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Vampire dessin 42x297 cm 2017 par david lenne illustration
Girl Vampire Draw

Girl Vampire Draw Girl Vampire Draw

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Draw the outline of the vampire’s face. Add the ears, making the upper tip pointed.

Adjust the skill level by thinking of the body and features in shapes, such as a circle for the head, oval for the torso etc.

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Add details to the face using the crossed lines you have drawn earlier as guide. Draw the eyes using two egg-like shapes and add a slanted line across the eyes for the lids. Draw a small circle for the pupils and a curved line for the eyebrows.

Draw the nose and the mouth. Add inverted small triangles for the vampire’s fangs.

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Hi everyone welcome back, for this video I go back to the Draw this Again challenge, only that this time around it has turn into the Draw this AGAIN, AGAIN Challenge. I talk a bit on the reason why I redrew this Vampire girl again as well as what I believe I had done wrong in the one form last year. I hope you guys enjoy, and let me know if you guys have try this challenge before in the comment section below.———————————||MATERIALS USED||Arches Cold press Watercolor Paper 300 g/m^2 – 140 lb Liquid Frisket in WhiteShinHan Professional Watercolors———————————Don’t be shy and come say Hi!|| Pasa a visitarme!||INSTAGRAM||…||ART AMINO APP||ILLUSTRA Creations———————————Thank for Watching, don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment! Thank you ^u^

Learn four different ways to draw a vampire by following the easy steps in this article. Let’s begin!

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Draw the hands and add details to the vampire’s suit like adding buttons.

Add two thin curved lines to show a bit frame on the wings of the bat.

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Step 6. For the final step all you have to do is draw in her shoulders and then add more hair definition strands to the hairstyle. Erase the mistakes and all the guides too.

Español: dibujar un vampiro, Português: Desenhar um Vampiro, Deutsch: Einen Vampir zeichnen, Italiano: Disegnare un Vampiro, Nederlands: Een vampier tekenen, Русский: нарисовать вампира, Français: dessiner un vampire, 中文: 画吸血鬼, Bahasa Indonesia: Menggambar Vampir

Step 3. Once the actual face structure is drawn in and the hair line is added, you can go ahead and start the drawing process with the eyebrows, nose and upper lip. Color in the lip and brows, then add detailing to the face between the brows.

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Step 2. Define the shape of the vampire girl’s face like so. As you can see her head is tilted upward a bit. I drew her like this so the full face is visible.

Erase unnecessary lines. You can add long slanted strokes on areas usually darkened with shadow.

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Step 1. No need to tell you what to do first. All we need is to make the guidelines and shapes for the head and neck. Sketch in facial guidelines as well.

Draw the collar of the vampire’s cape using curved lines. Make it look elaborate and pointed on each tip.

Draw the nose using small slanted strokes. In this angle, the nose looks smaller than in the usual portrait poses.

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Draw the vampire’s face and hair. Add the ears, make the upper tip of the ear slightly pointed.

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Add a creepy background to finish the draft. Make sure that the background is a little bit blurred to show an atmospheric effect. Both the vampire and the bat are floating so you don’t have to include the cast shadows on the drawing.

Finish drawing the mouth by completing the teeth and the lower lip.

Draw the vampire’s hair using slanted and curved strokes. Darken and add details to the vampire’s clothing like a bow tie or anything you want.

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Step 7. That’s it, you are all done. You can leave her with no teeth or you can give her a pair of pearly white fangs. Either way she came out beautiful. Color her in too so you can really captivate her beauty.

Okay guys, I know Halloween has come and gone but I really felt like making a tutorial on another vampire inspired creature and this time she is pretty, and just feasted on someone. Up next, we will learn how to draw a girl vampire face, step by step. Everyone knows I have done so many vampire related tuts in the past so talking about new ones kinda gets old because what else can I say. I actually wanted to dress my face up this past Halloween to look like this girl vampire face, but I never got around to it. So, in light of that wee bit of information, I want to share this lesson with you all even if Halloween is over. I know it will be fun so go ahead and tackle what I like to call a girl vampire face. Adios mi amigos and enjoy!

Draw an outline of the vampire’s body using a square. Draw the vampire’s legs using long lines and draw a circle for the feet.

Start drawing the mouth with the actual lines of the upper lip.

Draw a circle for the head and attach a curved shape with a pointed angle below the circle. Add a horizontal line on the center of the circle and sketch a curved vertical line close to the left side of the circle.

Draw a circle. Add an elongated angular shape for the vampire’s jaw line. Add a crossed curved line close to the left side of the drawing extending through the jaws.

Add the actual lines for the face of the bat. Bats should look fierce. The fangs should also show on the bat’s mouth.

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Draw the vampire’s mouth. Emphasize on their characteristic fangs when drawing the teeth.

Using the crossed lines as guide, draw the vampire’s eyes and eyebrows. Make it look more intense and mean by adding short lines in between the brows.

Draw two slanted lines for the neck and add a wide curved line for the shoulders.

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Step 4. Finish the vampire girl face by drawing the rest of her eyes, then draw in the bottom lip, ear, all the earrings and then definition to the ear and tip of nose.

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Add an elaborate collar to the cape, make the edges look pointed.

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Step 5. We can now draw in the long, thick flowing hairstyle. Notice how the hair ends rest on her shoulders. Of course the shoulders are not drawn in yet. Sketch in strand detailing to the side of her head before leaving this step.

Draw two curved lines as an initial sketch for the bat’s wings.

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