the middle is the shape of most human heads; and the last is a trapezoid.

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Step 5. Then color in everything as you’d like! There! You have a smiley face!!

Seamless pattern with cheerful and happy smileys for textiles, interior design, for book design, website background

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Couple With Cardboard Boxes On Their Heads With Smiley Face Sitting On Floor After The Moving House

Emoji set. Set of thin line smile emoticons isolated on a white background. Vector illustration

Happy man holding card with funny smiley on gradient background

Group of happy hand drawed smiley faces coming out of gun shaped hands

smiley face emoji icon vector for websites blogs white background

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