Easy Drawings Of A Little Fish Animal

November 24, 2018 6:59 pm by theundertown
Free coloring page coloring adult little fishes simple coloring page with cute fishes original drawing by olivier
Cute fishies coloring page free clip art
Easy Drawings Of A Little Fish Animal

Thank you Stan Lee…you have inspired millons of artists around the world R.I.p

Done with the pen on the right. Its a blue gel ink pen Tuzoo.

I used colored gel ink pens Tuzoo and also colored ballpoint pens Nataraj.

So only the blue sky was made with a light blue ballpoint pen Nataraj. While the other things were done with colored gel ink pens Tuzoo. As said earlier,

See Visitor’s Newest Drawings IMAGINARY AND WITH GEL INK PEN

Easy pencil sketch of Bollywood actress By champaneri Shivani

So here is the completed work with a ballpoint pen which is on the left in one of the photos. Its 0.7mm. So you can have an idea of the precise size

I redraw sketches of both girls and boys in my free time and try to enjoy the time of drawing any sketch because it makes more happy and more active.so

How To Sketch A Dog Recommended! Click the image below to see that drawing animals can really be fun. My friend Thaneeya who is a prolific artist will surprise you.

Drawing Animals Wanted to learn drawing animals for a long time? I show you many simple techniques and shortcuts that will speed up and simplify your drawing endeavor significantly… …because drawing animals is FUN You will soon experience that it is easy to draw animals.

It may seem unbelievable for you how deceptively simple it is at first. I always say that drawing is easy. It is true. But you cannot get better only by reading about drawing or watching other people’s drawings.

It is the same, as you cannot hire anyone to do the pushups for you and expect your muscles growing… You have to get a pencil and draw and draw and draw. Everyone is doing that in the beginning. I was doing it and still doing.

Each drawing of an animal goes with an easy to follow step-by-step guide. Follow the process and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your own results. In many cases I started the picture with only a simple clumsy pencil line, almost ridiculously ugly.

You can then witness how easily and effortlessly I’ve developed the shape of that “difficult” animal. The same process is now available to you. There is very little difference in drawing humans or animals or any other object.

It is only in how we see the object. Once you learn how to capture the shapes, it will be gradually easier and easier. Yes, I admit, there are easy to draw animals and so called: “not so easy animals” to draw…but, let’s be honest here; isn’t it again only in a way how we see and observe them? If you are totally clueless, one of the best ways is to get a tracing paper and copy as many pictures of animals as possible.

This technique lets you capture the contours and the perfect shape of an animal. Your hand remembers the pencil strokes you make! This is very interesting! This is also one of the learning techniques and is very effective.

Try it and you’ll see surprising results. It works. Enjoy The Following Tutorials

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