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Drawing Boy Sadness Drawing Boy Sadness

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It was supposed to just be a fun weekend getaway with my wife’s college roommates. This year was the 20th reunion from their college days and it was four couples renting a beach house. I had first met each of the other three girls — Nicole, Brie and Amber — at our wedding as each was in my wife’s bridal party but didn’t know any of them too well and our wedding weekend was kind of a blur. At the time all three were already married so I met their husbands as well that wedding weekend. One of the girls, Nicole, had recently gotten divorced and brought her new boyfriend, Ted, to the reunion. Ted, who had just turned 53, was a decade older than anyone in the group but seemed to fit in well even though he was pretty quiet. Bill was Brie’s husband and John was Amber’s husband and they had both been married about 15 years.The first night everyone was unwinding and the drinks were flowing. We were out on the porch with the water and the moon in the background, little bit of music and a lot of conversation — which over time started to get sexual in content.The girls started busting each other’s chops about their college days and each of the guys had some good laughs at their expense. My wife, Jill, wasn’t overtly sexual but was no prude either. I didn’t complain about our sex life though it wasn’t anything I would consider noteworthy.One of the husbands had the idea that the men should ask questions about their college days and the girls would all write down the answer and reveal at the same time. It seemed like harmless fun and after some back and forth they all agreed. I was somewhat excited because I didn’t know much about my wife’s college days and she wasn’t one of those women that shared a lot about her past — just wasn’t her thing.John had the first question for the girls.”Which of you had the most one-night stands?”They all giggled and immediately wrote down their answers and all revealed Brie’s name who was now slightly embarrassed.The next question came from Bill who asked what the kinkiest thing they did as a group was. They again all answered the same though in different words from each other — but bottom line is they all liked watching and sneaking peeks when the others were getting fucked. I didn’t see that one coming. In fact they said every once in awhile someone needed to have a couch night where they fucked out in the main room and told the guy the rest of the girls were in bed asleep so it was no big deal if they asked and then the others could get a look.I was next and who had slept with the most guys. Two answered Amber and two answered Nicole and some conversation ensued before Nicole accepted the fact it was probably her.Ted was up next and asked if any of them had hooked up with each other. To our dismay none said yes and all admitted they just liked the men. It was a good question though all the men agreed had a disappointing answer.It was back to John and he wanted to know which of them liked the longest sex sessions. Laughter broke out immediately and I saw my wife look down and was the only one not laughing with the others. I couldn’t believe the answer would be her and our sessions were always pretty quick. When the cards flipped over I was stunned as not only did they each say Jill but the other three girls wrote “Jill the All-Night Thrill” an apparent nickname she had earned.The girls enjoyed my wife’s sudden discomfort as they reveled in saying how Jill would fuck through the night right up until time to go to class the next morning. I couldn’t believe it.The next question from Bill brought more new information, as he wanted to know who was the biggest size queen in the group. The three girls all smirked again and wrote down Jill and Jill tried to say it was Nicole but none of them were buying it though Nicole said she had a newfound appreciation for it. My guess was that had to make Ted feel good inside.I could tell my wife was embarrassed that I was learning things about her for the first time in such a way but not wanting to make her feel bad I just played along best as I could. Over the next hour we learned the Nicole was the first to sleep with a black guy, loved fucking in high heels and liked anal the most. Brie was the only one to sleep with someone on the football and basketball team and was far and away the biggest masturbator in the group. Amber had cheated the most on boyfriends, was the only one to sleep with brothers and liked to role-play.As for my wife it was a laundry list of things I learned about her that night. Not only was she the size queen that