How To Draw A Sunflower

pencil drawings How To Draw A Sunflower

How To Draw A Sunflower

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How to draw a sunflower
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How to draw a sunflower step by step drawing tutorials for kids and beginners
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How to draw a sunflower step by step
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How to draw a sunflower step by step
How to draw a sunflower
Learn how to draw a sunflower sunflower step by step drawing tutorials
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Draw a long, curved line extending from the right side of the stem. This is the beginning of a leaf.

Extend a long, curved line from the left side of the stem, slightly higher than the one on the right.

Draw the leaf vein by placing one curved line through the middle of the leaf, extending from the leaf stem to the tip. Draw secondary veins from the first using three short, slightly curved lines.

This tutorial on drawing a sunflower step-by-step might be one of the easiest ones. The pattern of a sunflower is similar to that of the Chamomile, except a sunflower is bigger in size and its petals are yellow. Draw two circles for the floret and petals so that they have the proper pattern, followed by the stem and leaves beneath it. It is best to draw and color the petals in the end of the drawing process.

You will not need any special tools, only a piece of paper and something to draw with, such as a pen, pencil, crayons, or markers.

It helps to draw two circles for the floret in order to make petals look symmetric and uniform. The tips of the petals will lie exactly inside the circle for the floret. The sunflower floret has a small mount in the center of it, which you should also draw.

You will now repeat this process for the second leaf. Use two curved lines to form the exterior of the leaf.

Would you like to bring a little of the sunflower’s joy to your sketch book? This easy to follow, step-by-step drawing guide will show you how.

Sunflowers usually grow in large numbers in sunflower fields, so it is good to draw some more sunflowers near the main one, even if they are smaller in size. This way, the picture will look more natural. Your sunflower drawing will look amazing if you color the stem and leaves green.

Draw five petals, spaced evenly around the scalloped circle. Each petal will consist of two curved lines, extending from the scalloped circle at the flower’s center and coming to a point.

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To form the stem of each leaf, extend a line from the flower stem, just below each leaf line, to intersect the middle of each leaf line in a point.

This way, the sunflower petals will be symmetrical and neat between two circles. You cannot get it wrong with a structure like this. The petals should look almost identical when placed strictly within the circle.

Begin by drawing a scalloped circle. You may want to draw a circle first as a guide, then erase the circle after adding the scallops.

Add detail to the flower’s center. Use short, curved lines and short “M” shaped lines to give the interior of the flower a bumpy texture.

Next, draw the stem. Extend two long, parallel, slightly curved lines down from the flower. Connect the two stem lines at the bottom using a short, curved line.

As you follow the illustrations in the step-by-step guide, you will notice that previous steps appear in black, while new additions to your drawing are highlighted in blue. Sketch lightly at first, as you will be erasing some of your original lines, called guide lines, as you do along. Add each of the new marks to your drawing, and soon you will have a complete sunflower.

Once you have mastered this drawing tutorial, for what will you use your sunflower drawing skills? Bring your notebook or journal to life with this flower’s sunny disposition. Decorate a wall with a garden full of sunflowers. Or simply brighten someone’s day by adding this sketch to a cheerful note.

Sunflowers are symbols of happiness and vitality. They have graced gardens for over 1,000 years, and images of sunflowers are often found in ancient art, especially among Native American peoples.

It is too simple to draw a circle for the sunflower floret and a line for its stem by the graphite pencil. Draw a smaller circle inside the bigger one. Trace lines onto the stem in free strokes to mark the sunflower leaves.

Draw veins using one long, curved line and three short lines.

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Add more petals to the left side of your drawing. These four petals will be drawn between the existing petals. The lines you use for these petals will be shorter than the others, the points of all petals ending at the same distance from the flower center.

It’s time to erase the contours of the inside marks for petals. Here, the sunflower pattern is almost completed. You need to color it in yellow but do so at the very end. Now move on to drawing the stem and leafage of the sunflower. This should be relatively easy to do. You are free to draw the Leaves, as you’d like; the floret itself is the major element to pay attention to.

Now you can erase outer pencil lines of the sunflower petals. Do so carefully so as not to erase the petals themselves.

Add detail to the petals. Starting with the first five petals you drew, extend a nearly straight line down the center of each, from the flower center to the petal tip.

Next, draw your leaf. Draw a curved line from the top middle of the leaf stem to meet the end of the leaf line in a point. Extend an S-curved line from the bottom of the leaf stem, also meeting the other leaf lines in a point.

Color your flower. Sunflower petals usually display colors ranging from yellow to orange and the center may be brown or orange.

Add five more petals between the first. These will extend from the sides of the first petals.

How To Draw A Sunflower