How To Draw A Banner

pencil drawings How To Draw A Banner

How To Draw A Banner

How to draw a banner by luigi mengato
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Learn how to draw a banner everyday objects step by step drawing tutorials
Step one create two curvy slanted rectangles placing one just to the right of the first
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Illluminatedknowledge oct 14th 926 am these are the banners that i use the most and i thought it might be helpful for some of you ☺ so heres how
Variety of banners
Step one draw two arches close together one on top of the other connect the top and bottom arches with vertical lines
Step one draw two curved slants one on top of the other connect the two slants with concave perpendicular lines
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Finish off your ribbon banner by drawing a straight line from the s tail to the main rectangle this is important because it completes that folded look
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Step one draw two curved slants one on top of the other connect the slants with vertical perpendicular lines
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5. Now put a dot inbetween your new parallel lines, just inside a little (not flush with the ends). The dots will create your V-cuts on the tail of the ribbon.

7. You’re not done yet! Finish off your ribbon banner by drawing a straight line from the S-tail to the main rectangle. This is important because it completes that folded look. Now you can shade it in or draw some lines to off-set it.

1. Ok don’t hate me – I love double-decker banners, but I totally made up that name. I have no idea what they’re called. Start off with two parallel wavy lines.

1. Draw a straight line – or as straight as you can – followed by a parallel line below it.

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So I’ll show you the basics in a 3 different ways, and there’s a worksheet at the end that you can download for FREE and print to try it out yourself.

5. Now finish of the ends. You can do the same V-cut as the first two banners we learned, or straight or jagged as seen here. Put your own spin on it!

3. Add a curvy tail on the pointed side to extend the rectangle. This is going to form the fold in your ribbon. 

7. Close the tails with two straight lines that attach to the original rectangle. 

And those are three basic ways to draw banners. Your worksheet has a few other styles for you to try out. Apply the basic directions you learned here to draw them. 

6. Now draw lines from each corner to the dot to crate your V-cut. The dot helps you find your center so your V isn’t off-center. 

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3. Draw two lines on each side slightly below the top of the rectangle. 

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8. Finally, draw a diagonal line from the corner of the original rectangle to the inside corner of the tail. This creates a folded look.

3. Connect your bottom section by drawing a line up from the bottom corner to the top corner, and then diagonally to connect the two levels.

4. Next, draw a line on each side that is parallel to the tail you just created. This is the other part of your folded “ribbon,” so you don’t want it to be too fat or too thin compared to the main rectangle.

They should be pretty close to the same thickness.

6. Now you can create the V-cut tails by drawing lines from each point to the center dot.

2. Then draw another set of parallel wavy lines under it, and slightly offset to the right.

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4. Finish off the top section by drawing a line from the top corner to the bottom corner

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5. Now put a dot in the center of those two lines. Just like with the Straight Banner, you want to place it to the inside a bit because you’re using the dots to create your V-cuts.

A nicely placed banner will take your design up several notches! They’re impressive, and with a little practice, you can be creating some really fun designs with them.

Banners are my favorite! Can you tell? They show up in my lettering all the time.

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4. Now draw parallel lines just a bit below the rectangle. As you see above, the thickness of the rectangle and the new lines is about the same.

How To Draw A Banner