Flower Sketches In Pencil Step By Step

September 3, 2018 12:12 am by theundertown
How to draw flower drawings steps sketch coloring page
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Flower Sketches In Pencil Step By Step

Nothing gets the creative juices flowering than simplicity and a super subject.  Simplicity in that with just a drawing pad, pencil, eraser and a flower, you can begin your journey!

Why is this important?  Each flower will have these components.  Knowing this, you’ll be looking for them to include in your drawing.

Well of course I’m gonna have an article centered on flower drawing.  Flowers have such a hold on us in our daily lives, so much so, we use them to speak for us!  Below is the high speed drawing video of the picture given.  Now, this page talks about some basics in flower drawing, and a link is given on how to use a great tool as a drawing guide to get to this point.  The video kinda shows the last stages only.

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As this page expands, check in to see more demonstrations on flower drawings.

We use flowers to express love, friendship, sympathy and a full range of emotions.  With its universal appeal, it makes for a SUPER subject to use in painting and in drawing. 

OK, now you have some of the very basics in pencil flower drawing, you can click over to my article that talks about making accurate measurements and getting your proportions spot on using the proportional divider.  This tool is invaluable in establishing your outline to begin your drawing.  Just click the link to a great tool and drawing guide.

Highly RecommendedInsightful, and reinforces techniques and theories discussed here. What are you waiting for, go see for yourself! Read my complete review.

And this really is a key point in flower drawing as well as in painting flowers.  Plus, when I say Stigma, you’ll know what part of the flower this is.

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You may have already seen these photo’s below elsewhere on the site, but they work perfectly in helping to break down the flower image into its basic forms.  These basic shapes, Cups, saucers, disks, trumpets, bells, etc. are repeated in so many of the flowers we want to draw.

Pencil Flower Drawing, a step by step drawing guide for beginners.

Another item that you need to pay attention to will be the angle in which you are observing your subject.  If you are directly above the flower or its blossom is facing you straight on, or maybe at a slight angle will change what you observe and put to paper.  If you’re doing a number of blossoms, then you may have all three examples as seen below.

Knowing also makes it easier to draw what you observe because you will better understand what you are actually looking at.

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Lets begin by talking a little about the anatomy of a flower.

Your flower drawing can become the beginnings of a master piece oil painting or a finished fine art graphite drawing.  So lets get started!

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