How To Draw A Dragon Head

pencil drawings How To Draw A Dragon Head

How To Draw A Dragon Head

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How to draw a dragon head drawingforall net
Description when you have erased your mistakes and guidelines the drawing should look like the one you see here now all you have to do is add some color
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How to draw dragon head step 11
How to draw a dragon head
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Description here is the finished drawing of your dragon head now you can choose how you want to color it in here is the finished drawing of your dragon
How to draw a dragon head
How to draw a dragon head step 9
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Cool and easy to draw how to draw dragons how to draw a dragon head step
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How to draw a dragon

Draw the basic shape of the head part that you want to add. In this illustration, a trapezoid or triangular rectangle is used as a guide to draw fins.

Frills look like smaller versions of wings that are attached to the head. Just look at wing references and size them down. If you need a better visual, tissues and pipe cleaners will help you get the positioning right.

You can draw a cave by drawing a rocky circle and adding shading in the background, darkening as you go deeper. Try to make the cave walls uneven, and if you want, add some hanging rocks, rocks hugging the cave wall, etc.

Gray or brown would be good default colors, but you can add multiple colors if you want to include glowing jewels and gems.

It depends on your level of ability. If you want simpler processes, you can start with easier dragons and build up from there.

The general outlines of the dragon head are ready, and now we draw the details, moving from top to bottom. Here we draw the oval eye, above it draw jagged horn plate. Beneath the eye draw the folded part of scales.

As you can see, at the end the head of dragon will look very realistic. At first we sketch out a pretty simple figure. This Is the outline of a dragon’s head, it is need to draw, using simple and light lines. Note, how the head narrows to the nose. At the top of the head don’t forget the sketch out the horns.

Hello, dear readers of our website! Today we bring you a new article, in which we again will learn you how to draw.

Sketch an outline of an open mouth by using snakes, crocodiles, or other animals as reference – a snake’s open mouth is used here.

Use a smaller tipped drawing tool to add details and refine the sketch.

Use dramatic shading. For instance, if your dragon is facing slightly left, add shading under its chin, along its neck, at the left end of its eyes, and at the base of its horns.

Draw your choice of attachment. This illustration uses horns based from a water buffalo, give your Dragon any type of attachments you like.

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If it’s a fire-breathing dragon, add flames! If your dragon lives in the ocean, draw fish, coral, and bubbles.

Draw a more rounded outline than that of a human, more like a cat’s eye. Give the eye a thin, curved pupil. Add shading to suggest a colored iris and surround the eye with scales.

Español: dibujar una cabeza de dragón, Português: Desenhar a Cabeça de um Dragão, Italiano: Disegnare una Testa di Drago, Deutsch: Einen Drachenkopf zeichnen, Français: dessiner une tête de dragon, 中文: 画一颗龙脑袋, Bahasa Indonesia: Menggambar Kepala Naga

Add lots of shading, i.e., depict where the lighting would show.

Here we on the last step of the drawing lesson on how to draw dragon head. Here we add the light shadows. As always, we do it in a several stages:

With uneven horizontal sketch out the mouth of the dragon. Beneath the mouth draw two large spikes, and above the mouth draw the contour of the eye. In this step, as in the previous one, we need to use simple and light lines.

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This tutorial will show you some techniques and methods for drawing dragon heads. Drawing dragons is a very creative process, since no one in the world knows what dragons really look like! Be guided by the steps, follow them to the letter, or use your imagination.

Circle the lower portion of the head and draw very large horns disposed across the lower jaw. By the way, the dragon, which we draw, has a pronounced appearance of the classic fairy-tale medieval dragon.

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Determine the source of light; Add hatching in areas where no shadow falls; Add a second layer of shading in a particularly dark areas.

How do you make epic scenes with dragons that POP out at you?

Erase and remove the sketch marks to produce a clean outlined drawing.

Draw large areas of skin on the upper part of the neck. Please note that they look like a membrane. At the bottom of the neck, draw a texture similar to an uneven lattice. By the way, if you want to draw an Asian version of the Dragon, visit our lesson on how to draw a chinese dragon.

Try sketching it lightly and use the picture of the dragon you want to draw. Then, lightly draw what you see and, if you happen to get the shape you want, draw a little darker. With practice, you will improve.

Draw additional shapes such as cones or mounds to serve as places where horns or tendrils, hair, etc… can be attached. Read books or use the internet to study various animal characteristics that you can use, or, create something unique.

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Draw additional details to the head such as fins, spikes, etc.

Sketch your choice of additional parts. Add fins like a frilled lizard, as used here, if you like.

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Sketch the eyes and other details such as nostrils and forehead ridges. The snake’s head is also used here.

Sketch your choice of horns, antlers, hair, etc… to add to the head.

I could not draw these without running into a problem. Is there an easier way?

Add other details such as neck, tongue, teeth and chin tendrils as needed.

You can make two wavy lines that connect at the top and form a point, and if that doesn’t work, you can make a stretched triangle with some overlapping skin at the base.

Draw the neck. If desired, use an image of a snake as reference.

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Two Methods:Draw a Dragon Head Using ShapesDraw a Dragon Head Using Animal ReferencesCommunity Q&A

Use shapes like 2 wedges to draw the basic shape of the snout.

And today we are going to tell you how to draw a dragon head.

It was another drawing lesson by DFA in which we told you about how to draw a dragon head. Probably, such dragons adorned the walls of the medieval knights as trophies. Do not forget to subscribe to us in Google Plus, FaceBook, Pinterest and wherever you can find us, so as not to miss the fresh drawing lessons. Good luck!

Sketch a basic shape of a snake’s head as reference, an oval is used in the illustration.

Draw the nostril and nose, which goes to the upper jaw with massive fangs. Between nostril and eye draw plates with scales. Draw such plates around the eyes, as in our drawing.

How To Draw A Dragon Head