Drawings Of Cartoon Animals

November 27, 2018 12:44 am by theundertown
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Drawings Of Cartoon Animals

Don’t search for triangles, squares or rectangles here … only circles are needed! Yes, it is possible to represent a simple insect like a caterpillar by using only a few circular shapes. All you need to add are a few lines to form the mouth, create the legs and sketch the antennas. A slight perspective is even created by playing with the orientation of the body.

Don’t hesitate to practice as often as needed and feel free to draw more animals on your own. You can either try to create new characters or simply modify the ones found below using your own style.

All previous lessons were just a few examples of what to expect from cartoon animals found in this series. You will have the opportunity to work with a few farm animals and insects that are made from simple elements and mostly filled with plain colors.

Inside the pupils, feel free to draw two small oval shapes to form reflection. It’s a simple step that can give a lot more personality to these cartoon characters.┬á

Eyes, pupils, the nose and even the ears are mostly made from circles and oval shapes. The mouth is drawn using a large curved line and the tail from a tiny triangle. You can clearly see the best tips to draw the most adorable character possible: just draw large eyes, a large head and a tiny body. That’s it! ­čÖé

I also like this great cartoon mosquito for the large eyes that we can see on top of the head of the character. Rarely can you see cartoon animals that are made from eyes that are larger than the head! For this drawing lesson, be prepared to sketch a lot of circles and oval shapes!

It’s pretty amazing how adding just a few basic shapes can still end up with a result that is unique, enjoyable and visually appealing. Of course, adding a bright red color also helps into turning these solid shapes into a cute cartoon crab.

You will have the opportunity to make nice illustrations, practice sketching and cartooning using short easy lessons and complete your creation using a drawing software to create vector art if you want to! Cartoon drawing is really fun once you get into it!

Don’t hesitate to go one step further and draw shadows, highlights or create nice textures inside these illustrations. Another interesting exercise would be to create more animals (not found here) using a similar style. Possibilities are endless!

Unfortunately, this is probably the exception. You can draw cartoon animals using a few basis shapes, but creating a fun and lovable character with just squares can become problematic (it’s feasible, but will it be adorable and appealing? Not always!).

You can have a lot of fun with a character like this one. Indeed, don’t hesitate to try new patterns on the shell, try different postures or change the view of the illustration.

Drawing angry cartoon animals also mean that you will have to work with a lot of squares and rectangles. For this bulldog, a few sharp triangles are also required on the collar! 

Let’s conclude this part of the tutorial by working on a very basic character: a simple chicken drawn using just an oval shape. This little shape contains two dots for the eyes, two small oval shapes to represent the beak and a few curved lines to create the wing. Some hair is visible on top of the character as well as behind it.

Looking for tutorials on how to draw cartoon animals made from simple shapes? Good news! You can now learn how to draw all the farm animals, wild animals, insects and sea animals you love using all drawing tutorials available on this page.

These illustrations are not filled with shadows, highlights and complex digital effects. However, you might have to draw simple shadows on a few occasions. For instance, the shadow located between the head and the body of this pig is needed to separate both shapes. Otherwise, the illustration would be confusing and hard to read.

This basic animal is also interesting to work with. The body is made from a portion of an oval shape and the head is drawn using a weird curved line. Patches on the shell are pretty much all the same except for this cool distortion effect. Legs are short and the tip is made from curved lines too.

The sitting puppy we saw earlier is a pretty common posture in this series. For this example on how to draw cartoon animals, let’s work with a turtle drawn in a different position. As you can see in the first step, the head is lower than the body (not much, but still quite lower). Eyes are round and made from huge circles. All four legs are easy to read on both sides of the animal

Using a darker color for elements that are located behind the character is a simple tip that you can use to create some depth. This technique is simple and reliable.

Take your time and make sure all basic shapes are properly drawn!

Of course, it’s also important to draw simple and beautiful patches on the shell to make sure that this cartoon turtle remains easily recognizable. Use a bright green color on the skin and a darker one for the shell and the large patches. You can also try to illustrate this turtle from a side view if you are looking for a simple (but still quite rewarding) challenge.

Remember that all tutorials on the site are created by someone (me!) with a unique and distinctive style. It is perfectly normal if you cannot achieved something 100% similar because you do have your own style. Your goal is to use these drawing lessons as a template to develop your own (and unique) style.

This is not a race! Take your time, draw each basic shape carefully and make sure everything is aligned properly. Once this is done, create the outlines carefully and add all details once the shape of your character is finished. Check each step to make sure you did not forget a step or an important element.

Only the legs are slightly more challenging to draw. Otherwise, it’s a pretty fun cartoon animal to work with if you want a basic illustration to work on …

All cartoon animals are drawn with large eyes and pupils. If you can draw a circle, then you can draw all facial expressions of these simple designs. The mouth is created using a large curved line. This is the most simple technique you can find! ­čÖé

Also note are both pupils are very close to each other in the colored version. Centering both pupils inside each eye won’t give a good result. Instead, you must move both pupils towards the middle of the eyes to end up with an adorable character.

In this first tutorial, you can learn how to draw a fun turkey mostly made from small rectangles and large circular shapes. The posture of the character is really interesting. Not only is it easier to draw than a front version, but it’s also easier to add some perspective (as we can see with the legs). The fact that we just need to draw one wing is also interesting.

The rest of the lesson is pretty standard. A few oval shapes are needed to form the head, the body, the nose and the eyes. A single line is used to illustrate the mouth of the creature. The back legs are mostly made from curved lines.

This one is pretty interesting. You can see that you can create perspective only by placing the back legs slightly higher (and more on the left) compared to the front ones. No need to change anything else on the body or the head to get the desired effect.

