How To Draw A Spade Step By Step

pencil drawings How To Draw A Spade Step By Step

How To Draw A Spade Step By Step

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Hello, dear artists. The category “Tools” is quite new on our site and there are still quite a few drawing lessons, but we actively fill it.

At the very top draw out a handle grip and at the lower part draw out the blade.

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Draw an upside down heart in the center of your drawing surface. The heart can be as large as you want it, depending upon how large your drawing will be and in what context the spade will appear. Draw the heart in one pass with your pencil if you can. This will help keep consistency in the size.

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We hope that your shovel drawing is similar to our example. At the end of the lesson we always give you additional advice, and this lesson is no exception. Pay special attention to symmetry. That is, the left and the rights parts must be exactly the same. If you have doubts about the correctness of the symmetry, then just bring it to the mirror and then you will see all the mistakes.

First of all draw a long and straight line. We need it in order to make the shovel symmetrical and smooth.

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A spade is one of the four suits (symbols) in a deck of cards. A spade can be used in a drawing for many reasons, and is often seen as part of a tattoo. A spade is simple to draw, making it an ideal subject for artists who are getting started.

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The simplest step of the lesson on how to draw a shovel, where we will need to erase all unnecessary lines.

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Now add some glare and shadows to the surface of our shovel using simple hatching.

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Draw a horizontal line connecting the two curved lines you drew in the previous step. This line will complete the stem of the spade. Color the finished sketch either black or red. If you want to add depth to it, begin a line on one side of the spade, slightly offset, and retrace the drawing. You can shade this area to give your spade a 3-D effect.

Begin two lines from the dip in the heart. Curve each of those lines toward the outer edge of the paper. This will form the beginning of the stem of the spade. When the spade is finished, it will look very much like an oak tree.

A spade is a suit in a deck of cards, as well as the name of a card game (Image: Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images)

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At the upper part of the line draw out the shovel shaft in the form of an elongated rectangle.

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Let’s add a few final touches, such as a hole on the handle, lines on the shaft and blade.

How To Draw A Spade Step By Step