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Drawing Of Abstract

Drawing Of Abstract Drawing Of Abstract

Limit your palette. Try creating a minimalist palette of adjacent, sympathetic, opposing or random colors. Try one of:Black, brown, beige, off-white in large blocksCadmium red, dark green, border and bands of blackPurple, ultramarine blue, small highlights of orange.

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Spend some time exploring the principles of composition. Learn about important aspects, such as direction, balance, and weight.

Use patterns to fill the rest of the spaces. Make sure no single pattern is touching the same pattern.

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I personally find that I make abstract art when I have a creative block, then I lose the block and I feel inspired. Then I start to sketch and form an idea.

Have you ever considered drawing a “Nothingness”? It is really about abstract drawing, drawing with artistic inspiration without specific intentions in mind but moved totally by the creative spirit. Hard to pinpoint exactly what nothingness ought to be, as that really is up to you – the artist – but it is certainly possible to provide some guidance on setting out on this drawing experience.

It depends on how much effort and time you dedicate to it for detail, outline and proportion. You could spend an hour on it without putting effort into it, or maybe half an hour for concentration. It varies for different individuals.

Choose an abstract artist – look on the net, perhaps one of the Russians like Malevich – who uses simple, strong shapes – and copy a few of them. Then try to create your own design of simple shapes using those as a starting point.

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Alternate filling the background from black to white in the patterned areas, so that a pattern with a black background is touching a pattern with a white background.

Paper (not too big or you won’t be able to fill them all in, the biggest you might be able to do within 1 day is A4)

In step 3 of Method 1, don’t fill in all the small shapes. This cannot be stressed enough because it affects the overall appearance of your artwork. Be wary of using pen. This is mainly because pen ink often ends up looking like someone’s bored doodle they might make sitting through a long telephone call.

You want art, not banal scribbling. Never give up – “nothingness” is key to abstract art, so you can’t go wrong! If you don’t like something, try adding to it, the worst outcome could be that you still don’t like it.

Fill in the rest by just putting a cross in them. Go on – try it; it might not seem like a good idea but it will look great.

Use chance to help create a composition. Cut out some basic shapes – squares, circles, ovals, triangles – in the colored card, and toss them onto the floor. Move a cut-out card frame (8×10) over the shapes until you see an arrangement that looks interesting.

The best part of a nothingness is: no one can say its rubbish because it is nothing it doesn’t have to look like anything they don’t know what it is meant to look like so they can’t actually criticize it.

Works best if you use pencil and don’t color it in! Repeat one pattern more than once but spread the patterns that are the same around the page to achieve that randomness that is the essence of your drawing.

If you make the mistake of coloring it in, it might end up looking like this picture. But anything goes really – whatever inspiration grabs you, the artist, is what matters the most. If you decide you want to colour in your nothingness after it is finished, you can use a texta or fine linear to go over the patterns to create a cleaner effect.

The shapes that are smaller would work best in Step 2; spread them out!! Be creative and put your feeling into it! Don’t be afraid to let your creativity “spread out” a lot more than it used to when you first just started experimenting with it.

Find something small and circular. For example, a cup or a roll of duct tape. Also use a Sharpie™ with both a fine and regular tip for this whole project; it makes it pop more than pen or pencil.

Abstract art has many purposes and inspirations, and covers many styles. These pieces can be formal explorations of the principles of composition, trying to get selected components to look ‘right’ just as one might when arranging a room or a spray of flowers. Abstract art can also express deep emotion. Often this is communicated by ‘mark making’ – rough or energetic strokes that reveal the physical energy used in their making, just as a singer’s voice might become hoarse with emotion. Music can sound formal and refined, or passionate and emotional, light-hearted or sad, by the use of harmony and orchestration, so abstract art communicates by the use of color, composition, shape and line. Color and value can have strong effects on the emotions, and without realist subject matter to communicate with the viewer, the artist must make good use of these qualities in abstract art.

This will depend on what you hope to express. If you enjoy literature, mathematics or science, and like to explore ideas, then a more formal approach may suit you. If you are passionate and expressive, then you might seek a more dramatic and emotional form of expression.

Start with nature. Picasso said ‘There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward, you can remove all traces of reality’. Try looking at some realist paintings and reducing them to bare bones, simplifying the main shapes. Forget about the things being shown, just indicate the main volumes – the rough shape of a figure, the vertical shape of a tree, a horizon.

Look at scientific images. Space photos, electron microscope images, DNA sequences, microbes, diagrams, mathematical formulae – these things can have a curious beauty.

Abstract art is a bit like music. Just as a tune is an arrangement of sounds in time, with no meaning (not trying to ‘sound like’ water or birds or anything else) so an abstract composition is an arrangement of shapes and colors in space (in the case of painting, on a flat plane). Just as there are rules governing musical composition (scales, keys, principles of harmony) which can be followed or broken to a greater or lesser degree, so there are rules of composition in painting, which you can follow or break depending on what effect you want to achieve.

‘Abstact’ is an adjective meaning ‘existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence, or dealing with ideas rather than events.’

Español: crear un dibujo abstracto al azar, Deutsch: Ein willkürliches, abstraktes Bild malen, Português: Criar um Desenho Abstrato, Italiano: Creare un Disegno Astratto a Caso, Русский: создать случайный абстрактный рисунок

Trace the circle many times with multiple overlapping areas.

Fill in the majority of the shapes left. Use random patterns and similar stuff. Preferably go for big shapes but you’re free to use small ones too. The important essence of nothingness, though, is to follow the random patterns all the time, letting the randomness decide the form for you.

Fill some of the shapes in that arise in the areas between all of the lines. Just keep using your pencil. There is no pattern to follow; just make it a block of choices in one part of your canvas.

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Drawing across the canvas with random lines that split up the blank as much as possible. Send these lines all the way across the page. Don’t leave anything cut off in the middle of the paper but continue to draw the lines from side to the other, without end.

Start with a blank canvas. In this case, a simple piece of blank paper. (See Things You’ll Need for size suggestions.)

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