Drawing Whiskers With Pencil Onlypencil Drawing Tutorials

June 3, 2018 7:12 am by theundertown
Drawing tiger eye
Drawing realistic male hair
Drawing Whiskers With Pencil Onlypencil Drawing Tutorials

Before we begin, lets look at what whiskers look like.  Ill be focusing on drawing cat whiskers, but this technique can be used to draw any type of whisker.

On the last tutorial we worked on how to draw tiger stripes. This time we will learn how to draw leopard spots..  Drawing spots is basically the same idea using similar techniques.  For this tutorial we’ll be working on leopard spots.

I’ve been asked often where i buy the blank cards to make my ACEOs and i always tell them that i make them myself. There are benefits to making your own rather than buying them already made. The most important is the cost, its much cheaper to make your own than to buy them made. Continue reading →

We are going to start by drawing a rough outline with a 6B pencil.   Don’t worry if it doesn’t look like mine, we will be focusing on the technique and not on identical replication.  So in this outline i have one side of the muzzle, quick outline of nose and whiskers.

we’ll be focusing primarily on he muzzle and wont worry about the surrounding area such as the nose and mouth.

The first thing you will notice is  their thickness, they attach to hair follicle and are full of blood vessels and nerves that the cat used to sense their surrounding.

We can all probably draw the human eye, we draw the oval shape with the iris and pupil. I consider that to be a basic sketch of the eye. Before you draw a realistic eye you must first study what it really is. I will post a closeup picture of an eye so you can see what it looks up close. We all have them, but I’m sure that most of us haven’t really paid attention to what it really looks like up close. Continue reading →

I hope this tutorial was helpful in improving your artwork. If it was, be sure to show support by sharing it with social media below. It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for the amazing response!!

Hairs comes in different thickness, some are hair is thin and some is thicker.  We will start off the indenting using the needed.  The needle is primarily used to draw thinner, finer hair. its also great to suggest lots of hair.  If you are confused as to what “indenting” is, please read this so you can have an idea of the technique that im using for this tutorial.  Let’s continue.  Pay attention to the way i have indented the lines.  They are not straight or all parallel to each other, they overlap each other and curve.  This is what is going to give the drawing much more realism.  Above what i have there, i would start indenting the next layer,overlapping the previous layer, following the hair flow guides that we added earlier.  You can also follow the reference image as a guide.  We do this until we get to the top.

Drawing realistic hair is more of an understanding of what you are drawing than the technique. It’s such a huge help knowing what you are drawing rather than going with only what you know. I’m sure we can picture a lion’s mane in our heads, but do you actually know what it really looks like. That extra bit of information and detail is what will make your drawing much more realistic. In this tutorial we will look at the mane and will break it down and we will use my technique to draw it. If this is your first time on this site, i recommend you try this tutorial first to make it easier on what were gonna be doing. Let’s get started. Continue reading →

Lots of people have a hard time drawing hair, but its not impossible. If you have read my previous posts on the technique that i use, you will find that it can be done, at least make it easier. But other than “how do you draw the hair?”, one of the other most common questions is “How do you draw the whiskers?”  In this tutorial we will discuss step by step on how to go about drawing them.

Now add hair guides.  We will be using this as a guideline once we start indenting.  Please pay attention to the way they curve.  Hair is never straight, it curls and overlaps, but its never straight.  Remember that when you are indenting.  Also pay attention to the layers, the next layer above overlaps the layer below it and we will be indenting in that manner.  Always indent from the bottom layer and then the above layer.  This gives the final drawing much more depth and realism.  If you are confused, just look at the image above and look at the flow of hair and try to copy that as reference.