liked to fuck all night but she also was the only one to fuck a professor (two of them), had the most 3-ways, gave the best oral and was by far the loudest and the one that could talk the dirtiest during sex.I wasn’t sure which reveal floored me most as none would have been things I would have guessed. Our sessions weren’t long, I rarely got oral, I was maybe a little under average in the size department and she barely ever made a noise when we had sex let alone talked dirty. My head was swimming with this new information and I was wondering why our sex life didn’t resemble this former woman at all.The alcohol was also having its effect on all of us and Bill blurted out, “Damn I am horny as hell, so who are we going to watch on the couch?” Everyone kind of giggled but there was also an awkward silence after like we all wondered at the same time is that really going to happen.Brie finally spoke up and said she wanted to watch one of them and that she missed that. Amber said we should all draw straws to see who had to perform for the group. There was another silent pause as everyone kind of looked at each other again.Bill broke the ice, “so how do we do this?”Nicole said she had an idea and she’d be right back. She went inside and after a minute or two she came back out with four straws.”I’ve got four straws in my hand and I cut one straw, whoever draws it goes to the couch,” she said.”Are the men or the women drawing?” asked John.Nicole stunned us when she said; “Men draw first and then the women. Whichever man gets short straw eliminates their partner.”Now it really got quiet and I looked at my wife who was looking nervous and she finally spoke up. “Wait a minute did any of us actually agree to any of this?” she asked.After a brief silence Brie said, “I’m in.”He husband followed, “Me too.”John and Amber followed suit and Nicole was holding the straws and it was her idea so had to figure we had her answer. She was looking at Ted to respond and he finally nodded. That left my wife and I as the only ones. I looked at her and felt trapped and thought she did to. I gave her that unspoken up to you look.She sighed and said, “Ok, fine, I’m in.”At that point I had no choice. Even though I thought Brie, Amber and Nicole were all hot and under different circumstances I’d love to fuck them this was one of those times when I just hoped my wife and I both would be watching this unfold.”Ok boys, line up,” said Nicole.Bill was surely the most excite and picked first. He held it up but no one knew if that was a long or short straw until the next draw. John went next and when he held it up it was same size as the straw Bill picked. That meant either Ted or me would get the short one. I was dreading this and my heart was pounding but I nodded for Ted to pick first. He did and to my great relief he held up the short straw.One down one to go I thought. “Guess I get to watch you tonight honey”, said Nicole to Ted. She then threw one of the long straws to the side and mixed up the remaining three.Nicole held them up and Brie went first and it looked like one of the longer ones. Amber looked at Jill and said, “Me or you?”Jill said, “You pick.”As much as I was hoping Amber would pick the short one I also knew Jill hoped she would too as she just looked uncomfortable. Amber picked and looked at the straw compared to the one in Brie’s hand and it was obvious.Nicole looked over at Jill and said… “You are in luck All-Night Size Queen”.Everyone got a good chuckle at that except for me, Jill and Ted. Ted also looked a bit uneasy with his new predicament.Bill said, “Well what are we waiting for let’s go inside. I’m getting a good seat.”Most of the group headed in except for Ted and Nicole and my wife and I. My wife looked at me with some sadness in her eyes.”I don’t want to do this and should never have agreed,” she said. “I’m sorry.””Luck of the draw I guess,” I replied trying not to make her feel worse.She gave me a hug and Nicole approached us.”Just have fun and don’t worry about it,” she said. “With the alcohol we’ve all had I’m not sure anyone will remember this tomorrow anyway.”She smiled and headed in and Ted approached and held out his hand.”Well, shall we?” he asked.My wife took his hand and he led her inside looking back at me again with that sad look as I followed them inside. The others had gathered seats around the couch and ottoman area and were filling up their drinks with excitement. Why not I thought, they are all off the hook and just get to enjoy.Ted took Jill to the couch and with his hands on her hips he leaned in and started whispering to her. I wasn’t sure what he was saying but Jill started to smile and laugh a bit so he obviously was able