Drawing Of Human Figure

pencil drawings Drawing Of Human Figure

Drawing Of Human Figure

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Take a look at the screen shots of the gestures drawings that i did below


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Draw the details of the drawing i.e. clothes, accessories. You can use a pen to finalize your drawing. You can put your desired clothes and colors.

You might want to draw references of people of a variety of genders/ethnicities, because then you’ll start to notice all the minor differences. Don’t just go for people that you personally view as attractive, go for people you wouldn’t normally consider drawing.

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No. For females it should have more curves. For males it should be more squared. If you’re doing fuller figures, it’s the same thing for males and females, just fuller.

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The human figure has inspired artists to pick up their pencils for thousands of years. Drawing the human form allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the curves and lines that make up male and female bodies. The human form, like any figure, is easy to draw when you break it down into its most basic shapes: ovals, circles, and rectangles. Once you master the basics, you can hone your skills by drawing figures whenever you get a chance.

How do I draw the front base of the girl human being on paper?

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Draw some basic shapes to represent the parts of the body by using a pencil. Circles, rectangles, ovals and triangles can be used.For the varieties of human figures, you can also use different kinds and sizes of circles and ovals, etc.

For example, to draw a fat man, you can use a big oval for his body part.To draw a short girl, you can use small and short ovals, rectangles and circles.According to your imagination and creativity, you can alter or use different kinds of shapes to make your drawings funny or strange.

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Plan your drawing. Draw some vertical and horizontal lines to plan your drawing. Planning is not so important for the proportion of the drawing. Measure the figure by seeing how many times the head fits in the body height.

The average adult human is eight heads tall. But for shorter people maybe 7 or if they are on the taller end maybe 9, but usually no higher than 9.

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You should draw them as large or as small as you would like to. Make sure that they are proportionate to the rest of the body.

What is the difference between the male and the female model sketches or drawings?

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Sketch the outlines lightly using a pencil. This step is important as you need to try to draw your figure in a realistic and lively way.

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If you’re drawing a male, try using slightly more rigid shapes, such as triangles and rectangles; if you’re drawing a female, curvier shapes like ovals may work better.

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Start with an hourglass shape. From there, draw the base of the head, the arms and the legs and add details.

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Draw lightly as you can. So later when your sketch is correct you can draw over the lighter lines with a darker one. It is recommended when starting out to use a reference, either from photos from magazines, newspapers, the internet or if possible a real person.

To help get the proportions right, the average adult body is twelve times the length of the head (this includes the head itself) with the head taking up one, the torso taking up 2-3 and the legs taking up the rest.

Experiment. You’ll know when it looks right. For the first time, you will find it very easy to draw a well proportioned figure. Try to draw for a quite a number of times. You can eventually improve your drawings.

Try to focus on each part of the human figure after drawing a rough sketch of it. This may help you to get a better look and enhance it at the same time. The details and clothing can indicate the type of individual person, his character and his professions.

Start from very lightly sketching the head and body, including arms and legs to get your sizes right, then go into the details.

Drawing Of Human Figure