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Step04 tree branches full of leaves
How To Draw A Tree Branch

How To Draw A Tree Branch How To Draw A Tree Branch

– Draw some smaller branches extending from the larger branch. Draw a letter ‘V’, ‘F’, and ‘Y’ shape.

– And do the same with a smaller branch extending to the right.

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In the following, shading of branch is done along its direction.

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Click here to download PDF file with templates to practice drawing tree branches.

Following drawing shows the use of above points. Study this to understand the points discussed above. Click to see it in detail.

This completes the tutorial. I would love to hear from you any suggestions for new content or thoughts on improving the tutorials. Practice often and have fun. If you liked this content, do leave a ‘like’ or ‘comment’ below to let me know it is helpful. This motivates me to write and share more content. Also feel free to share it with your social media using following links.

Even more smaller branches splitting off from the bigger ones.  I also pick an spot where the sunshine is coming from.  I also shade the trunk a bit, using long straight lines.

Make the branches thicker, and add some more small branches.

Then I went all out and decided I am going to use my eraser and add some sun rays coming out of the corner.

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And keep working on the crown.  Just doodling away until you feel your tree crown is complete.

My Pen and Ink Drawings Pen and Ink Drawings by Rahul Jain Main Menu

Putting my pencil sideways, I shade in the area in the crown where the leaves are.  I am going in a sort of irregular pattern of peaks and troughs.

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A bit of grass, and some textures on the ‘umbrellas’, also make the ‘umbrella’ textures thicker on the bottom and thinner on top.

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I will be regularly adding new templates and tutorials. If you would like to be notified of any new addition, pl. send me your email address in the form below.

One more little thing I noticed is that I needed to give myself extra space.  I would usually run out of space for the tree much quicker then I thought I would.

You can watch videos of techniques discussed above at my YouTube channel.

Here is more branches.  Here is the thing about the branches.  The thick, main branches are stronger, so they will not be as affected by the wind, but the smaller branches will all point in the direction of the wind.

This should get you started. Try different branch shapes and use template below to practice. My workbooks contain more content and hands on exercises to try. You can find many more examples to practice in Mini Landscapes.

With the side of my pencil I added some shadow to where the leaves are going to be.

In this tutorial, I focus on texturing of tree branches and twigs. More information on drawing the outline of bare trees can be found here.

Define the leaf areas in the foreground, and add some branches coming up behind them, also a few roots.

I add a small triangular shape on top with straight lines all moving to the top.

A very fun simple composition to do are branches lying on the ground. In this case add grass to define the ground on which branches are lying. Study the examples below. You can watch video demonstration of drawing this composition on my YouTube channel here.

I added more lines to create thicker trunk branches, added more branches going out to the ‘umbrellas’ and added a few empty branches as well.

A young tree with thin main dividing trunk is a great simple drawing to draw and enjoy. If the size of young tree is not too small, then main trunk can be done with 3 tones and smaller branches with 2 tones. For a very small (or far away) young tree, main trunk is done with 2 tones and branches are tapered sold dark. Following are some examples.

Color pencils have got to be one of my most favorite mediums. I love how much control you have with …Read More

When a tree is sufficiently far away, only its silhouette is discernible. To draw this, use 2 tone technique for the main trunk and use solid line for other branches as shown below. Remember to taper the branches. Foliage can be easily added to give it a different feel as shown below. Adding foliage to a tree is fully discussed in ‘Foliage‘ tutorial.

Add some main branches.  Because the wind is blowing, many of the branches are leaning to the right.

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Make the trunk thicker.  It is thick towards the bottom and the roots, and narrows closer to a point toward the top.

Even further, I got eraser happy and made more rays coming out through the tree and on the ground below it.  Tree # 1 is all done!!!

Bare tall twigs are great small sketches that can be quickly done and can add interest to any scenery. They can be drawn using  2 tone technique as shown below. Notice how ‘discontinuity’ is used at intersection points to clearly establish the order of twigs and hence add more depth to the drawing.

‘How to draw a tree?’ is a question that I get asked often, online an offline, so I decided to make …Read More

Same techniques that were discussed for finishing trunks apply for finishing branches as well. Main thing to keep in mind is that texturing and crevices for a branch should always be added in the direction of a branch. Study the examples below.

This tree is more of a bush.  All the branches are coming out from the bottom, and growing to about the same size.  I start with five main branches.

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‘How to draw a tree?’ is a question that I get asked often, online an offline, so I decided to make this tutorial here.  I made 7 drawings of various trees with step by step instructions.  I hope you all find it helpful!

Following are some of my drawings where tree branches are prominent.

I erased the stump line and gave the tree a few branches, but instead of doing the way I did the above trees, I ended them half way and will cover them up with leaves.

I kept working on the leaves, occasionally using my eraser to add highlights, until I was somewhat happy with it.

How to Draw Stylized Tree Branches Full of Leaves Drawing Tutorial Step 1

This tutorial is my take on drawing trees.  For these drawings I used a regular sketching pencil, though the same principal applies to other mediums as well.  I also adjusted all the sketches in Gimp 2 so that they are more visible, so there will be a slight variation between the photos.

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I added some clouds, shaded the water, drew a sand line, and some tall grass on the hill.  The tall grass is also leaning in the winds direction.  I also darkened some of the leaves a bit.

There you go! My trees are all done.  Now go and practice some trees of your own! Play around, and draw some amazing trees!

Keep adding the branches with needles to about half way, and then sketch a few empty branches.  Thicken the trunk.  Add a shadow to the tree.

Winter’s Dawn Gods Own Land Enchanted Journey Church by The River

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More information on adding foliage to a bush and other aspect of drawing a bush is discussed in detail in drawing bush tutorial.

