How To Draw A Hand Easy

pencil drawings How To Draw A Hand Easy

How To Draw A Hand Easy

The thing about drawing hands is that if you dont do it right everyone can tell they are the most complicated thing on the human body to draw and so easy
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Español: dibujar manos de apariencia real, Italiano: Disegnare Mani Realistiche, Português: Desenhar Mãos Realistas, Русский: нарисовать реалистичные руки, Deutsch: Realistische Hände zeichnen, Français: dessiner des mains réalistes

Draw the fingers using straight lines which border the framework. Draw also the back of the palm.

Almost all artists agree that the hand is the most difficult to draw and to perfect. It is a very unique part of our human body. Let’s begin!

Refine the drawing of the thumb and hand using curve lines and add details for the fingernail.

Four Methods:A Cartoon HandA Realistic HandA Lady’s HandA Gentleman’s HandCommunity Q&A

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Draw two circles of ascending sizes which share the same base point with the first.

On the axis of the lines draw rectangular boxes tapered at the tips.

Draw the fingers and the pal using curve lines to refine the drawing.

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Trace with a pen and erase unnecessary sketches. Add details for the fingers.

Create a horizontal oval each for the middle, ring and the smallest finger.

The palm and fingers are about the same length realistically; however, they can be modified depending on your artistic style.

Draw a vertical straight line at the midpoint of the oblong. Draw the wrist using straight lines.

Draw method 2 (“A Realistic Hand”), but modify it a bit. Make the wrist and the arm turned horizontally, so that the hand seems to be reaching forward.

Join further straight lines to the earlier four lines at minimum angles and add a small line on the top right corner of the curve below to complete the guides of the fingers.

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Join straight lines from the ovals of the pointing finger and the thumb to the edge of the big palm-oval.

Draw using straight lines the framework for the fingers and the wrist.

Drag a couple of straight lines from the right edge of the oval to the extreme end of the paper for the wrist.

Draw the framework for the thumb using straight lines and a curve concave to the left.

Just like anything else, it takes lots of practice. Use tutorials and articles like this one and practice drawing your own hand. It will take some time, but you will get the hang of it.

Draw a mediums-size circle for the framework of the back of the palm.

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Similarly draw another oval for the pointing finger as well.

Add the details for the fingernails and the back of the hand.

How To Draw A Hand Easy