to break the ice which made me feel better and looked like made Jill feel better as well. There was a little buzz around the room as everyone watched intently but it got deathly quiet as Ted moved in and kissed Jill on the lips and she responded in kind and it was a passionate kiss. I noticed as her body seemed to soften and all the tension seemed to go away.My head was now swimming and things felt like they were happening in slow motion. No one was talking but their attention was undivided on the show in front of them.They continued to kiss and Ted continued to whisper to her periodically as his hands and hers started to roam each other. I was so focused on their lips that the movement below startled me. I looked lower to see Jill rubbing her hand up and down the front of Ted’s pants — obviously along his cock. Ted was wearing a short sleeve button down beach shirt and Jill started to unbutton it while their lips never left each other and her hand kept stroking him. She got his shirt and Ted has a good build, he was barrel-chested with a good amount of hair on him, kind of opposite of me.Ted removed the straps of Jill’s flimsy sundress and it started to fall down her body, getting hung up on what were now incredibly hard nipples. It was obvious all night to everyone she wasn’t wearing a bra so it was no surprise as Ted moved the dress over her nipples and further down her body. But what was a shock was that as the dressed passed over her hips and had no further interference from hitting the floor it revealed that she had no panties on either.A few gasps from the group ensued as her completely bald pussy was now in full view. I had been asking her to do that for a long time but she never had saying the wax job was too painful. She had always kept it tamed and trimmed but I had never seen it or experienced it bald and it was obvious that she was wet as her kitty glistened. I wondered if that was to be a surprise for me this weekend and now here was Ted getting the first close up and feel of it as his hand and fingers started to wander.Jill had her head buried in Ted’s shoulder, as he seemed to expertly work her over. She was whimpering as he moved fingers in and out of her prize. You could hear the wetness and it wasn’t long before her knees started to get weak and she clutched around him as she came from his stimulation. Ted practically had to hold her up as the waves of the orgasm when through her. He smiled and kissed her again as she steadied herself.Jill’s hand made its way back to Ted’s shorts and went back to its familiar stroking as her other hand started to rub through the hair on Ted’s chest. She was starting that lowering of her body as she kissed her way down his chest. She sat on the ottoman and pulled Ted into her by the waist. She undid his shorts and pulled them down.From my left side I heard Nicole say to no one in particular, “watch this.”And with that we all watched as Jill pulled down Ted’s boxers and a huge cock sprang out. There was an audible gasp from the collective group and my heart started to pound even harder. Jill stared at the cock in front of her and then looked up at Ted who just nodded to her. And with that I watched as my wife gripped the base of Ted’s cock and brought him to her lips. Then, in a flash, it totally disappeared down her throat and Ted leaned his head back and groaned.”Holy shit,” said Bill.”And that is why we said she was the best at oral,” added Brie.The site unfolding was turning animalistic in nature as Jill was devouring Ted’s cock with her mouth and giving it an assist with her hands.Ted looked over at Nicole almost apologetically.”It’s ok babe, she’s the best, enjoy it,” she replied.With that freedom now in Ted’s mind he put his hand on the top of Jill’s head and pushed his hips forward a bit.”Oh fuck, oh my god… aahhhh,” he roared as he emptied what seemed to be 10-12 powerful shots of cum down Jill’s throat. She never missed a beat and never missed a drop.”Jesus Christ Jill that was amazing,” he said. “Now get over here because I am going to give that pretty pussy the fucking of your life.”And just like that quiet Ted was gone. My wife had turned some kind of switch on in Ted and he picked Jill up and put her on the couch and went straight for her honey pot.”Ahhhhh yes lick eat my pussy,” cried Jill. “Oh that is good.”Ted attacked Jill’s pussy like it was the Last Supper. I looked over and saw that Bill and Brie were all over each other and that Amber had John’s cock down her throat. I looked at Nicole who was rubbing her pussy over her little shorts and she made eye contact with me and got up and stood next to me.”You need to prepare yourself,” she said. “Ted is going to fuck