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I extend the trunk shape up.  As before, it’s thicker towards the bottom, and comes to a point on top.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even add shadows that the branches are casting on the rest of the tree.  Actually, at this point, I really liked what this tree was coming out like, and maybe I should have kept it as a winter tree…

…but no, I had to go and add squiggly lines to indicate leaves.

Instead of learning how to draw an entire tree, I thought it would be helpful for you to focus in on an individual tree branch. Notice the beautiful flow of lines and how gorgeous nature is. Enjoy this lesson!

You can watch video demonstration of drawing a landscape with young trees here and here.

A bush in the back of tall twigs provides a nice backdrop. In this case, make sure to keep small white between the edges of twigs and bush foliage to make the twigs stand out in the front. In the absence of colour, this small white space is necessary to avoid different elements blending into each other.

Key Points to Consider: Clearly establish the order of main branches as shown below.

I added more details to the trunk, made more squiggly branches, and added some shading to the ‘umbrella’ portions.

Following close up shows additional points to keep in mind. Click on the image to see details.

2. Texturing should be done along the direction of the branch. Darken more the area of main branch that is behind and hence would receive less light.

The same thing with the branches. They are thicker toward the base and narrower towards the tip.  Easy-peasy.

Alright, here is tree number one.  I call this one “Tree # 1”.  🙂

This particular project took me a while to complete.  At first I just started drawing sunflowers and photographing every step, as …Read More

4. The order of small branches when crossing each other should be clear. You can even create a small ‘discontinuity’ in the back branch at the point of intersection.

Study tree shapes and branch structure whenever possible, especially when fully visible in winter. There is great diversity in shape, structure and size of different species of deciduous trees. I will explain the general steps in detail here which can be adopted to specific shape that you want to draw.

As before, I drew the line and the crown, but this tree is being bent by the wind, so the tree will be bending down a bit.

– Start drawing the leaves. Notice that they look like letter ‘W’ shapes, let this help you draw them.

I start with a line and the general shape that I would like the crown to be.

Drawing tree branches and twigs is similar in many ways to drawing tree trunk as the strokes and techniques used are the same and it might be helpful to go through that tutorial if you haven’t done so already. I will use short angular line stroke discussed in tree trunk tutorial for drawing branches but the same concepts apply to use of other strokes as well.

3. Indicate the location of side branches appropriately. Darken slightly the point of attachment but don’t make the attachment area completely dark.

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Even more small branches, making the bush thicker and thicker.

For me drawing trees is all about branches and the crown, and fining a balance that you are happy with.  There are many amazing artists, books and tutorials out there all about drawing trees.  For example, THIS BOOK is very good, and my kids and I enjoyed it in the past.

Now each one of the main branches gets a few branches of their own, but smaller and added a squiggle on the bottom to indicate a bit of grass.

– There is one leaf that is a side view. Draw this leaf as a letter ‘D’ like shape.

Too often kids (and adults) draw trees which ends in a stump, and has a semi round crown on top of it.  Here I start by doing that, and then work on it some more.

Or ‘How To Make Leather Roses’ I did it again.  I bought supplies that I really had no idea of …Read More

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I hope that your branch turned out well. Feel free to color it in or shade it. I hope that you had fun.

Following is ‘Tree Branch Study’ that shows drawing branches at different distances using techniques discussed above. Note how 2 tone ‘thin branch’ technique is mostly used for tree branches in middle distance. Practice this technique extensively.

This tree was especially fun to draw.  I started to draw it by drawing the ovals for the leaf parts.  I decided on four, but if you want more, that would be quite awesome too! Then I added some squiggly lines coming down to the same area for the tree trunk.

I decided that the tree shouldn’t just hang in the air, so I gave it more grass, and shaded in the background.

For a twig or thin branches, proper shading with 3 tones (dark, middle tone and light tone) can’t be done due to thin size. In this case, use only dark and light tones. Darken the top and bottom (bottom slight more) and leave a streak of white in between to give it volume. Make sure that all the edges are ragged as shown below. This is similar to how thin trunks are textured with 2 tones.

In this lesson I have two different ways to paint cherry blossoms with watercolor.  The first one is easier and …Read More

When the size of branch is thick enough, use three tones (dark, middle and light tone). As the size reduces and 3 tones can’t be done, switch to two tones (dark and light) and finally use a single tone of solid dark as shown below. Make sure small white is left in the centre as this is what gives the illusion of roundness.

Alright, now leaves are squiggly lines drawn with the side of my pencil.  Some of them are flying off, so more small squiggles.  I also add a horizon line: where the water meets the sky and some grass on the hill.

Shade the trunk a bit, and then start shading the leaves that are towards the back.

Thin branches and twigs of a bush are drawn using 2 tone technique. Following approach can be used to draw it effectively.

This was the first tree I actually drew, and I wasn’t too thrilled about it, but here it is anyway.  I start as before, a line for the trunk, and a circular shape for the crown.

I keep working on the crown, now by adding some layers, and outlines. I also erased the line that was giving me the initial crown shape idea.  When shading, keep in mind where the sun is coming from: areas facing the sun should be lighter then the areas facing away from it.

Shade the trunk with straight lines. Decide on where the sun will be and add shadows to the areas facing away from the sun.

I added some more detailed leaves, but they could also be berries, or flowers, or what ever else you would like.

Here are some more examples to study. Different strokes that were used to texture trunk can be used for branches as well when size is sufficient. For smaller secondary branches, 2 tone technique is mostly used. Notice how secondary branches overlap and intersect each other and main branch. This gives more depth to the drawing. Strive for this in your attempts. Click to see details.

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