My goal with this website is to help you improve your pencil drawings. Im always looking for ways to add better content and write the tutorials with as much detail as possible. The better you understand the techniques the easier it will be for you implement them. This tutorial will be the first of many video tutorials. The quality of the video is not the best so im planning on adding HD tutorials which will greatly improve the way i can teach. The more detail you are able to see in these videos the more you will understand. If you would like to help please chip in by going to the link at the end of this video tutorial. I’d really appreciate it and will will help improve the quality of this website.

drawingfeaturedhow to draw eyeshuman eyepencilrealistic eyesTutorials

Lots of people have a hard time drawing hair, but its not impossible. If you have read my previous posts on the technique that i use, you will find that it can be done, at least make it easier. But other than “how do you draw the hair?”, one of the other most common questions is “How do you draw the whiskers?”  In this tutorial we will discuss step by step on how to go about drawing them. Continue reading →

From this point on its all about the small details, the secret is in the indentations.  Indenting correctly will give you the best results.  By correctly, i mean indentation, following the hair flow, understanding the layers and mixing thick with thin hairs.   As you are adding pencil you will notice the layers and you will know where to darken in order to bring them out.  you can also add highlights by using the kneaded eraser.  By making a fine edge with the eraser you can make individual hairs stand out much more.  By tapping the edge along the indentation, you will remove pencil making it lighter. This method of drawing hair is all about practice and understanding hair.  Please read this tutorial to get a better idea behind the technique.  Please also know that this is a method i use and has worked for me, but its not the only way of drawing whiskers.  If this technique works with your style, then i’ve done my job. If it doesn’t fit your style, then at least you’ve learned something new.

If you were to be drawing a full cat, most likely you would have hair under the whiskers and we would indent those first before indenting the whiskers.  There is some planning that must go into using this technique because the the lower layers of hair will always be indented first.  Before you start indenting the whiskers, lets add some thicker hair over the thinner hair that we previously added.  These indentations should be quick and should not completely cover the previous indentations.  Adding these thicker lines make gives the drawing much more depth and makes the illusion of layers much more noticeable.  These lines look great along the edges.  The thicker lines also serve as a way to suggest that hair clump together, which does happen.   This time i have used a thicker stylus, a pen with no ink.  Please make absolutely sure that the pen has absolutely no ink.  The last thing you want is for ink to come out while you indenting.  Remember that the whiskers grow in layers, starting from the bottom.  That’s an important rule when using this technique.  Keep this in mind, because when you indent following the layers, the top whiskers will overlap the bottom ones, giving your drawing a bit more realism.  Again, look at the reference picture to see what im talking about.  Basically that’s it, we have out whiskers, you can add more whiskers, but you got the basic idea.  We will not start adding pencil to bring out the indentations.

Blending is a big part of drawing with a pencil. Its what gives you smooth value transitions. Over the years I have found many things that I use for blending pencil. Here I’ll go e you all a description on what I use. Continue reading →

The eyes are the most important part of any pencil drawing. I believe its the part that you must dedicate the most time to. Without the eyes there is no life in the drawing. The secret to making realistic eyes are the subtle details that most us don’t see. These details even though small, when they come together can make a big difference in your final drawing. I’ll keep on repeating this, with all your drawings, study and understand what you’ll be drawing before you actually pick up the pencil. Continue reading →

This is the fun part, its like magic!! Using a 6B pencil will bring out the indentations along the edge of the  muzzle.  The whole idea behind this technique is to cover the raised area with pencil leaving the white paper from the indentations.  For this part you don’t need to press hard, lightly going over the paper will reveal the hair.  Depending on the fur color, the next part will vary.  If it was a cat with brown or darker hair, we would also reveal the muzzle hair with the 6B pencil, but we will be using a flat HB pencil.  This pencil is perfect for this part because of its flat tip.  The flat tip covers a larger area and it goes over the indentations much easier without getting pencil into them.  Lightly go over the whole muzzle to bring out the indentations and you will begin to see the layers of hair. Using these layers we will slowly begin to darken the layers.  If you think about, the hair above will overlap the lower layer, casting a bit of a shadow where they overlap.  Using the 5H, you can start darkening the area where the layers begin.  Basically what you’re trying to do is bring out individual hairs.

One of the most popular questions i’m asked about drawing animals is “how do you draw tiger stripes?”.

Drawing Realistic Hair with Pencil Drawing Realistic Male Hair

We will then add the layer guides.  This is where the whiskers will be growing from.  This will also indicate the layers once we start indenting.  So far, so good.  If you refer to the reference image at the beginning you will notice these layers.

My work is primarily known for animals, but the same technique i use for my animal drawings can also be used to draw human hair. In this tutorial we will be working on drawing realistic male hair.  Before we move forward, if this is your first time reading one of my tutorials, i recommend you read this tutorial first to have a better understanding of what were going to be doing today. Continue reading →

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