Jill senseless. I know you’ve never seen this side of her but I saw that look in her eyes the second she saw his cock. Jill used to go for the guys that look just like Ted. Once he puts his cock in her they won’t stop.”Jill words broke through like daggers.”Fuck me now,” she said. “Fuck me with that big cock.”Ted scurried up with his again hard cock at attention and spread Jill out on the coach even wider with is legs and then lined it up at her bare hole. He put the big head of his cock at her lips and looked over at me, still next to Nicole, and she put her hand on my shoulder as he drove his entire length into my wife.Jill cried out in pleasure and came with her legs held out wide. That sound and that reaction proved one thing to me instantly. I had never made my wife cum and that she had faked it with me every time. Brie and Bill and Amber and John all made a dash for their rooms, obviously to go fuck themselves. As they disappeared and my attention was back on Ted and Jill who were now fucking with abandon.Nicole leaned in to me again. “Are you alright?” she asked.”I don’t know,” I said. “I don’t even recognize her right now.””Look, we all know she loves you,” she answered. “In fact she loves you more than any of us have loved our husbands.”I listened as my eyes kept watching my wife take every inch of Ted.Nicole turned me away from the view and could tell I was mentally a mess. “I have an idea,” she said.I looked at her as she took off her top and shorts and stood naked in front of me. She put my hands on her chest and I sighed. She reached down and lowered my shorts and my small but hard cock was so hard. She looked at me as she gripped it and started to stroke it.My knees started to buckle and my cum started to cover Nicole’s hands and when it stopped I felt totally drained. Nicole smiled at me and leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek.”Now go to your room and try to fall asleep,” she said. “You don’t need to see anymore of this tonight.I nodded and mouthed a thank you to her as I pulled up my shorts and grabbed my shirt. I looked at Jill who was staring right at me as Ted pounded her doggie style with everything he had. It was a woman I didn’t recognize at the moment. But I was also coming to the realization this was part of who she was. It was obvious the fucking was not going to subside any time soon.I was about to walk off when Jill cried out again and buried her head in the couch as Ted continued to thrust with force. As she raised her head again she looked glazed over and I decided that was my cue to leave.I turned the corner to our room and once out of sight I stopped to take a deep breath. That’s when I heard Nicole’s voice again.”So was I lying,” said Nicole.”God no you weren’t,” I heard Jill reply. “I owe you. This is the best fucking I’ve had in a few years.”Oh my god… had this all been a set up so my wife could fuck Ted? And wait a second, what did she say, few years… I’ve never fucked her like that and we’ve been married for ten. Has my wife been cheating on me?”Well enjoy him,” said Nicole. “He’s yours for the night. I jerked off your husband for you, only took a few strokes. Now I know why you were so bummed Bruce moved.”Bruce?!?!?! What the fuck? Had my wife been fucking my former boss? I had worked for Bruce when I met Jill. And now that I was thinking about it he looked a lot like Ted. And now it made sense why my wife never complained when Bruce sent me on work trips all the time taking me away from home. I started to feel nauseous and my mind was distracted again.”You enjoyed yourself babe,” said Nicole obviously to Ted.”I owe you too,” he quickly replied. “Jill is a terrific fuck and you know I like taking a man’s wife in front of him.””Well I’m going to make myself cum so have fun and don’t forget her ass,” said Nicole. “She’ll love it as much as I do.”I heard Nicole as she walked away and snuck a peek around the corner. Jill was now slow riding Ted taking full strokes of his cock by raising herself up and down. They were talking softly but I could make out their words.”I have to tell you this,” started Ted. “You are seriously the best lay I have ever had in my life and that blow job rocked my world.”I saw Jill smile and replied, “There is no way this is the only time we’re going to fuck. I’ve been looking for a new lover.””I work from home,” said Ted. “I can fuck you any time you want.””Jack leaves the house by 8 every morning,” replied Jill. “I like to be fucking by 9.””I’ll be there Monday morning, 9 sharp,” responded Ted.And with that my world had officially turned upside down. I snuck back to the room to ponder what was next.

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