How To Draw A Ninja

pencil drawings How To Draw A Ninja

How To Draw A Ninja

Learn how to draw a ninja ninjas step by step drawing tutorials
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Learn how to draw ninja for kids ninjas step by step drawing tutorials
Description when you are done your drawing should come out looking like this now you can color him in any color from the three color pattern choice
Description here is what you end up with when you are all done now you can color in your drawing to your liking i hope you had fun drawing a ninja face
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How to draw a cartoon ninja
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Hey ho everyone, and welcome back to another fun filled lesson that is going to be super cool and super fun. One of the things I noticed that I was missing from my ˜for kids’ section, is a tutorial on “how to draw a ninja for kids”, step by step. Everyone knows that ninja are awesome and because I have always received positive feedback with the ninja lessons I did in the past, I went ahead and made another. I had so much fun creating this new depiction of a ninja with a childlike appearance. I tried to keep the concept very simple and very clean. I also incorporated some chibi style with this ninja and I think you guys will like the end results. As far as complexity goes, there is none. You should be able to bang out this lesson on drawing a ninja for kids in just about ten minutes tops. When you’re done I would love for you to submit the finished work to show me how you did. In the meantime keep those pencils moving because it’s a whole new day today!….

Start with a circle for the head and then draw out the body which flares down at the end. Add one face guide and move to step two.

Using pencil, roughly sketch the guidelines for drawing a ninja. Begin with a small circle with a cross-section for the ninja’s head.

All you will do here is actually shape out the head and then draw the knot which is tied to the side of the head like so. Next, draw the stiff looking arm and then the hand.

Simply draw out the small shaped katana sword and then draw in the definition on the blade and then on the hand. As you can see this ninja is not a force to be reckoned with.

Draw pellet-like shapes for the ninja’s limbs (hands and legs). You may draw the limbs any way or any direction you like.

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Draw out the thick, black eyebrows and then get the large eye shapes drawn out as well. You will then draw in the frame for the mask which only shows the eyes.

Okay, draw out the rest of the body and as you can see I tried drawing this ninja in the easiest action pose. You will need to draw out the other arm, torso, legs and butt.

Draw the simple shapes first. For instance, the head would be a circle. After drawing the shapes first, start adding detail.

Ninjas form the class of 14th century Japanese trained in Martial Arts and were hired for espionage and assassination. Their special skill is called ninjutsu. They are unique in their manner of dressing. Let’s begin!

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And finally, draw in the lines for the ninja gi which will add detailing and definition. Don’t forget to draw the feet and clean up the drawing from any mistakes you may have made.

Okay guys this is how your drawing ends up looking when you are all done. Now you can color it in to really finish off the ninja for kids.

Carefully trace with a pen the outline of your sketch. The sketch will guide you to produce a smooth and neat outline. Trace the smaller details of the ninja to produce drawing effects for the clothes.

Draw two small circles at the upper left and upper right side of the oval. Draw an oval at the end of the line made in step 2. Draw 2 lines connecting the ovals a little before the side’s end.

Draw two small vertically-elongated ovals from the 2 small circles at the upper oval for the ninja’s arms. Draw 2 vertically-elongated ovals from the oval at the bottom end for the ninja’s legs.

Português: Desenhar Um Ninja, Deutsch: Einen Ninja zeichnen, Italiano: Disegnare un Ninja, Español: dibujar un ninja, Français: dessiner un ninja, 中文: 画忍者, Русский: нарисовать ниндзю, Bahasa Indonesia: Menggambar Ninja

Draw a slender rectangle representing a stick at the left-side connected to the ninja’s hands.

Of course, it’s up to you! Usually the eyes and lips are what define the character’s gender, so as long you can tell the gender clearly by the eyes, any hair is fine. Consider drawing long eyelashes to make it more obvious.

Extend the limbs by alternating small circles and vertically-elongated ovals. Make a distinction for the feet using smooth triangular shapes. You now have sketch for the body ready for adding some details for the eyes, ears, nose and mouth, body, clothes, and sword.

Could I add long hair instead of a ponytail for a female ninja?

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Draw a small, horizontally-elongated oval inside the circle and within the oval draw the ninja’s eyes.

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Draw an oval a little under the circle and draw a line from the circle through the oval and further; this will be for the backbone of a ninja’s body (for sketch purposes)

Draw a square for the ninja’s body, directly under the base of the circle. Connect the square with the circle by overlapping a small portion.

Next, draw the ties which are blowing and then add some lining to detail the knot.

How To Draw A Ninja