How To Draw A Flower In A Vase

pencil drawings How To Draw A Flower In A Vase

How To Draw A Flower In A Vase

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Let’s proceed to the details. Draw petals on each bud. After that draw leaves that come out of the vase.

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At first using very light lines sketch out buds in shape of ovals. Below the buds sketch out stems.

(The newer sketch lines will be in blue, the older sketch lines will be in gray.) Step 1. Begin with basic shapes, start with a rectangle shape in the center of your page, sketch a circle for the vase’s bottom, a narrow cylinder for the vase’s top, and 3 curved lines for the stems. Sketch circles to form the flowers shape. Notice that 2 of the flowers are overlapping, while the 3rd is by itself. This is for composition – it makes it more interesting to look at.

Step 3. Start shaping the details in the flowers – create wedges between each flower petal, and connect the bottom oval of the vase to the rectangle by sketching a curved line on each side.

Step 4. Erase the guides you don’t need. Keep making your flowers look more flowery, and the vase more curvy, remember to keep the vase looking symmetrical. Sketch in some light shadows using simple hatching technique, and another shadow on the right side of the vase. This means the light source is coming from the left side.

The easiest step where we draw the vase. We have chosen the classical of the vase, but you can choose any other form.

We think it was easy and this lesson learned you how to draw flowers in a vase. You can add shadows to your drawing, this will make it more realistic. Also we advise you to look at our other drawing lessons and subscribe to us on social networks.

Hello dear artists. We know that a lot of amateur artists like to draw different types of flowers and we have a lot of tutorials for them (about a rose and tulip for example).

Step 2. Divide the flowers into 6 parts, with a small circle in the center, add almond-shaped leaves, and a new thinner oval for the base of the vase.

Step 5. Finish by adding more details, and darkening your shadows. Cross-hatching in a fast motion is best – but use light pressure and sketch in even, straight lines.

This free sketch (Rose Sketch) is designed to accompany my drawing video tutorial…

But today we decided to make another one lesson on this topic and show you how to draw flowers in a vase.

Erasing all guidelines and unnecessary strokes draw out each petal of the buds. Then draw out each leaf making the lines smooth and nice.

How To Draw A Flower In A Vase