We can draw cartoon animals using rectangles, squares and circles … but triangles? Well, we are not talking about perfect triangles here, but rather curved lines that are assembled like triangles! That’s the beauty of working with this adorable hedgehog. Not only is it a simple animal to draw, but you also get the opportunity to try various shapes not found in most characters from this series.

It’s fun to draw a simple character and end up with an accurate result. It’s even more rewarding if you can create a complex character and end up with an honest result.

Ready to draw some basic shapes? Excellent! The first animal we can draw is this cute puppy. We can draw cartoon animals using complex lines, or create fun characters just by assembling a few basic shapes. Let’s go for the latter! The head is made from a large oval shape and the body from a tiny rectangle.

A few designs are also drawn with a similar posture. Once you can draw the dog, illustrating the cat, the dachshund, the chihuahua, the fox and even the frog should be quite easy. Others like the gorilla and the monkey might look similar at first, but if you look closely you will see that there are a few differences.

I really like to draw cartoon animals that should look terrifying into simple and adorable versions that everyone will love. This is definitely the case with this cartoon shark. All the features you are looking for can be found here … sharp teeth, a menacing fin and a strong body are all elements that should be scary or at least visually intimidating.

This time, why not work on a basic crab using only circles and triangles? Once again, this is a pretty simple cartoon animal. This is a good example to help you realize that you can draw cartoon animals that are easy to read (and to recognize) only by adding a few basic shapes. Although the creature is not filled with details and textures, this one is definitely loaded with a strong personality.

Don’t be afraid to try until you get it right. This method is really simple, but requires practice and observation. So, sit back and relax. Learn how to draw animals from the farm and start your journey on a good note!

It is important to draw all the features of a character without forgetting a single detail. The cheetah and the tiger are quite similar. If you don’t draw the patches correctly, the result can be confusing and hard to recognize.┬á

Don’t draw characters that you are comfortable with. Try to sketch the ones that are tough and difficult. It’s the best technique to improve your abilities!

Look at the final illustration from the dog tutorial. See how the dog looks calm and adorable since it is mostly drawn using long and perfect curved lines? Well, the funny thing is that this cartoon animal was built mostly with rectangles and squares. If you look at the fourth step, you don’t see too many circles and oval shapes!

Some features that you don’t want to miss are the proboscis that is made from a long rectangle and all six arms that are attached to the upper part of the body.

All animals from this collection are drawn with big beautiful eyes made from perfect circles. Pupils are also huge to increase the level of cuteness found in these characters. Notice how eyes are almost touching each other near the middle of the head.

Indeed, it’s hard to tell whether the head is made from a circle that is slightly rectangular or a rectangle that is not quite circular. Once thing is sure, study this shape carefully is you want to create cute animals that are similar to the ones found in these tutorials.

Some characters like the shark are pretty easy to recognize. They have so many unique features to sketch that even if you miss a couple of them, you can end up with a realistic character (by the way, did you see the gills inside our friendly shark above?). Other animals are not that simple. If you don’t draw one particular body part correctly, you are done!

Before taking a look at a few examples, let’s take a minute or two to learn more about these cute cartoon animals. All characters in this series are drawn using a specific recipe that I will try to explain below …

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This lesson is slightly more complex than all previous ones. Indeed, the area near the head and the face can be pretty busy in some of these steps. The nose, the eyes, the cheeks, the pupils and the collar are all elements that must be drawn properly if you want to end up with a terrifying bulldog like the one found below.

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Most of these cartoon animals are not filled with complex textures or digital effects. In this case, the subject is filled with plain colors and only a few basic details (inside the tail) were added.

Although these drawing lessons are quite easy to achieved, they can be a little bit difficult if you don’t have much experience at drawing. Here are a few tips to help you reproduce these cartoon animals more easily.

The opposite can also be true. You could turn a cute little bunny into the most terrifying character of all time. That’s the beauty of working with cartoon images … anything can happen! ­čśë

Even more interesting is the fact that only two large circles (for the body and the head) and two small ones (for the eyes) are required to create the animal. All four legs are made from a tiny rectangle.

So far we tried a dog that was in a sitting position, a turtle crawling on its chest, a crab with six legs and a caterpillar capable of wearing tons of shoes. This time, let’s play with a standard animal walking on its four legs. This horse is slightly more challenging because the shape of the body is pretty irregular. As you can see below, the size of the head is almost the same as the size of the body.

A simple perspective effect is created with the color of all legs. Indeed, the ones in front are brighter while legs located on the back of the animal are darker. If you feel like it, you can also add a few shadows below the head (as shown in the colored version).

Some characters might be more challenging to illustrate. For example, the wings of the bat are made from pointed oval shapes. They can be done using a mix of two or three basic shapes, but you can also use your creativity to end up with something slightly different. It’s up to you!

The shape of the body is also visually interesting. Just like the head, it’s hard to associate this part of the character with a basic shape like a circle or a rectangle. Don’t forget that all elements are filled with plain (and saturated) colors.

This is the case with the duck. If you don’t sketch the perfect beak, then this animal could look like a chicken or a simple unknown bird. Sure, the color and the shape of the feet are also easily recognizable, but since we are working with basic characters, then simple mistakes can be fatal.

So far you have learned how to draw cartoon animals that were fun and easy to sketch. The good news is that even more characters are available for you to enjoy! Indeed, lots of tutorials featuring all the farm animals, wild animals, sea animals and insects you love can be found below. 

Learning how to draw cartoon animals from the farm is not such a difficult task! We’ve grown up surrounded by them! Farm animals are everywhere: In blockbuster movies, child’s books, greeting cards… their shapes and images are printed in our minds!

In this section, I will show you how to determine what are the physical uniqueness of each animal and how to work with them. Then, you can practice drawing each cartoon character using basic shapes.

Practice as much as needed. Try to draw using your own style!

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